Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 59

Recap: Shresth leaves and Uttara’s wedding is broken.

Rag: Actually, the news is that we are going to

Before she can finish Swara comes running, there and mistakenly spoils their moments.

Swa: Sorry jiju, Sorry Ragu. Actually woh, umm badi maa came to call us all.

Rag: Okay, let’s go.

Lak: Wait, Ragini you were saying something?

Rag: Woh, i’ll tell you later.

They all leave and Swara can’t even look at Sanskaar, so she stays with Ragini will the others laugh looking at both of them. Ragini notices that and she signals Laksh, who signals he doesn’t know.

Rag: Swara, why is everyone laughing looking at you and Sanskaar jij.

Swa: Woh, actually what happen was, that umm. Oh look bade papa is saying something. Sshh.

Ragini gets suspicious but she doesn’t push the matter more and they listen.

DP: We have made a decision to get Uttara married. Uttara do you mind marrying Sahil.

Everyone inside gets happy, but outside they react as if DP said he wanted to get married.

Uttara: Bade Papa. Kaise. matlab , Sahil? Kaise.

Sahil: Dadi, meri shaadi, lekin abhi toh I’m still in college. And Uttara? Kaise.

Suju: You two don’t want to get married?

Uttarahail don’t say anything.

DP: We understand if you need sometime, so Swaragini take them inside and try to explain to them and make them understand. Please.

Swaragini: Of course baba.

As soon as the get away from the elders, everyone starts hugging each other and they start celebrating since their plan was successful.

—–fb starts ——–

The plan was to inform the police that Swara may have heard thought Shresth was involved in the plan and that could cause the police to interrogate him, but since he really was innocent he would be set free. The fighting was also part of the plan to make the elders dislike Shresth.

—- fb ends ——

After some time, they go outside with expressionless faces. No one says anything they just keep looking at each other.

Suju: Ha yah Nah?

Sanskaar: Ma, pandit ji ko kaho, shaddhi ki tari kare. (Tell the priest to start the prep)

All the elders get happy and hug each other. As soon as the wedding is done Elites & Virika reach Gadadia house. They start decorating the house and getting it ready to welcome
the new bride. They decorate Sahil’s room prettily. Swaragini being the sweetest sisters also empty out one of Sahil’s closet, and they organize Uttara’s stuff in there. And they wait
for everyone to arrive.

Gadodia family arrives along with Sanlak and Sumi and Dadi welcome Uttara in. Sahil has to follow the ritaul of carrying his bride into their room and the elders ask him if he’s
uncomfortable then he doesn’t have to do it. But we all know how many ladoos are bursting in his heart, since he got to marry his love, so he is about to say no to stop getting his
parents suspiscous.

Sahil: If it’s okay then I guess I don’t want to.

Swara: NO. You can’t say No. Sahil it’s okay if you two are uncomfy, that’s why this ritaul is there right Ragu.

Ragini: Yeah, Sahil Actually it helps you get a little comfy with each other.

Sanskaar whispers in Swara’s ear (we never did that ritual), while Laksh makes the mistake of saying it out loud for everyone to hear. Even the elders. Ragini looks at him with the are-you-kidding-me look. And he realizes his mistake.

Dadi: But it’s a ritual for us Gadodia. Sahil, you have to do it. Your Dad it, and your dada ji also did it. (she blushes)

Youngsters: Oh ho Dadi.

Dadi: Shut up, you baadmash. Sahil come on.

Sahil picks her up and starts going up the stairs, but his sisters run up before him and stand in front of his bedroom.

Swaragini: First Nek, then entry.

Sahil: Seriously di. No go ask your husband if you want something.

Swa: Sahil?

Sahil: Sorry di.

Rag: Mr. Sahil if you forgot, not only are we your sisters, but we are also Uttara’s bhabhi. So we have double right. Understand.

Swa: Right.

Sahil: Girl’s bhabhi doesn’t get nek, so no.

Rag: Oh Swara, I think I forgot to light the scented candles.

Maira: Don’t worry Ragu, I already did. And it smells amazing.

Bhavi: Jeevika Bhabhi, did you set up all the decorations properly?

Jeevika: Yeah, it looked absolutely stunning. I wish someone we had decorated our room like that for our first night.

Sahil: Uhhhhh, stop it all of you. Uttara can you reach into my pocket and take out my wallet please.

As soon as Uttara takes his wallet out, Swara takes it from her and she takes out all the money and gives the wallet back.

Swa: What Sahil, who keeps so much money in their wallet, that to cash. Thank You. She disrupts all the money to everyone and she gives the some to Uttara to and winks at her
and says thank you.

Sahil: Uttara, you were in the plan with them, how mean?

Utu: Sorry, but I can’t let my bhabi’s hanging.

All the girls let them in and the room is decorated beautifully. Sahil sets Uttara on the bed, and shuts the door.

Precap: Ragini’s news.

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