Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 67


Happy Independence day guys.

Recap: Kavitha apologizes to Swasan, Ragini’s plan.

Evening, Elites, Uttarhil and Ankita are already there, expect of Sanlak, everyone is just waiting for, excluding Ragini. So even wanting to wait for Sanlak, they start the party. They are all about to start eating dinner, when Sanlak come. Seeing Laksh, ragini starts her drama.

Rag: Laksh Ji, Aap aagaye. (You came)

Everyone, especially laksh is shocked to hear Ragini say Laksh Ji.

Lak: Yeah, we just came.

Rag: Okay, wash up and come, till then i’ll get your plate ready.

Lak: O… okay.

Sanlak go to wash their hands while everyone looks at Ragini with their mouths open.

Swa: Ragu, What happened to you?

Bha: Ragini, you’re fine nah, is this one of the side effects of your medicine.

Before she can answer Sanlak come back. Ragini keeps standing behind laksh.

Lak: Ragini, aren’t you going to sit?

Rag: Haw, how can i eat till my patidev is done. (Everyone is extra shocked, cause it’s not something Ragini would say?

Lak: Ragini, are you feeling okay?

Rag: I’m fine nothing’s wrong with me.

Laksh takes a bite of the food and drives the water in one gulp, and Ragini is trying hard not to laugh.

Rag: Laksh Ji, what happened to you? Are you okay?

Lak: Ragini, why is there so much sugar in the food.

Utt: What bhai, the food is so good, it’s not at all extra sweet.

San: Yeah, lucky.

Everyone looks at Ragini.

Rag: Why are you looking at me? (She sits down)

Lak: Ragini, did you do this?

Rag: Laksh Ji, of course I did.

Lak: Why?

Rag: Maa, said that before you used to love sweet food. Infact that was the only thing you eat, so I thought that why should you have this spicy food. (Indirectly taunts Laksh
regarding Sankav)

Lak: Ragini, that was before, now I like spicy food.

Rag: Oh really, so that means if sweet food comes back, you won’t choose that.

Lak: Of course not, am I crazy.

Rag: Thought so. Okay guys let’s eat, I’m extremely hungry.

Everyone looks at Ragini weirdly and Laksh realises what just happened and looks at Ragini.

After dinner, everyone is sitting outside in the backyard, in this order Ragini, Swara, Maira, Bhavika, Jeevika, Ankita, Uttara, Sahil, Sanskaar, Laksh, Tapan, Jai, Rohan, Viren,
Shresth next to Ragini . And they decide to play a game.

Maira: guys, I’m bored let’s play a game.

Bhavi: Passing the parcel.

Viren: twist wala truth and dare.

Jeevika: NO, no ways that game always gets me in trouble.

Rohan: Spin the bottle.

Jai: NOOO. Rohan last time remember what happen? NO.

Shresth and Swara at the same time say Regular truth or dare.

Sanskaar gets shocked hearing that and thinks about Ragini’s word and looks at Laksh angrily.

Lak: Bhai, it’s just a coincidence. Stop giving me angry looks.

Ragini notices this and takes her plan ahead.

Rag: WOW, Shresth and Swara you two are so alike, almost like made for each other types. I like it. What do you say Truth and Dare.

Everyone looks at Ragini weirdly thinking what is she talking about.

They start playing the game.

Once it lands on Ragini, opposite side is Ankita.

Ankita: So Truth or Dare Ragini.

Rag: Umm, I don’t feel daring right now, so I guess truth.

Ank: Okay, so you know how you guys are the elite eight.

Rag: Yeah.

Ank: So like, Bhavika and Rohan were a couple, Maira and Jai are also a couple and Shresth and Swara were also a couple, So my question is How come Tapan and you were
never a couple?

Everyone is kinda surprised at the question, while excluding Ragini and tapan, the elites start laughing

Ragini and Tapan just look at each other, Laksh gets jealous hearing the question.

Ank: Sorry, it kept bugging me that you guys have been friends for so long, and being surrounded by couple, you two never thought about it.

Tap: Anki, if you wanted to know I would’ve told you.

Ank: I wanted Ragini’s answer. So Ragini.

Rag: (looks at Laksh nervously and tensed) Actually, it’s not like we never gave it a try, Like we tried for some time, but it didn’t work out.

Ank: Why?

Rag: Sorry, You only get one question.

Swa: It’s Okay Ragu, you can tell everyone, we promise not to laugh.

Rag: No thanks. She spins and it lands on Sanskaar.

Rag: Sanskaar Bhai, Truth or dare.

San: umm, I choose Dare.

Rag: Wow, Nice choice bhai. Okay so, your dare is umm, got it. If there’s something which you want to tell somebody, anybody anything, say it right now, you don’t need to tell us,
who it’s for. Jij, I gave you an excellent chance use it. (She winks at him and he smiles hearing her call him jij)

San: Okay. (He looks at Swara and everyone notices it but her, she’s looking down) I’m sorry and I love you. (She looks up and sees him looking at her) No matter who comes back in my life, you are the only one I want and need. You are the light in my life. Without you, i would not be able to survive, when you left me I thought someone had taken a part of my soul, I didn’t feel like doing anything, but when you returned, my soul came back. (Swara’s crying + smiling) I can’t imagine life without you. We ran into a small problem yesterday, but remember no matter what happens I will always chose you, because you are the one. I Love you Swara. Never think about leaving me ever.

Swa: I Love you too, she stands up and goes and hugs Sanskaar. This stay like that for less than 10 seconds, because everyone starts teasing them.

Rag: Swara, Happy now, come and sit and let’s continue the game.

Sanskaar spins and it lands on Shresth.

Shresth: Truth.

San: Do you still have feelings for Swara? (Nervous atmosphere)

Shresth: You’re asking whether or not I Love Swara. Yes, Yes I love her. Always have and always will. Okay my turn. (He’s about to spin the bottle, but stops to say) But don’t worry, I
would never think about coming in between you two. Ha, but if you hurt her, then don’t think I won’t use that as a chance to win her back. (He winks at Sanskaar and spins the bottle)

San: Don’t worry, i won’t give you a chance.

Bottle lands on Laksh.

Laksh: Dare.

Shr: What’s the name of your ex gf and how long did you break up with her before marriage?

Lak: that’s a truth.

Shr: Laksh, you’re married to Jhansi ki Ragini, this question is like a dare for you, it would have been different for Sanskaar, but you got stuck with the fiery one.

Rag: Shresth.

Lak: (gulps and looks at Ragini tensed) Name Urvashi Bajpai and we broke up 4 months before our wedding. (Ragini is shocked and looks at him angrily.)

Shr: (starts clapping) Wow, Laksh hasn’t it been almost 2 years, then too you remember her name and when you broke up. I didn’t think you were this dumb.

Lak: What?

Rohan: Same yaar. You could have used this opportunity to impress Ragini.

Shr: that’s why I gave this question. The answer is always, you forgot everything about your past, because your future is what matters.

Tapan: That’s good Shresth, but a better answer would have been, “Since the day I meet Ragini, I only remember when I meet her, I only remember moments with her. Anyone before Ragini doesn’t matter to me”

All the girls looks at the guys angrily. While ragini is mad at Laksh. Laksh no other options spins the bottle. And it lands on surprise RAGINI.

Laksh suddenly gets happy and looks at Ragini with a evil grin, while ragini keeps looking at him angrily.

Lak: Truth or dare jaan.

Rag: Jaaaan, Truth.

Lak: What exactly happened with you and Tapan not dating?

Rag: (Oh crap, what the he*k happened) Fine, Tapan and I did date for like what a month. (Elites start laughing) Fine we dated for like two months. But dating as in, we had to spend
time with each other since these six were always busy in themselves. Never took out time for us. But as we spend time together, we realizes him and I could never in a million years be a couple. Tapan was a full time casanova/player. There wasn’t’ a single girl excluding us, who he didn’t leave. And here me I was full of myself. I had an attitude problem, so it didn’t work out with us. After two months of spending time with each other we got kind of tired and we realized we can only be friends. So that’s the story okay.

Rag: my turn, she spins the bottle landing on, Bhavika.

Bha: Dare.

Rag: Nice choice, but I’ll give you an easy dare. You need to recreate that dance we did for our farewell party.

Bha: That’s easy.

Rag: With Jai. Cause he was your partner nah.

Bha: No problem.

Jai: Wait, but didn’t we all do that. So, if we did the dance together then, we have to do it together now. So Jhansi ki Ragini, you dare failed you only.

Swa: Guys, I don’t feel like dancing.

Bha: Sorry, Swara. We only have to do it.

Swa: Fine let’s go.

For the dance they are all dancing as pairs, Ragini-Shresth, Swara-Rohan, Bhavika-Jai and Maira-Tapan.

Music starts playing and the elites try their best recreate a dance, but it ended up being hilarious for the audience. They finally figured it out after making a 100 mistakes and did the
dance cheerfully remembering their time spent together. Half-way through the dance, the switched partners so that all the “couples” were now paired. Sanlak were so jealous seeing their wives with someone else, but there was nothing they could do, so they just sat through that. After the dance was over, a romantic song started playing and Shresth danced with
Swara for sometime, but then he took her to Sanskaar and asked them to go dance, Ragini did the same with ankita. She then started walking towards Laksh and he stood up to
give his hand, but she took Shresth’s hand and started dancing with him, leaving Laksh angry. All the couples start dancing leaving Laksh alone.

Shr: What was that?

Rag: Nothing, Shresth, just a little lesson for my patidev to learn to respect me.

Shr: You seriously are mad.

Rag: Shresth.

After sometime Laksh geos to Shrag and starts dancing with Ragini, but she doesn’t even look at him.

Swa: Hi.

San: Hi.

Swa: Sorry.

San: For?

Swa: Everything.

San: Sorry.

Swa: For?

San: Everything.

Swa: Copycat. (He twirls her)

San: What did I do Swara.

Swa: You said the same thing as I did.

San: But I wanted to say the same thing as you, whats my fault in that.

Swa: I Love You.

San: I Love You Too. Waise I have a question? Where did you and Ragini go today morning?

Swa: Huh? We didn’t go anywhere. Why do you think we went somewhere?

San: Woh, I was knocking for 10 minutes and no one opened the door.

Swa: Oh that, I was too lazy to open the door and Ragini was in the restroom, so. Sorrry.

San: Acccha. But I saw you

Rag: Swa, (Ragini calls Swasan toward her along with Bhavika & Maira & Tapan)

Jai: What happened now Jhansi ki Ragini?

Rag: Jai, I’ll murder you if you call me that one more that.

Mai: guys no fighting, what happened Rago?

Rag: Guys look at my best friend, he looks so sad. We need to find a girl for him.

Swa: WHAT.

San: That’s a good idea.

Rag: Why Swara are you jealous.

Swa: Shut up Ragini. I’m not jealous. Even I want him to find someone special.

Maira: Guys, he does look depressed.

Swa: Idea, Why don’t you four boys have a boys night, like old times.

Bha: NO WAYS. Swara not fair, just because your husband is not an elite, you are freely saying that nah.

Swa: Of course not.

Rohan: Bhavu, why are you soo scared about us four having a boys night out?

Swa: Oh is it because of that ONE time, where they mistakenly got drunk.

Maira: Oh that time, when Rohan was this (holding her hand to show) close to kissing someone else.

Rag: Maira & Swara trained Jai & Shresth right though, they wouldn’t even let a single girl touch them.

Bha: How mean, you’re saying I didn’t train my husband right.

Rohan: Wait, how do you girls know all this?

Jai: You didn’t know, they coincidentally ended up at the same pub as us.

Rohan: Ka*in*o, you idiots didn’t even tell me they were there. No wonder that Shresth and you didn’t even touch a drink. You two didn’t even tell me.

Maira: Wait, so had you not seen us, you would have been in the situation as Rohan.

Jai: Of course not. We know how to handle ourselves unlike Rohini.

Rohan: Swara, I like your idea, we are going to do that. We four are going to have our own boys night out.

Swa: Arre, why only you four, take Sanskaar with you and also Viren and Laksh that depends on Ragu.

Ragini: Looking at all your faces it seems you guys want me to let him go, so yeah, he can go.

Precap: Boys night out, but do you think girls are only going to let them have fun.

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