Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 65


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Episode 64
Recap: Kavi threatens Swasan.

Kavi runs away, while Abir gives Ankita the baby and goes behind her.

Ankita: What just happened?

Tapan: It’s a long story. I’ll tell you later.

Shr: Sanskaar, Swara don’t worry, I’ll go and talk to her. She’s just shocked, once I talk to her, she’ll understand.

Swa: She doesn’t remember Sanskaar.

Before they can say anything, Shomi comes running outside.

Shomi: Sahil, Babu ji fainted hurry up and call a doctor.

Everyone gets worried and they run inside and help take Dadaji to his room. While the doctor checks up on Dada Ji, all the guests leave, along with the elites. It’s just the family
members there.

Doctor comes and informs them, he fainted due to stress, but there’s nothing to worry about. After saying goodnight everyone goes to their room.


Uttra: How can that Kavitha say Sanskriti is a bad name, I swear, if I see her again one more time nah

Sahil: What what would you do? He hugs her from the back.

Uttara: Slap her a 1000 times.

Sahil: All because she didn’t like the name.

Uttara: No, not because of that.

Sahil: No, because she insulted di and jij.

Uttara:(She turns around and looks at him) Exactly, who does she think she is, how is it my bhai and bhabhi fault if their mom turned out to be a real life mogombo.

Sahil: If someone told you the one person who isn’t supposed to lie and always tell the truth to you, lied and cheated you how would you feel. Look there are 5 stages to this, first
denial, Kavitha don’t trust outsiders at all. Second Anger, she’ll get angry at anyone and everyone, like she did with di and jij, third, i’ll tell you later but right now I’m sleeping so let’s go to sleep. He kisses her forehead and goes to sleep. While she looks at him angrily.

Swasan don’t even look at each other, They don’t know how to react at all. They turn their backs at each other and sleep with tears in their eyes.


Laksh is so angry, not just angry he looks like he can kill someone. And Ragini sees that so she forcefully drags him to the car and drives to a close park.

Lak: What the h**l Ragini, why did you bring me here?

Rag: If we had been at home, you would have woken everyone up, so I thought outside there are less chances of that happening. So now yell however much you want to yell. I’m
sitting over there okay.

Lak: How can she forget Sanskaar?

Rag: Why? She should have remembered jij.

Lak: Yes. She should have.

Rag Why, so they could get back together.

Lak: Yes. Ragini she’s my bhai’s first love, he loved her so much he wanted to die for her.

Rag: So, what you’re saying is Swara should go back to Shresth as well right.

Lak: Of course. (He realizes what he said and looks at Ragini) No. That’s not what I meant.

Rag: No, No if you think because Sanskaar almost died for Kavitha they should get back together, than if I’m not mistaken Swara did the same thing so with that logic I think
sanskaar and Swara should divorce and Swara should live happily with Shresth right. And look at the bright side Sanskriti will get such a loving father in Shresth. And they can fulfill their dream to move to Italy and have their own little family. NIce Idea Laksh. I like, no I love it. Let’s go and tell everyone our idea okay. Let’s go. I mean jij, Sorry Sanskaar bhai will
be happy with Kavitha and Swara with Shresth Jij right. Let’s go. She takes his arm and tries to drag him.

Lak: STOP.

Rag: But Why, it’s such a good idea. It’s your plan. That’s what you want right.

Lak: Ragini.

Rag: Laksh.

Lak: Sorry. My mistake. I was just so upset that my bhai wanted to die for her, but she doesn’t even remember that. I watched my bhai suffer, and here she was busy getting married
and living happily.

Rag: Laksh, I think she has selective amnesia. I think she lost memories about her and jij falling in love, but she remembers that Swara and Shresth were in love. I think her brain
may have erased those memories and it’s been almost 4 -5 years and she still doesn’t remember.

Lak: I know but I’m just so angry.

Rag: Why are you angry, are you angry because she doesn’t remember jij, or are you angry that she’s happy without jij or are you angry because she moved on or are you angry
because you wish Swara never came into jij’s life.

Lak: No it’s not that.

Rag: Then what is it Laksh. Because right it seems that way. Do you remember when Shresth came back, Swara had a choice when she left Sanskaar, she could have gone back to
him, but she didn’t she decided to stay alone, because she loves him a lot. At that time, I supported jij, I wanted Swara to be with jij at all times. And this is coming from me, Shresth’s closest friend. Laksh, I grew up with Swara and Shresth, the ideal couple. The couple so in love they can’t see the rest of the world. Yet, I was with Sanskaar, because at that moment Swara was happy with Sanskaar. I could have had the same reaction as you did, but I didn’t.

Lak: But Ragini, I saw how much Sanskaar loved Kavitha.

Rag: And I saw how much Shresth and Swara loved each other. Laksh, their day started seeing each other’s face and ended with each other. They knew each other since they were
young. They were childhood sweethearts.

Lak: I know, but.

Rag: You are being selfish. You can’t see how happy Sanskaar is with Swara and now that Kavita has returned you keep comparing Swara with her. Right.

Lak: Ragini that’s not true.

Rag: I don’t care. (She starts leaving, and he starts following her) Don’t follow me. It’s a 20 minute walk back home. (She leaves saying this while Laksh just stands there)

Laksh sees someone and he’s surprised.

Lak: you here. What are you doing here? Did you hear everything. (The person comes close to Laksh and punches him in the face)

Lak: What the h**l Bhai. (yup that person is Sanskaar)

San: That’s for saying so many rude things to Ragini and (punches him again) this is for thinking I will be happy with kavitha.

Lak: Bhai, even you are thinking wrong.

San: Really.

Lak: Yes bhai. I never said anything like that.

San: Liar. I heard everything. Now tell me honestly why you are really upset.

Lak: Bhai, She’s been married for 3 and ½ years. She’s been happy for that long. Bhai she’s been married for almost 2 years more than you. 2 years in which you were sad and
upset. She was living happily, while you were crying. She didn’t even think about telling you anything or calling you once to tell you how she’s been.

San: I think Ragini is right. She might be suffering from Selective Amnesia. And I guess she didn’t want to remeber me so her brain forgot about me.

Lak: Why are you so calm, doesn’t that make you upset, that you could have been with Kavitha your first love, but she forgot you.

San: Because I meet Swara. Say if I meet kavitha again, and she doesn’t remember me, I would have worked hard to make her remember, and then we could have been together
and we may have lived happily, but if that would have happened I would never have been able to meet Swara. And I would have meet my Sanskriti if that happened. And now if
kavitha came back with her memories back, then your pagal bhabhi would sacrifice me and leave me thinking I want to be with Kavitha. You know she’s not even looking at me. I
can’t even talk to her right now. And if your bhabhi would have left me again, this time I would die, because the day I meet Swara, she became my life. I’m very happy with how the
situation is right now. The only thing that bothers me is that Kavita is misunderstanding this whole situation, once she finds out the whole truth it will all be fine.

Lak: So what you are saying is that, you are happy with Swara bhabhi right.

San: Happy, I’m extremely happy. But I swear if because of you, ragini starts getting ideas to reunite Shresth and Swara, I will kill you, understand.

Lak: Oh cr*p, I forgot about that.

San: Pagal, let’s go back so you can start apologizing to your wife and I need to start trying to get her to talk to me.

They leave.

Ragini reaches home and hears the something in the backyard, so she goes to see what happened and she sees Swara there with a whole box of chocolates and tissues and her laptop and she has headphones on. She goes to her and sees her watching Kal ho Na ho. And she has tears in her eyes.

Rag: Swara, what are you doing.

Swa: I’m watching KHNH.

Rag: I meant why are you crying at a funny scene.

Swa: Because I know that he’s going to go away.

Rag: Or is it because of Sanskaar and Kavitha.

Swa: I don’t know what to do. I’m tired right now. First Shresth, then Kavitha. Why does my life always go wrong.

Rag: Because you’re Swara.

Swa: Ragini.

Rag: Swara. Waise does Jij know you are here?(She starts eating the chocolate)

Swa: No, he left like 25 minutes ago, as soon as he left, I came down here.

Rag: Okay. Then Let’s have a Swaragini night. (She takes out her phones and texts someone) Done.

Swa: What done?

Rag: I texted Sahil to put the Do Not Disturb sign on the doors. N I told him to lock the doors as well.

Swa: Oh okay.

Rag: Let’s go.

They go to the outhouse. And they turn on the TV there and continue the movie..

Rag: So I talked to Laksh.

Swa: And.

Rag: He’s angry.

Swa: why.

Rag: Doesn’t matter, first you tell me what do you think.

Swa: About?

Rag: Swara.

Swa: I think, I don’t know. I love Sanskaar. More than I love my life. But right now I don’t know how to react, Ragu I can’t even look at him. I can’t talk to him at all either.

Rag: Why.

Swa: Because, if it hadn’t been for me, he could have been with Kavitha, but I know that’s not true considering kavitha doesn’t remember Sanskaar, and the fact she’s happily married and has moved on.

Rag: So.

Swa: I don’t know how Sanskaar is taking it. Is he happy or upset or is he regretting getting married. I don’t know. Ragini what if he leaves me, because he loves Kavita. (She hugs
Ragini with tears in her eyes)

Rag: Simple, you can go back to Shresth.

Swa: Ragini.

Rag: Sorry, he won’t, he loves you too much to lose you.

Swa: Promise.

Rag: Promise.

They continue watching the movie, while Sanlak return to the room and see a sign there saying “ Congrats Jij, today you can have a brothers night in my room, I’m spending time with my sister Goodnight.”

Lak: She’s angry.

San: She’s sad.

Lak: Let’s go bhai. I guess you and me.

San: I guess.

On the other side: Shresth finally gets Kavitha’s address and gets ready to leave, when Ankita messages him she’s not there. So he goes to the one place he can think of and she’s there. It’s their mom’s house.

He finds Kavita crying and hugging a picture of their mom on the floor. Shresth runs to her and hugs her. And she cries more when she sees him.

Kavi: Sorry, Bhai. I didn’t know mom was making you do so much using me. I didn’t know anything about mom. I said so much to Swara and Sanskaar. I don’t even know how to face them anymore.

Shr: How did you find out.

Kavi: I came here to talk to mom, but she wasn’t here. So I called lawyer uncle and he said she was in jail for kidnapping and attempt to murder charges and many other crimes. I couldn’t believe but then I got a call from Ankita and the elites told me everything mom did. Bhai, I didn’t even know you were in a coma for so long. I just assumed you were in London with Swara or doing something regarding business. But it didn’t’ bother me much, cause you would text me daily. That’s why I didn’t find it that weird. I should have known it was weird that you were so busy you were unable to attend my wedding, but then mom told me you had an important business deal and we couldn’t lose it, so I let it go. So many events and kept making excuses and it didn’t even bother me . I was so stuck me my world, i didn’t even see anything else.

Shr: Shh, it’s okay. Trust me, I’m in the same position as you. But together we will get through this. Understand.


Shr: Now, come on tell me about your family, aahil, and most importantly Abir.

Epi ends on Swaragini, Sanlak and Kahr.

Precap: Kavi meets Swasan once again.

hey guys, so yes I’m back and many thought I ended the ff, sorry to disappoint you guys, but I haven’t. 🙂 The previous episode was a little bit short, but I tried to make this more long and I didn’t add any couple moments, don’t bash me for that. next epi, i’ll add more couples.

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