Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 60

Recap: Sahil and Uttara get married.

Swasan, Swara’s room.

Swasan are sitting on the bed, with Swara on Sanskaar’s lap and arms around his neck, and his arms around her waist.

Swa: Finally

San: I know right.

Swa: I thought we would never be able to pull it off, but Thank god for my genius brain. I was able to come up with such an amazing plan.

San: wow, don’t be too hard on yourself or you might hurt your brain.

Swa: haha, how funny. (She removes her arms from his neck)

San: What can I say, you keep praising yourself, I don’t want that to hurt you.

Swa: How mean. (She stands up, but he pulls her back down)

San: What do you say about some romantic time today.

Swa: Sorry, I don’t want to hurt my brain by thinking too much.

San: Arre, I was just joking.

Swa: And what romantic, what you did in front of everyone, how can you, I swear if you do something like that again.

San: What did I do, i don’t remember.

Swa: Sanskaar, you kissed me in front of everyone, that to on the lips.

San kisses her: You mean like this.

Swa: Sanskaar. I’m serious.

San kisses her again: So am I, infact I’m very serious. He puts her down on the bed, when there is a knock on the door. Sanskaar falls on top of her, saying i’m going to kill whoever
is at that door.

Raglak, Laksh is standing outside in the balcony thinking about how scared he was when Ragini and Swayam were kidnapped and how much he feared losing them. He remembers
not being able to spend much time with them since he’s always working, when he feels Ragini hugging him.

Rag: We’re safe. We all are here. Swayam is safe, I’m here completely fine. No one is hurt.

Lak: How did you know what I was thinking about. (He turns around)

Rag: Because my dear patidev, I’m your wife and I can read your mind.

Lak: Oh really, then what am I thinking of right now.

Rag: I know I’m looking extremely pretty right now, especially under the moonlight. Thank You.

Lak (shocked expression, with his mouth hanging): How did you know?

Rag: That’s the only thing you can think of.

Lak: Accha, oh really. He let’s her go and looks at her with a smirk. She gets scared and starts moving backward and he keeps going towards her, till finally she falls on the bed, and
to support her she tries to hold Laksh’s arm, but that just causes him to fall as well. Laksh takes a moment and kisses her.

Rag immediately gets up: Laksh, I need to tell you something really important.

Lak:( He pulls her back down and starts kissing her neck) Can it not wait till tomorrow? Please (he gives her a puppy face, and she’s almost about to fall for it. Almost)

Rag: No. Laksh. Trust me, you want to know this news.

Lak: Trust me, I don’t think I want anything other than what I’m doing.

Rag: Laksh, please.

Lak: Fine, tell me, what do you want to know.

Rag: Okay, so umm. (she starts blushing)

Lak: Ragini, hurry up nah. Please.

Rag: Okay. We are going to . (she gets shy)

Lak: Where are we going?

Rag: Laksh we aren’t going anywhere, it’s just that Swayam is going to become an (Just then there is a knock on the door)

Rag: Are you kidding me? 2 minutes, Couldn’t they have waited for two more minutes.

She gets annoyed and opens the door that connects Swara and her room.

Rag: What is it Swara?

Swa: Don’t ask me, ask this idiot.

She points to Sahil, who looks pretty angry. Raglak go to Swara’s room. As soon as Sahil sees Ragini, he shouts.

Sahil: Where in the world is my (just then Uttara comes there)

Uttara: Sahil, why are you disturbing them right now? You can ask them tomorrow.

Sahil: No ways, I can live without food, but I can’t live without that.

Swarag: What are you talking about?

Sahil: Di where in the world is my jaan? (swaragini understand what he means and look at each other smirking)

Swara: We don’t know. Why where did you put it?

Sahil: Swaragini Shekar Gadodia, don’t get smart with me, where in the world is my PS4.

Sanlak look at Sahil like he’s crazy, while the three ladies start laughing.

Sahil: Do I look like a monkey or a joker, stop laughing (The three stop laughing for one sec, and then looking at each other they start once again)

Sahil: Di. Please where did you put my PS4.

Ragini: You are the first person, who is more worried about his PS4, on their wedding night.

Sahil: Di. I’m serious. Jiju tell them nah, to give it back.

San: Ragini is correct though Sahil.

Swa: Huah, Sanskaar don’t tease my brother, and Sahil you know Utu needed room in your cupboard. So we ummm threw away your ps4.

Sahil looks like someone told him he lost not his ps4, but everything in the world. He actually gets tears in his eyes.

Sahil: Di, Uttara gave me that ps4. How could you throw it away, And I was so close to beating my personal score in my game.

Rag: Sorry, we didn’t know. BUt don’t worry your ps4 is completely safe. We actually set it up in the game room, since now you can’t keep playing video games in your room.

Sahil: Whew, my jaan is safe then. Thank God. I almost stopped breathing. Okay I’m going to go and check if it’s all okay or not.

Swar: Seriously Sahil, check your lifeless jaan tomorrow and tonight concentrate on your really jaan. (pointing to Uttara, who’s shying) They leave and Swasan close their door, but
Ragini is so tired as soon as she lays down, she falls asleep.

Gadodia house.

Everyone is gathered at the breakfast table, and in front of them there is a variety of food. And immediately everyone without waiting starts eating.

Shekar: Papa, aaj khana kuch zyada accha nahi bana. (Isn’t the food extra tasty today)

Dada ji: Woh toh hai (That’s true)

DP: Sach mai, the food is really good.

Swara: Papa, do you want to know who made this amazing food?

Everyone as Who?

Ragini: Did you all forget today was Uttara’s first rasoi. This is her first rasoi.

Everyone is impressed, (Uttara never got the chance at her house to make food since there were so many cooks there already)

Shekar gives her the nek for it.

After all the elders leave, Swaragini keep making Sahil wait, not letting him leave, so neither do Sanlak. After a few minutes Uttara returns with a bowl. It’s a bowl of Sahil’s favorite sweet. Uttara shyly serves it to him, while Swasan & Raglak aww them.

Sahil takes some and says it’s good, to which Ragini asks just good, or really good.

Sahil: Really good.

Swara: Really good or yummy.

Sahil (little annoyed) YUMMMY. Happy Now. Swara gets angry and empties the whole entire bowl in his plate. While everyone laughs and Uttara runs away to the kitchen.

It’s nighttime all the elders are busy planning something, while Swasan & Raglak & Uttarahil are sitting in the game room playing with their Swayam and Sanskriti, while Sahil is playing with Sanlak on his lifeless jaan.

Ragini gets some weird sensation and runs to the washroom, but unfortunately only Swara & Uttara notice, since the boys are too busy playing ps4. The girls follow Ragini to the
washroom and Ragini signals them to the kitchen.

Swara: Is it what i think it is? Huh Ragini.

Utu: What are you saying bhabhi?

Swara: Oh ho, Uttara I think you are going to become mami for the third time, and fifth time being bua. Kyun ragini.

Ragini shyly nodes her head while drinking water and Uttara and Swara hug her, while Swayam looks at her weirdly, and says mama, what happen?

Swara: Swayam is going to become older brother. (he gets happy and starts clapping and hugs Ragini)

Utu: Bhabhi not fair, you and bhai didn’t even inform us.

Swara: Wait, you told Laksh right.

Rag: No yaar. Everytime I want to tell him someone comes in between. And I miss the opportunity.

Swara: Oh, sorry. Okay but tell him today okay.

Rag: Of course, but you guys don’t tell anyone, I want us to be the one telling everyone. So Swayam, you can’t tell anyone that you are going to be an older brother okay. Beta.

Swayam makes a sad face and asks why.

Swara: Swayam, your mom wants to surprise everyone that’s why. We will tell them tomorrow okay.

Swayam gets happy and says yay.

Ragini smiles and after sometime they all go to sleep. When Ragini enters her room she is surprised.

Precap: Good or Bad?

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