Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 63

Recap: Kavitha is back.

The girls all just ran behind Ragini leaving the guys completely confused, but they think much of it and they start talking about the their work, when the lights go dim and it’s almost dark. Some comes and hugs Sanskaar and he can tell it’s not Swara, but it’s definitely a girl

San: Laksh is this your prank? Excuse me behenji.

Girl: How mean Sanky. You called me behenji. (Sanlak are extremely shocked since there is only one person who he allowed to call Sanky and that was his first love Kavitha.

San: Ka.Kavitha.

Kavi: Hi. Wow, I missed you so much. Sanskaar doesn’t know how to react, he justs a statue. He sees Shresth going, but he can’t process anything more, than the fact his first love
is still alive and in front of him. She breaks the hug and sees Laksh asks how they all are, but they are all too shocked to respond.

Kavi: Ragini. Sanskaar quickly turns back and his eyes start searching for Swara, but she’s not there and he is kind of relieved, but from the looks of the girls he can tell Swara must
have already seen Kavitha, he’s about to go look for Swara, when Kavitha once again comes in front of him and hugs him. As soon as she hugs him, he sees Swara and Shresth
walking back together hand in hand. Even in the dark he can tell she was crying and he knows there’s nothing between them, but Sanskaar was really jealous seeing his wife holding
hands with someone that’s not him. He was about to break the hug, but before he could say anything Shresth called Kavitha and hearing her brother, she went stiff. He could tell it
was a shock to her, but she turned and looking at Swash holding hands, she immediately hugged.

Kavi: I can’t believe you two, didn’t even think about calling me for your wedding, how can you do that. (She breaks the hug and hugs Shresth again) Bhai, I’m so glad you woke up,
I’m really upset mom didn’t call me to inform about your health. (She then hugs Swara) Swara finally you are my bhabhi, I’m glad you two married, but you should have at least
informed me, you know how much I wanted to dance in your wedding. You know Sanskaar these two love each other so much, it’s like they are meant to be. If bhai gets hurt even a
little, my bhabhi automatically starts getting tears in her eyes. And if bhabhi makes even a small demand, my bhai moves the whole world to keep her happy.

Everyone looks at Sanskaar with pained expression and Swasan both have tears in their eyes and they both are in an intense eyelock. Each of them are asking the other to reveal
the truth to her now before it’s too late.

Suju: Swara, can you come here?

Swa: Ha, coming ma.

Swara leaves.

Kavi: Bhai, why did bhabhi call Sanskaar’s mom ma.

Shresth: Kavitha, listen we need to talk, but Kavitha isn’t listening to him at all, her concentration is completely on Swara.

Swa: Ji, Ma.

Suju: Beta, I think your daughter is missing you, she hasn’t stopped crying for 5 minute. (she hands Sanskriti to her) Take her outside for sometime.

Swa: Ha ma, she doesn’t like a lot of noise, I’ll take her for sometime.

She leaves with Sanskriti and Kavitha follows her, Shresth follows her, Sanskaar follows him and everyone else follows him.

Swa: Sshh, Sanskriti, what happen my princess. Please stop crying. Sshh. (She tries to calm her down a lot, but she can’t while the others keep looking at her trying to signal her, but
she doesn’t realize it.) Princess, do you want to go to papa or what. (Hearing papa, she stops crying and has a smile) I knew it, Sanskriti aapko aapke papa ke paas jaana hai nah.
Okay then let’s go look for him okay. (You want your papa, let’s go look for him) She turns around and sees everyone and she looks at Sanskaar and signals it’s now or never to tell
her the truth.

Kavitha sees the baby and she goes to Swara and takes the baby.

Kavi: Aww, hi princess. I’m your bua. Bhai, you had a baby and you didn’t even tell me, what bhai, I didn’t even get to name my niece. Hi, Sanskriti. Had my bhai told me about you, I
would have given you a cooler name, but when you grow up you can blame your dad.

Uttara gets a little upset since she was the one who named Sanskriti. She looks like she is about to hit Kavitha, but Sahil stops and asks her to chill down.

Uttara: Why what’s wrong with Sanskriti?

Kavi: Nothing is wrong with Sanskriti, It’s just imagine Sanskriti Shresth Ghosh. It sounds a little weird.

Uttara: Yeah, but it’s not even. (Sanskriti starts crying, so Kavitha gives her to Shresth, who looks completely confused on what to do) (IF the situation was not serious, this would
have been a hilarious scene)

Shresth: Kavi, why did you give her to me?

Kavi: Bhai, she’s your daughter, at least hold her properly.

Shr: KAvi, listen we need to talk seriously right now.

Kavi: You know bhai, looking closely she looks more like Sanskaar, then she looks like you. Like there’s no way anyone can tell she’s your daughter. I mean you can’t even hold her
properly. Swara, how old is she?

Swa: One month.

Kavi: Oh, still bhai. Come on, she tries to teach him to hold the baby, but this causes Sanskriti to cry more, and it makes Sanskaar more angry and he decides he has had enough,
he goes toward them angrily, but Swara holds his hand and warns him to be calm. He calms down and walks towards them and takes Sanskriti in his arms. Shresth looks relieved, while Kavitha is confused. But as soon as Sanskriti goes to her papa, she calms down and stops crying, instead she starts making noise, and smiling. Kavitha is more shocked,
she’s about to say something, when Shekar & DP comes back outside.

Shekar: What are you kids doing outside. Uttara,Sahil, Ragini, Laksh, Sanskaar, Swara this party is for you and you guys are here.

DP: Last year, we weren’t able to celebrate for you four grandly, so this year we threw a party and here you guys are not even interested.

San: Bade Papa, it’s not like that. Actually Sanskriti doesn’t like a lot of noise, so we decided to bring her outside.

DP: Okay, but why is the whole baccha party here, Sanskriti only needs her parents, not all her uncle’s and aunt’s.

Lak: Papa, we all will come in some time, it’s a little dark inside, so that’s why we came to clear our mind a little. We’ll come shorty, you guys enjoy the party till then.

Shekar & DP leave, while Kavitha looks on more confused.

Kavi: Bhai, Sanskaar, Swara what is going on here? Bhai, isn’t Sanskriti your child then, why did she stop crying with Sanskaar.

Shr: Kavitha listen, I told you nah. I had to talk to you about something, it’s this. Listen carefully, it’s no one’s fault, but our mom’s. She is the reason it happened this way. You can’t
blame anyone.

Kavi: What are you talking about?

Shr: Swara is not my wife, Sanskriti is not my daughter.

Kavi: Bhai, you’re pranking me right. Guys come on tell me he’s joking. Bhai, look I know you love only bhabhi and you won’t let anyone else marry her. So stop joking with me.

Shr: Kavi, she is not your bhabhi. Listen to me, let me finish.

Kavi: STOP. Bhai, I know you love bhabhi, and won’t let anyone else marry here.

Shr: KAVITHA, SHUT UP. Listen to me. Please. Sanskriti is Swara daughter. Swara’s husband is not me, it’s

Kavi: Bhai, please stop lying. Like I said before, Swara belongs to you, only you, no one else

(Sanskaar is kind of really angry right now, Swara just keeps looking at him getting angry and she tries to calm him down, but he’s ignoring her)

Sanskaar: Follow me. He takes them to the garden to the outhouse (it’s actually an outhousecum storage cum picture room of Sahil)

San: Kavitha, what you are going to see inside is all true. Trust me, everything is true and it’s no one’s fault. Just remember everyone had to move on. No one had an option. Okay.

Kavi: Okay, but I don’t understand.

As soon as Sanskaar opens the door, it’s dark, but she find the light and they notice there’s nothing there, but then he takes them to a room, but before going inside he puts Sanskriti
in a crib. He opens the door and again it’s dark, and he turns on the light. Everyone is kinda surprised to see the room, except Kavitha she’s shocked. The room they are in is full of
pictures, not just Swasan, but Uttarahil, Raglak and everyone and they all realize it’s the pictures that are taken by Sahil. There’s also a TV and it starts playing videos of Swasan.
The first one is of Swasan’s confession, followed by Raglak’s and many other videos such as the dances and everything. Kavitha can’t handle it anymore, so she runs outside and
the others run behind her as well.

Swara: Kavitha, listen please, I swear if I knew that you were alive, I wouldn’t have.

Kavi: You would have waht not married Sanskaar, and married my brother. Swara, I have always thought of you as my bhai’s wife. You were always my bhabhi. My bhai loves you
so much, and as far as I remember you also loved him, then why the hell did you go and marry someone else.

Shr: Kavitha, it’s not Mishti’s fault.

Kavi: See, Swara, he’s still protecting you. He still loves you and here you have moved on in your life, without thinking about my bhai. Did you just play with my bhai’s feelings or
what? I trusted you, I thought you really loved my bhai a lot. How could you Swara, do you know my brother would die for you rather than seeing you crying. But not once did you think about my brother. How selfish can you be. (Swara is sobbing, she’s crying a lot and Ragini is trying to support her, but she can’t tolerate it anymore)

Rag: STOP IT. Stop it Kavitha. Who gave you the right to judge my sister. She didn’t do anything wrong, my sister loved your brother a lot, more than she loved her life. Do you even know what happen in after that accident. We all thought you and Shresth were dead. One year my sister was in shock, one year before she smiled again, but she was never really happy, she was happy for us, but never herself. She suffered from depression, which caused us to move to India, but when we came here we found out dad fixed our marriage with Sanskaar and Laksh. But Swara, couldn’t handle it and she tried to commit suicide, because she felt wrong moving on from your brother. But she started becoming happy, truly happy with Sanskaar, He brought her back to her bubbly self. Being with him, she learned to live again, but the your bhai came back, it almost broke her. You know your bhai lied to my sister about you saying you were also back, so for you happiness, she sacrificed her happiness. She left knowing she was pregnant she left. When we found her 8 months later, she was still thinking about your happiness. And you want to know who was responsible for all this, it was none other than your….

Shr: Ragu. Please. Can I tell her? I think she needs to hear about it from me.

Rag: Sure, but listen Kavitha, my shona has suffered a lot already and if she is sad because of you, I swear to god, I will not spare you.

Kavi: We were dead. WHAT.

Shr: Kavi, mom lied to Mishti and everyone that we died, infact she told me you died right after the accident. I was in a coma for two years, I woke up one year ago. She told me that
you died due to complications.

Kavi: What coma, she told me you were perfectly fine and healthy, and that you were extremely busy with business, that’s why I was never able to see you.

Shr: Mom lied, I was in a coma.

Kavi: but why.

Shr: I don’t know, but look you can’t blame Mishti and Sanskaar for trying to move on in their life. They both deserve to be happy. And since I’ve known them, I can tell they love each
other more than they love their own life. They didn’t do anything. And I know you loved Sanskaar, but try to move on, please.

Kavi: I love Sanskaar? (she looks extremely confused.)

Just then Ankita comes there with a guy and her nephew Aahil.

Guy: How can you do this to us Kavu, How can you love Sanskaar being married to me (jokingly)?

Precap: Moments.

I hope you liked today’s episode. Guys it was never my intention to separate Swasan. They are already separated in the real show, I can’t tolerate them not being together. So all my swasan fans, take a chill pill.

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