Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 61

Recap: Ragini is pregnant.

Ragini enters the room, but it’s all dark and she goes to turn on the lights, but someone blindfolds her and hugs her. And she realizes it’s Laksh.

Rag: Laksh.

Laksh: Ragini.

Rag: What is this Laksh.

Lak: Surprise for my wife.

Rag: But how come.

Lak: Don’t ask anything at all right now, first go and relax I have filled the bathroom with water so you can have a bath, and everything is inside for you. And before you come out,
knock okay.

Rag: Okay, baba.

He takes her to the bathroom and leaves.

After sometime, when she’s ready to go out, she knocks and Laksh opens the door and she is surprised seeing the room is all decorated, there’s rose petals everywhere, the walls
are filled with photos, of either them or family photos. There’s candles on the table with a small cake.There’s also a gorgeous net hammock in the balcony. She’s smiling and has
tears in her eyes and happily hugs Laksh.

Rag: It’s amazing thank you Laksh. But what’s the special day?

Lak he picks her up bridal style and takes her to to the hammock and he puts her on it and gets in it with her.

Lak: You didn’t think I would remember our second anniversary.

Rg: Which isn’t until the day after tomorrow.

Lak: What?

Rag: Laksh, it’s day after tomorrow. Not today.

Lak: Ragini, I swear it’s today.

Rag: Laksh, who remembers better, me or you?

Lak: Me. I know it’s today. Wait one minute. Sanskaar, (he’s yelling from the balcony since their rooms are right next to each other.) SANSKAAR.

Sanskaar comes out with an irritated face, and as soon as Laksh sees him, he covers Ragini’s eyes, since our Sanskaar is just in his pants, he doesn’t have a shirt on.

Lak: Sorry, bhai, disturb kiya tumhe. (feeling really embarrassed)

San: Is that why you called me? Hurry up and say what you want?

Lak: Bhai when is our anniversary? You know wedding, we both got married same day.

San: The day after tomorrow.

Rag: ha, told you Laksh I’m always right, She stands up and sees Sanskaar and is just shocked and keeps looking at him, with her mouth open.

Laksh gets jealous and stands in front of her.

San: Are you done lucky, can i go back.

Lak: Sorry, bhai. I thought it was today.

San: It’s not. ( He turns to leave, but then he looks at the balcony and gives Laksh a I’m impressed look and points to the hammock)

Sanskaar leaves, while Ragini is still behind Laksh looking speechless. Laksh looks at her a little angry.

Laksh: I didn’t know the Ragini Laksh Maheshwari can be left shocked and speechless.

Rag: That’s true, but it’s my fault my jiju has the perfect body. I mean Swara is so d**n lucky, her husband has such an amazing body. I couldn’t just stop staring.

Laksh is getting a little jealous hearing her and she notices and keeps adding more and more to get him more jealous.

Lak: Amazing body nah, here let me show you my perfect body. He then runs behind her,trying to catch her same time as trying to take his shirt off. But he can’t and he falls down on
the bed. Ragini laughs seeing it and sits on the bed.

Rag: laksh, since you got the cake, why waste it.

Lak: True, let’s go.

They cut the cake and enjoy a few happy moments, but then Laksh puts some cream on Ragini’s face and they both have a cake fight.

Rag: Laksh, look because of you we are all covered in cake.

Laksh: It’s okay, we can just shower together. He picks her up bridal style and takes her to the bathroom.

Next morning, during breakfast, Ragini can’t stop staring at Laksh. She keeps looking at Sanskaar like she’s trying to get an X-ray of Sans with just her eyes. Laksh notices this and gets irked.

Lak: Can you not stop staring at your “jiju”.

Ragu: Awww, is someone jealous of their brother.

Lak: Me and Jealous don’t exist in the same sentence.

Rag: Hahaha. Okay. Whatever.

Lak: Ragini, what are you looking at bhai like that for?

Rag: Arre, I still can’t believe, jij has 6 pack abs.

Lak: Ragini, did you forget, we found Swara bhabhi just some time ago.

Rag: Ha, so what does that have to do with my jij’s body.

Lak: You know, how bhai never came home.

Rag: Yeah, of course I remember.

Lak: Do you think he would stay in office all day long, then. He went to the gym and took his stress out there.

Rag: Oh, so when Swara left, that’s when jij got his 6-packs. Maybe I should leave too and then you can get 8 packs. What say?

Lak: Ragini, do you seriously think, I’ll get abs when you leave, infact if you leave, I will be so happy I will give a whole feast to everyone in the city.

Rag: Oh really. Watch then, when I leave one day, that’s when you’ll realize my importance. Okay. She gets up and goes to the kitchen, and he’s about to follow her, but DP and RP call him and take him to the office.

After breakfast, all the men left for office, the ladies are planning for a small party to celebrate Swasan & Raglak anniversary along with a reception for Uttarahil and Swattaragini are cleaning up in the kitchen.

Swa: Did you tell Jij?

Rag: No, and i don’t want to either.

Swa: You two fought again?

Rag: It’s his fault, but leave all that. I don’t want to talk about that.

Swa: Okay, but Waise I heard our dear Laksh jij forgot when his anniversary was. (teasingly), but I heard he made amazing decorations.

Rag: Yeah, he did forget that idiot and the decorations were amazing, but not as amazing as my jij. (teasingly)

Swa: What?

Rag: Swara, how come you never told me jij has such an amazing body?

Swa: Ragini di, should I tell Laksh ji, what you are saying about his brother?

Rag: Bad Luck for you he already knows.

Swa: Ragini, have some shame, in front of your husband you were looking at someone else’s body.

Rag: Not someone else, my jij’s.

Swa: Ragini.

Rag: Swara.

Utu: Swaragini, bhabhi, please stop fighting and let’s get started on lunch please. Today we have to personally go and give our pati’s lunch.

Rag: We don’t have to go personally. Mom usually sends ramu kaka.

Utu: What, but Sahil told me that I’m supposed to come and personally give him lunch.

Swaragini laugh at her, and she looks at them with a sad face.

Swa: Don’t worry Utu, don’t go, but send it with Ramu kaka, and when he calls simply pretend like you don’t know what happen. Okay.

Utu: What if he gets angry.

Rag: He lied to you, you should be more angry.

Utu: I should be, you know what that’s what i’m going to do. I’m not going to talk to him.

Rag: But Utu, don’t be to harsh on him.

Swa: And you Ragu, make sure you inform Jij, soon otherwise if he finds out from someone else, then you are gone.

Utu: Yeah Ragini bhabhi, Swara bhabhi is right. If Laksh bhai finds out from someone else, he’ll be really upset.

Rag: Okay, okay you two stop and I will inform him soon, infact I’ll tell him tonight only. Happy.

Precap: Swasan & Raglak 2 year anniversary. An entry which can ruin Swara’s whole world.

Hey guys, I know this is short, but trust me next one is going to be longer. And even though it was short, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

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  13. Even though it’s short, it’s amazing. I love all the same little scenes you have, but a small complaint, why didn’t you have any Swasan scenes. I mean I love the Raglak scenes they were too cute, But a little Swasan moment would have been awesome. But still it was very sweet. And I think it’s Kavita, but I’m sure, you won’t seperate swasan again. 🙂 right.

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