Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 64

Recap: Kavitha is back.

Kavi: I love Sanskaar? (she looks extremely confused.)

Just then Ankita comes there with a guy and her nephew Aahil.

Guy: How can you do this to us Kavu, How can you love Sanskaar being married to me (jokingly)?

Everyone turns around and looks at Ankita and the guy.

Shr: Kavi, when did you get married?

Kavi: Woh bhai.

Guy: Kavu, you didn’t tell your brother we got married. How mean. (He’s teasing her, he’s not really serious)

Kavi: Shut Up Abir.

Abir: What Shut Up, I’m serious.

Kavi: Bhai what do you mean I love Sanskaar.

Shr: Weren’t you two a couple.

Kavi: Me and Sanky a couple. NO WAYS bhai. Sanky was just my best friend. I don’t ever remembering thinking of Sanky more than a friend.

Everyone there is a little shocked at the revelation, but honestly they don’t understand how to react.

Shr: Kavi, what are you talking about and what marriage?

Kavi: Bhai, meet my husband Abir and my Aahil. Bhai we have been married for almost 3 and a ½ years now.

Everyone is shocked hearing that and they don’t realize how to react to that. Swara looks at Sanskaar, who seems a little upset while Laksh looks pissed.

Swara: 3 and a ½ years, you’ve been married. Didn’t you think to I don’t know at least contact us and inform us you were okay.

Kavi: Excuse me, you don’t have the right to talk to me, you lost that right the day you married someone else.

Shr: Kavita, talk to her with respect, and she’s telling the truth, you could have tried calling at least your friends and told Sanskaar that you were okay.

Kavi: Bhai, you are yelling at me for this girl, who left you and married someone else.

Shr: Yes, because you are yelling at her for something she didn’t even do. This was all mom’s fault.

Kavi: Shut Up bhai, don’t you dare say anything against mom, you know how much she went through to give us the best of everything, and still you are blaming mom. Bhai for the
first time ever you have spoken against mom and that too for whom these outsiders, i’m extremely disappointed in you bhai, but more than that I hate you Swara and Sanskaar, you two ruined my brothers happiness and turned him against my mom right. Just wait and watch.

She runs away saying that, while everyone looks at each other nervously.

Precap: SORRY, SORRY, SORRY guys for the almost three months wait. I had two summer classes and each class was 4 hours long, it not only took up my whole entire time, it took up all my energy.

There was a quiz or a test every one day and my god the TU page also kept having problems. And I was so busy I haven’t been able to even read what’s happening in Swaragini right now. Like the last thing I remember watching is Swara gets her memory back. That’s how long it’s been. But I promise I will seriously try my best to start updating on time from now on. 🙂 And Sorry for the short update but the next one will be more longer.Sorry Guys.


  1. Dharshaini

    Hey… i was a slient reader but wen u stip posting ff… i really missed it alot …Nice epi… really missed ur ff… pls update soon

  2. Reethi

    Finally u posted. I really missed you a loooooooot. I thought u left it.I remembered ur ff n waiting for next part.but u didn’t clear the confusion. In fact u added more confusion.Plz update next part asap. Will be waiting

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