Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 6


Two years ago……………….
Swara: Shresth, don’t go nah, it’s so late do you need to go.
Shresth: Arre Baba, yes i need to go.
Swara: Ok, then can I come with you please, please, please.
Ragini: Jij, take her wherever you are going please,, otherwise, she’ll eat my mind,
Shresth: Sorry, Salli ji, no can do. It’s a surprise for both of you so, But Mishti I promise i’ll come back very soon ok. Bye I love you.
Swara: CYA, Shresth CYA.
Shresth: OK baba, CYA my mishti, and cya salli ji.
Swaragini: CYA.
Shresth smiles and kisses Swara and leaves. Swara gets a feeling of nervousness, so she praises to Durga ma to protect her Shresth.
After 3 hours at around 2am Swaragini are woken up by a phone call, hearing it they are shocked out of their minds, Ragini starts crying, while Swara just stands there numb.
Swaragini reach a place where there has been a major car accident.
Ragini: Excuse me, what hospital have the patients been taken to? and how long ago?
Police officer: They were taken to the General hospital around 30 minutes ago.
Ragini: Sir, can you tell me if there were any fatalities?
Police: I’m sorry I can’t tell you anything regarding this, but all i can say is this was a really bad accident.
Ragini: Thank you very much officer, she takes Swara and goes to the hospital.

At the General hospital:
Swaragini enter and go to the ER and ask the receptionist
Ragini: There was a major accident on the bridge, where have the patients been taken to?
Receptionist (Jenny) : I’m sorry Ma’am i’m not at liberty to give out that information.
Ragini: Look, my brother was involved in that accident, do you understand, where have they been taken? His name is Shresth Ghosh, DOB: 23rd July 1991 look him up now.
She looks up his name and says I’m sorry Ma’am, but only none of the victims are in any condition to be identified. There have been only five fatalities so far, if you want you can go look in the morgue.
Ragini: Excuse me.
Ragini takes Swara to the morgue and there they see many bodies, but are not able to find Shresth and Kavita. So, they go back and talk to Jenny who tells them she can’t give out any information.
So Swara calls Shresth’s mom, who informs them they have are going to receive the bodies of their children, in India. And it’s going to be a family only funeral and they are not invited.
Swara: So, my Shresth is
Shresth’s mom: Yes, MY Shresth is no longer with us, so now please leave us alone.

In the present:
Swara: SHRESTH!!!
Ragini and Sanlak all wake up hearing this, since the doctor knew sanlak, he let them stay behind along with ragini. Laksh goes to call the doctor while Sanskaar and Ragini are about to go but Ragini stops herself and lets Sanskaar go saying she needs you right now, not me and Sanskaar says okay.

In the room
Sanskaar goes to Swara who in turn hugs him, so he sits down on the bed with her and she starts saying I can’t forget Shresth, I know it’s been two years but I love him so much. I’m sorry but i can’t also refuse my parents, so this was the only option i had. Ragini, Laksh and the doctor who heard that go in and Ragini hugs Swara and cries, the doctor informs them Swara can go home and asks SanLak to come with him outside.
Doc: Swara needs to be looked after carefully, and sanskaar, i may be crossing my limits but i think you and swara should try to move on together from your past.
Sanskaar after hearing about Kavita’s dead also tried to harm himself and it was this doctor only who had saved Sanskaar so he knows his grief.

Sanskaar gets thinking and he remembers how in tension they all forgot the wedding pairs, and he also remembers how Ragini and Laksh were smiling so he makes up his mind about something and says I feel this is the best option only.

Precap: Swaragini and Sanlak come home and all are shocked.

Credit to: Kasam

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