Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 66


Recap: Sanlak, Swaragini and Kahr moments.

Next Day morning, Sanskaar wakes up and tries to open the door to his room, but can’t so he starts knocking. 5 minutes no one opens the door, 10 minutes. He gets worried so he
calls Swara’s phone.

Swa: (Still, sleepy) Hello.

San: Swara, open the door fast.

Swa: Why me, you open it nah. You’re awake already nah.

San: Swara, I’m not with you, I’m outside, please open the door.

Swa: Okay. (She gets up and opens the door.) There I opened it. No one is there Sanskaar, useless you woke me up.

San: Swara, are you not in your room?

Swa: What do you mean?

San: Swara, I wanted you to open the door that connects Ragini and your room.

Swa: Our room door. Oh for that, you have to (Rag takes the phone from her and signals her to be quiet.)

Rag: Sorry, Jij. I’m not opening it.

San: Ragini, my stuff is in that room. I need to get ready.

Rag: Don’t worry jij, i took care of it. I already moved your stuff in my room okay. There you can get ready now okay. Bye.

San goes to get ready, while Laksh sleeps.

Swa: Ragini, when did you move Sanskaar’s stuff to your room. And Why?

Rag: It’s my plan. This plan will help me kill two problems.

Swa: Ragini, what’s going on in that mastermind brain of yours.

Rag: See first this will help me get revenge on Laksh for what all he said yesterday and two it will help us know what’s going on in Jij’s mind.

Swa: And how does moving his stuff do that?

Rag: Di, I’m pretty sure those two brothers talked yesterday night, so if Laksh told everything truthfully to jij, he will start wondering whether or not what I said will come true or not.

Swa: What did you say?

Rag: (in mind) Swara if I tell you, you will immediately go to jij and ruin my plan, Sorry sis) Nothing you should worry about. Okay. Chill I got this. Now let’s go get ready, if Sanlak
realizes we are missing, then our husbands will create a drama.

Swa: Ragu, one day your plans will get us in deep trouble.

Rag: Swara, you said that to ALL and every single one of my plans. And yet, we never got in trouble.

Swa: OVer confidence.

Rag: Whatever, let’s go little sister. They start cleaning up and fix the outhouse to make it look like no one ever was even there.

Sanskaar gets ready and comes out and starts looking for his wallet.

San: Ragini bhi nah.

He thinks to call Swara, when he notices the wallet on the dressing table. He mistakenly drops the wallet and when he bends to pick it up, he sees a photo album and he takes it out.
He starts going through it. The more he sees it, the more upset/sad he gets. Cause the entire album is filled with pictures of Shresth and Swara. He then remembers Ragini saying
Shresth and Swara were the ideal couple and how they should get back together since laksh wants sankav to get back together and looks at Laksh, who is sleeping happily, like he
has no problems in his life. He looks at him angrily and goes toward him and takes a pillow and start hitting him with it, which causes laksh to wake up.

Lak: Bhai, what are you doing? Sanskaar, you’re hurting me yaar.

San: What about how you’re hurting me? You duffer, idiot stupid. I swear if because of you I lose my Swara and Sanskriti, I will kill you.

Lak: Arrey, what are you talking about?

San shows laksh the album.

Lak: Aww, they look so much in love, right bahi. They make such a cute couple. If they do get back together, they would look really cute together, right nah.


Lak: Joking. I was just kiding with you.

San: That’s exactly what you are a kid. (Just then they hear a noise and they go and see someone putting the ladder near Swara’s window.)

Lak: Bhai, who do you think is that.

San: I don’t care, let me inform Swaragini fast.

Lak: Bhai, don’t bother, it’s them only.

San: What, (he looks and sees Swaragini entering their room) Where are they coming from?

Lak: Where did they go? And when did they go?

San: Let’s go ask them.

Lak: Stop bhai. You think that jhansi ki rani will tell us. She won’t even talk to me. Just watch. Whatever, Bhai i’m gonna go get ready.

Swaragini go towards their rooms and see the ladder and use that to get into Swara’s room from the window.

Rag: See such a genius I am.

Swa: Ragu, we had that ladder since 6 years ago. We kept that their when we used to sneak out to get ice cream.

Rag: I meant the clothes. Look I brought all my important things here. And moved jij outside.

Swa: How nice (sarcastically) Waise Diii, did you tell jij about your pregnancy.

Rag: Not yet, that duffer doesn’t deserve to know.

Swa: Ragini, tell him. He’s gonna find out later, so tell him now.

Rag: Swara, to tell him I need to find time to talk to him, but Mr. arrogant won’t listen nah. Anyways I’m gonna get ready. Talk to you later.

Swaragini get ready and go to the kitchen and start helping prepare for breakfast. Sanlak get ready and come downstairs for breakfast. Swasan don’t even look at each other, while
Ragini keeps looking at Laksh lovingly, which shocks him. After breakfast all the elders leave and it’s just Uttarahil, Swasan and Raglak.

San: We are leaving for office. Bye.

Swa: See you.

Rag: Bye, Sanskaar bhai.

San looks at her like she called him an alien and then looks at Laksh angrily, who is a little scared.

As they are about to leave Kavitha enters with Shresth. Everyone is a little surprised/shocked/upset.

Swa: Shresth, Kavitha. Hi,Ummm… what are you guys doing here?

Rag: Yeah Kavitha, that too this early. (you can tell she’s angry)

Shr: Jhansi ki Ragini, calm down. Kavitha wants to talk to Swasan.

Rag: Why? She talked to them yesterday only, now again.

Swa: Ragu. Stop.

Kavi: It’s okay Swara. I deserve it. I came to say Sorry for everything I said to you and sanskaar yesterday. I was just upset that you moved on with Sanskaar. I thought you left my
bhai. and then I thought you guys were lying about mom. I came to say sorry. I’m sorry Swara. Can you please forgive me.

Swa: Of course, it wasn’t your fault anyways. They hug and then Kavi walks to Sanskaar. She holds his hand, Swara looks away with small tears, Sanskaar sees Swara and Ragini,
and Uttarahil give Kavitha dagger wala look.

Kavi: Sanky, from what i remember you were one of my best friends. More than that, I don’t remember anything. I’m sorry if I forgot an important part of our life, but even if I
remembered our past, nothing would change. I’m happy, no I’m extremely happy with Abir and Aahil. I don’t want to change that for anything in the world. And I think you might want to do the same with your family. So I guess it’s a win-win situation for us. I’m sorry that only you have the burden of our memories and I’m sorry because nothing can help with that.
But if there’s anything you need me to do, just say it and I will. And I hope we can still be friends like we were.

San: Of course and it’s’ okay. This maybe rude, but I’m glad you don’t remember, and I’m extremely happy for you and your family. Because of that I can live happily with my

Just then the elites enter with Ankita.

Lak: Wow now that everything is sorted, let’s do one thing, let’s have a small party today evening.

Bhavika: We can have it at our place.

Kavi: Sorry guys Abir and I won’t be able to come.

Laksh: It’s okay we can move it later.

Kavi: No, you guys enjoy and if you wait, than don’t know how long till you’ll be able to have the party.

Shr: Kyun Kavi, what happened?

Kavi: Actually bhai, Abir and I are going to the US to meet our family so we might not be back for some months. We only came to the party to meet Ankita’s boyfriend.

Rag: No problem. Don’t worry Kavi, like old times I’ll enjoy for you.

Kavi: That toh I know you will anyway guys i need to leave. She hugs everyone and leaves with Shresth and Ankita.

Precap: Party mastii.

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