Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 62


Recap: Moments.

It’s the night before Swasan Raglak 2 year anniversary, Swattaragini are all guessing what kind of decorations Sanlak must have done for their anniversary.

Utu: Bhabhi watch bhai must have decorated the room romantically, I promise.

Swa: Yeah, from what i heard laksh did, i think jij must have done some awesome decorations.

Rag: Yeah, i’m excited. I can’t wait.

Utu: Bhabhi, you both should go to your room, you don’t want to spoil my bhai’s plan now do you.

Swarag: Of course, not. Let’s go.

Utu: Bhabhi, don’t forget to tell Laksh bhai okay.

Rag: Yeah. I won’t.

They three say goodbye and leave. Swaragini both enter their room with huge smiles, but their smiles break seeing their husbands. It seems as if Laksh has already fallen asleep
and Sanskaar is busy on his laptop. Swara looks at the time and sees it’s only 11, but she tries talking to Sanskaar, but he completely ignores her, after telling her he needs to finish
his project. Swara gets angry and goes to sleep. Ragini tries to wake up Laksh, but he doesn’t wake up and just tells her he’s sleepy, and she should go to sleep as well. So all the
excitement Swaragini had for their two year anniversary all goes down the drain.

Sometime after Ragini goes to sleep, she feels two hands on her carrying her, but she can’t see anything, nor can see scream since there a tape on her mouth. She’s scared and
she’s trying to hit the person taking her, but he’s not letting her go at all. She gets so scared and can’t figure out what to do. She feels the guy taking her up the stairs and starts
getting thoughts like he’s going to throw her down the terrace and she starts crying. The guy wipes her tears away and kisses her forehead, she thinks it’s Laksh, but then
remembers he was sleeping and she gets scared. Suddenly the cold wind hits her and she realizes they are on the terrace. The guy puts her down.

Swara is sleeping when she gets a phone call. It’s Viren.

Vir: Hello, Swara. Can you please come to Rohan’s place fast?

Swa: Viren, what happened, why do you sound worried?

Vir: Swara jeevika

Swa: What happened to her, okay don’t worry I’m coming.

She sees Sanskaar sleeping and thinks to inform him, but in anger she just leaves.

The guy leaves, while Ragini takes the tape off along with the blindfold and she gets angry and goes toward the stairs, but finds the door is locked and she realizes she doesn’t have
her phone with her either. She’s thinking what to do when the lights turn on and she looks back and is shocked to see the whole terrace decorated. It’s decorated with roses and
Carnations and white lilies. There’s a path made with rose petals that lead to a bed and one path leads to a piano.She sees the swing is decorated with Carnations and white lilies.
There’s red and white drapes around the bed and there’s candles all around the pool. (They have a pool on their terrace). It’s a really romantic setting with flower petals spread all
around the terrace. Ragini has tears in her eyes and she runs around looking for Laksh but she can’t find him, she gets tears in her eyes and is about to start crying when she feels two hands on her stomach and she quickly turns around and hugs Laksh. Just then music starts playing Tujhko Jo Paaya.

Rag: Laksh, I love you so much. Thank You so much for this. It’s so pretty.

Lak: You liked it.

Rag: I loved it. It’s awesome. You know I thought you had forgot about it, when I came to the room, but I’m happy you remembered.

Lak: How can I forget, I made the mistake one day ago, of course I remembered.

Rag: You remembered, or Sanskaar remembered.

Lak: Jiju se directly Sanskaar.

Rag: You know I realized he is older than me, but Swara she is younger than me, so since I don’t call her di, why should I call Sanskaar jij.

Lak: But Swara doesn’t call you di, and yet she calls me jij, then?

Rag: But she didn’t see your abs nah, that’s why. She runs saying this and he runs around chasing her. They runs everywhere the swing, the bed, and finally Ragini is running
around the piano and he’s chasing her and he catches her and smiles looking at her. He looks at her and traps her in between the piano and him. She sees the chance and escapes. She goes and sits down to start playing the piano. She signals Laksh and he nods.

Swara reaches Rohan’s house, but sees no one is there and she calls Viren, but he doesn’t pick up, so she calls him again, but she doesn’t pick up again. She’s going to call again,
when she gets a text to come to the back and without seeing the ID, she runs there and sees it’s dark and can’t see anything, and is about to go back inside when the lights turn on. She is shocked to see the whole place decorated in blue peonies and pink magnolia. She looks around and sees a path made of rose petals leading to gazebo surrounded by blue and grey drapes, she can’t clearly see what’s inside it so she walks towards it, but then she notices the pool and sees there’s flowers in there and sees a gift wrapped on the table there. She notices the whole backyard has a blue and grey theme, and she goes to the table and gets the gift and sees a note along with a beautiful grey and mint blue lehenga. The note says to go to and asks her to go to the gazebo for her next gift, there she finds another package with a beautiful peach knee length sleeveless sundress, and a swimsuit, with a note asking her to go to the gazebo. When she gets there, she sees a bed and two packages there. She opens one to find a beautiful collage of Swasan pictures and their daughter and family pictures with a Happy Anniversary written on there. She opens the second package, is a box of jewelry. It’s matching the lehenga she got first and realizes it’s for the party tonight. She sees another note to the mirror asking her to get ready in either the swimsuit or the dress, and come to the pool.

Swara gets ready and looks amazing in the dress and as she gets closer to the pool she sees Sanskaar is there shirtless, but only shorts on. As he sees her, he is a little disappointed since he hoped she would wear the swimsuit, so he takes a shirt hanging on the chair and wears it. And she smiles and hugs him.

San: Hi.

Swa: Hi.

San: You liked the dress.

Swa: Loved it.

San: You look gorgeous in it.

Swa: Thank You.

San: What gift did you get me, I got you so much. (He looks at her smirking)

Swa: My gift is at home. I didn’t know my hubby would plan an amazing surprise somewhere else.

San: Fine, but now you have to give me a gift, whatever I ask. Promise.

Swa: Whatever you want. I promise.

San: Okay hold on one minute. (He leaves and returns with a guitar.) Shona I want you to sing with me.

Swa: Sanskaar, I don’t sing.

San: You sang that night.

Swa: To save Uttara.

San: You promised. Please. (puppy face)

Swa melts and says okay.

Sanskaar starts playing the guitar.

Here Swara starts singing, while there Laksh also starts singing.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte

Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge

Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Kyunki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi ab tum hi ho (Laksh goes and sits on the chair and back hugs Ragini)

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi (Swara goes and sits with her back to Sanskaar’s chest)

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa

Ik pal door gawara nahi

Tere liye har roz hai jeete

Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi

Koi lamha mera na ho tere bina (Laksh starts trailing kisses down Ragini’s neck)

Har saans pe naam tera

Kyunki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi ab tum hi ho

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi ( Swara turns around and sits on his lap facing him with tears in her eyes)

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Tumhi ho… Tumhi ho…

Tere liye hi jiya main

Khud ko jo yun de diya hai

Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala

Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala (Ragini stops playing and stands up and they start slow dancing)

Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda

Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm.. (Sanskaar stops playing the guitar and hugs Swara and they also start dancing)

Kyunki tum hi ho

Ab tum hi ho

Zindagi ab tum hi ho..

Chain bhi, mera dard bhi

Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho (x2)


Rag: I never knew my husband could sing this well.

Lak: Sweetheart, aren’t you glad, you got a multi talented husband like me.

Rag: Yeah, but I wish you had jiju’s abs, that would be perfect. (jokinly)

Lak: Oh really, he looks behind her and smirks, she turns around and sees his evil smirk)

Rag: Laksh, no.

Lak: What No.

Rag: Laksh, listen it’s already extremely cold tonight.

Lak: So. We can just use each other to stay warm.

Rag: Laksh. (are-you-serious look)

Lak: Ragini ( Did I say something wrong look)

Rag: Laksh, I’ll get cold, I may end up with a fever.

Lak: I’ll be your personal nurse, then. Imagine I will get to spend more time with you.

Rag: But then what about your (she can’t finish the sentence, because she slips and in order to support herself she holds Laksh, but they both end up falling in the pool together.

Raglak are hugging in the pool, Laksh kisses her forehead and looks at her and she’s staring at him and he just looks at her and leans to kiss her. They are kissing, when Ragini
shivers, and Laksh feels her shivering and picks her up and carries her to the bed worried.

Lak: Ragini, you’re shivering like crazy, couldn’t you have told me, before. Seriously Ragini, how cold are you? (he quickly removes her wet clothes and covers her with the blanket
and is about to leave, but she holds him hand and pulls him.

Swasan are still dancing, hugging each other.

San: You are an amazing singer, you should sing more. Why did you stop singing.

Swa: I stopped singing after Shr, I mean when I was getting my degree, I didn’t have time for everything, so I stopped.

San: (He understands the real reason, but he doesn’t want to hurt her) Well I love your voice and I loved this present.

Swa: It’s not a present if you are the one to think about it. But I have another small surprise for you.

San: What.

Swa slowly starts unbuttoning his shirt, while he looks at her playfully.

Swa: Slow your thoughts, it’s not what you think.

San: Huh. (She removes his shirt)

Swa: You know Sanskaar I loved the swimsuit a lot.

San: Then, how come you didn’t wear it.

Swa: I thought I had an option.

San: Yeah, but I wanted the option to be the swimsuit.

Swa: Mr. Sanskaar, you shouldn’t trust everything you see. (She turns around and asks him to unzip her dress and when she takes it off, he is awed to see her in a mint blue
strapless crop top and grey skirted swim shorts.

San: You look amazing.

Swa (shyly): You’re saying as if you are seeing me for the first time.

San: Because everytime I see you, it’s like seeing you for the first time.

Swa blushes and hugs him tightly. He picks her up and carries her to the pool.

Morning time,

Raglak are sleeping peacefully on the terrace, but after sometime Ragini wakes up and blushes remembering last night and sees her clothes are dry she wears them and tries to
wake Laksh up to avoid anyone catching them.

Rag: Laksh, utto nah. Please.

Lak pulls her on the bed and makes her lay on top of him.

Lak: Five more minutes Ragu.

Rag: Laksh please someone will see us, then we can get in trouble. Please hurry up.

Lak: Ragu, please. (Suddenly Ragini feels sick and she frees herself and runs covering her mouth, while Laksh wakes up and just sees her running, he gets up quickly and dresses
up and runs behind her to check if she’s okay)
Lak locks the door as soon as he enters, and asks Ragini if she is okay, but she doesn’t reply. He gets worried, but is fine when he hears the shower turned on. He remembers
Sanskaar informing Laksh about his surprise for Swara, so he goes to Swara’s bathroom to get ready fast. When Ragini comes out, she quickly asks the servants to go and clean up the terrace without informing anyone about it. She doesn’t see Laksh, but she sees the door between her and Swara’s room open and goes there and sees the bed all messy, but someone is in the bathroom, so she goes downstairs and sees no one is at home, so she calls Swara.

Swasan are sleepy happily hugging each other, Swara wakes up due to her phone.

Swara: Hello.

Rag: Swara, where are you?

Swa: Ragu, we are actually at Rohan’s house.

Rag: WHAT. Swara why are you there?

Swa blushes remembering the surprise and says nothing.

Rag: Swara, what. Are. you. Doing. There.

Swa: Woh actually, Sanskaar planned a little surprise here.

Rag: Oh. Okay. Well Swara bhabhi, please tell Sanskaar bhaiya to hurry up and bring you home, or the elders will find out.

Swa: Devrani ji, aren’t you troubling your bhabhi too much.

Rag: Devrani ke bacchi, jaldi come home. I’m waiting.

Swa: Ha, okay. We are coming.

Swa: Sanskaar wake up. We need to go home. Please. Wake up.

San: Swara, please 10 more minutes. I’m very sleepy.


San gets scared and literally jumps up hearing papa. Swara laughs at him and he looks at her angrily.


Swa looks at him with her most innocent face and says what.

San: You know I hate being woken up.

Swa: Sorry, but I just got a call from my devrani asking us to hurry up and come back home.

San: So.

Swa: Otherwise papa might fight out, we were not at home.

San: Fine let’s go. (They go inside the house and Sanskaar goes towards one of the guest bedrooms)

Swa: Sanskaar, door is there.

San: Swara, bathroom is here.

Swa: Sanskaar.

San: Swara.

Swa: We need to get home.

San: I know, but do you really want to go home with that swimsuit on, and messy hair, puffy lips, huh.

Swa: But I don’t have any clothes.

San: Swara, I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari. I think of everything. There’s a bag of clothes for you in that room.

Swa: Thank You. (They get ready and leave as quickly as they can)


Ragini is sitting in her room thinking about how she missed to tell Laksh, when she sees him coming out of Swara’s bathroom.

Rag: Laksh, do you know where everyone went. No one is home. Like no one.

Lak: Actually, I asked saale sahab to do a small favor for me, in return of a huge favor.

Rag: Huh.

Lak: Sorry, can’t tell it’s our secret.

Rag: Laksh, I need to tell you something.

Lak: Ha tell.

Rag: Laksh, we are going to be (Just then a servant comes and informs them the others have returned)

They go downstairs, when Swasan enter. And everyone looks at them suspiciously.

San: We went to Rohan’s house for some work, and we went today morning only. We didn’t spend the whole night there.

Suju: Did we say anything? We didn’t even ask.

San realizes his mistake and quickly leaves from there while everyone laughs at his weird behavior.

After breakfast, the youngsters all go MM to see how the renovations are going, after that that Sanhilak go to their work, while Swattaragini return to GM, to help prepare for the
party. It’s almost evening time by the time everything is done and yet none of the men have returned, so the ladies decide to get ready, since it does take them a little longer. Swara
gets ready in the grey and mint blue lehenga and jewelry Sanskaar gave her as a present. And when Ragini opens her cupboard she notices three presents and finds a soft pink and off-white lehenga with matching jewelry and a maang tika, with a note from Laksh.

Laksh: You already are the most beautiful girl in the world, but after wearing these, you will look more beautiful. Love you jaan.

Ragini smiles and gets ready. By the time the ladies are ready, Sanhilak are the only ones who have not returned. Swattaragini are upset, since they warned their husbands to get
there on time, but they didn’t. When they finally arrive Sanhilak look tensed to see their wives and quickly go to change, when they return guests have started arriving, slowly. The
elites all enter and they greet each other. Shresth enters and he signals the others to help him. He goes to Suju directly.

Shr: Aunty, I am sorry for what my mom did, but can you please forgive me. I thought they were falsely accusing my mom, but I realize it was my mom’s mistake. Aunty can you
please forgive me. Please.

Swa: Ma, Inspector called us and informed us that everything was planned by Kaveri aunty. This bechara didn’t even know anything.

Suju: But his mom.

Utu: Ma, a child shouldn’t have to suffer because of their parent.

Elites: Aunty, he’s one of our best friends. Please forgive him.

Suju: Okay. Forgiven.

Everyone’s happy and they are enjoying the party, when DP announces the reason for the party.

DP: Everyone, welcome to the party. Today’s party has not one, not two but five reasons of celebrations. The first is to welcome home our granddaughter, Sanskriti. Second reason is
to celebrate the opening of our new branch in Canada whose head is going to be my son Adarsh and bahu Parineeta. Third celebration is for the marriage of my daughter Uttara to Sahil Gadodia and fourth & fifth are to celebrate the second year anniversary of my sons. Congrats Swasan and Raglak. After he’s done someone announces a dance and the three couples dance to the Bol Do Na Zaara, with the other couples joining them in the dance. During the dance Ragini feels a little dizzy, so she leaves and the girls notice her and they follow her to the kitchen, leaving all the boys worried.

Ragini is drinking water, when the other girls come to her.

Swa: Ragu, are you fine. Did you tell jij.

Rag: I didn’t get a chance.

Utu: bhabhi, you have to tell him fast.

Bhaira: Tell what.

Swa: Ragu is pregnant.

Bhaira: How mean Ragu, you didn’t tell us.

Rag: Guys sorry, but I haven’t even told my husband yet.

Swa: What happen though, you seemed like you were about to faint.

Rag: Yeah, it’s just I didn’t eat, maybe that’s why.

Ankita: Maybe I should make a diet plan for you.

Rag: NO. I’m fine. Sorry Ankita, but I love food too much to control. (All the girls laugh at her statement)

Swa: Ragu, I swear I will kill you now if you don’t start taking proper care of yourself.

Rag: Leave that. Ankita, are your bhaiya and bhabhi here? And Aahil is coming as well right.

Ankita: Yeah, they should be here any minute now.

Jevi: Ragu, let’s go outside or else the guys will be worried.

When they go outside they see all the boys are all standing with their backs to them and it’s a little dark and they can’t make out who is who, but they see a girl hugging one of the guys and they give each other a look. They go and they see the boy is Sanskaar, but he’s in complete shock, and the girl’s face can’t be seen properly and when they get closer, they realize it’s Kavita. Uttaragini looks at Swara, who seems as if she is going to break down completely, while the other three girls seems equally shocked as well. Swara doesn’t know how to react, so she wipes her tears and quietly leaves and goes to the garden, she signals the others to not follow her, but someone sees her and he follows her.

Swara is crying, when she feels a hand on her shoulder and without looking she turns and hugs that person and cries. He comforts her.

Swa: Why do all the bad things always happen to me? I fell in love with someone, but he left me. When I finally moved on he returned, and again everything was fine, but someone
else came into my life. I can’t handle this anymore. I’m losing strength to keep fighting back. I’m losing hope. Help me. Please. She keeps on crying and he keeps comforting her.

Swa: You know when I stopped singing after that incident. The first I sang was the night you returned (the guy comforting her is none other than Shresth), and I sang again today,
everytime I sing something bad happens. Or maybe I am just a bad person and I’m being punished for everything I did.

Shr: Mishti, you are being crazy. Why would you be punished, listen you have never hurt anyone in your life, not even unintentionally. You are too sweet to hurt anyone. And singing
doesn’t have anything to do with what happened. Trust me, singing is not bad, but rather good for you. You are an amazing singer and it’s also your first love. So anything that you
choose can never bring you bad luck and if it does I will make sure it changes to good luck. Mishti you are amazing, sweet and the most caring person ever, you try to see the best in everyone and that’s why I fell in love with you and that’s why I will always love you.

Swara realizes the situation and she separates from him. She looks at him shocked, and is about to run away when he holds her hand.

Shr: Mishti, you are the only person I have loved in my whole life, trust me. And I will do anything to see you happy and as much as it hurts me, I know you only have room for Sanskaar in that huge heart of yours and I know there’s a small tiny corner that still loves me, but there’s no comparison to how you feel about Sanskaar, so trust me when I say this, I don’t have any bad intentions to separate you from the person who makes you happy. And I was comforting you only as a friend. Because before anything we were friends.

Swa: But what about your sister. Did you know? Why didn’t you tell us?

Shr: I didn’t know. Ma said she died due to the complications after the accident, that’s why I was so angry with Sanskaar. Had I known my sister was alive, I wouldn’t have been that
angry at him.

Swa: Yes, you would have.

Shr: Yes, I would have, but not so much to want to marry his sister for revenge.

Swa: I know.

Shr: It’s shocking. My mom hid such a huge fact and she played such a terrible game with me. I can’t believe her.

Swa: I’m sorry, but why are you inside with her.

Shr: I still think it’s a dream and I saw you crying and leaving and you know I can’t ever see you crying.

Swa: I know. But go and meet your sister.

Shr: Come with me. She will be happy to see you.

Swa: I’m not too sure.

Shr: Swara please. Come.

He holds his hand out to her and she takes it nervously and they both go inside hand in hand and Kavitha is still hugging Sanskaar, but when Shresth calls her she lets go and
seeing Shresth and Swara holding hands she gets more happy and hugs them.

Kavi: I’m so happy. Wow I can’t believe this, when did you two get married bhai. I’m so happy for you and Swara bhabhi.

Episode ends on everyone’s tensed faces.

Precap: Take a chill pill guys. I have a sweet surprise for you all.

Credit to: Kasam

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