Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 58


Recap: Shresth and Uttara’s surprise wedding arrangements

Sah: Di, are you sure this plan will work.

Rag: Of course.

Swa: Girls, let’s go back or else, the elders will get suspicious.

They girls return back to their room, just as Sujata, AP & Pari come to call Uttara. They reach the mandap and panditji starts reciting the mantras, when the bride & groom are asked
to stand for the pheras, police arrives.

PO: Sorry to disturb you all, but we need to take Mr.Shresth Ghosh to the Police Station.

DP: But why, what has he done?

PO: We just need to ask him whether he was an accomplice in the kidnapping of your daughters.

DP: I’m sorry, but why do you think he would do that?

PO: Don’t you know, who the culprit is? It’s Ms. Kaveri Ghosh. Mr.Shresth’s mother.

You can imagine how shocked all of the elders are.

Suju: Jiji, is that why she did all this before?

—— fb starts ————

Before the kidnapping,

Suju is going to the kitchen, but she gets a call from somebody and she picks it up without looking at the ID.

Suju: Hello.

K: Namaste Sujata ji

Suju: Ji, bolye Kaveri ji.

K: Actually, I need to go to America on Friday for an emergency, so I was wondering if we could move the wedding to tomorrow.

Suju: But how can we do the arrangements so quickly.

K: Don’t worry, I have already done it, all you need to do it show up tomorrow with my bahu. Infact, I have already set up everything from before only.

Suju: But still that’s so soon. I mean.

K: Sujata ji, the wedding is just moved three days before, that’s it. Trust me.

Suju: Okay ji. As you wish.

K: Oh one more thing, I want to surprise my bahu. So if you could not tell her or her brothers about it, I would be happy.

Suju: But, how can I

K: Please, It’s a request.

Just then SanLak run out of the house, and the kidnapping occurs.
———- gb ends ————

AP: No wonder, we should have understood, when she didn’t come yet.

Suju: Hai, hai. What are we going to do now? My daughter’s life is ruined. Who will marry her now?

San (whispering): Lucky, don’t you think mom is doing a little over drama?

Lak: What can we do? Chachi’s always been over dramatic.

SR: How mean you too? How can you make fun in such a situation.

Swa: Sanskaar, that’s just rude, your laughing at your mom, when she’s serious?

San: She’s over reacting, Uttara’s life isn’t ruined, she can find someone else, it’s not like she’s pregnant or something.

Rag: Jij, chachi is scared because she thinks no one will want to marry Uttara, because of her being left at the mandap.

Lak: But we are the ones who are breaking the alliance?

Swa: Still, society still blames the girl. They don’t even look at the boy. Everything is the girls fault.

Maira: You four, stop fighting. And start the plan.

They all compose themselves and they signal Shresth to start.

Swara: Ma, officer is right. Kaveri aunty was the one who kidnapped us . And I’m sure this Shresth was involved as well.

Shresth: You liar, how dare you blame my mom and me?

Suju: Ragini, Uttara. Why did you not tell us?

Rag: Ma, we didn’t know. We were unconscious and when we woke up, Laksh and them were already there.

DP: Swara, beta. Why did you not say anything?

Swa: I didn’t want to hurt everyone? So I kept quiet. And I thought this Shresth would have cancelled the wedding, but look at him. He’s so shameless, he’s still standing here.

Shresth: Swara, I’m being nice to you or I swear to god, I will ki (he stutters, cause he still has feelings for her and he can’t even think of hurting her) hurt you, if you don’t stop your
useless accusations.

Suju: How dare you talk to my bahu like this? Get out, officer take him away right now. Please.

Swara: Sorry ma, because of me,Uttara’s wedding broke.

Suju: It’s okay. You and Uttara are both my daughters.

The few guests there start talking about you, no one will even marry Uttara, and the youngsters look at each other smiling. Uttara stands up and hugs Sanskaar pretending to cry. Sahil goes to her and touches her shoulder and she turns and hugs him and pretends to cry more. And he comforts her. MF family looks GF.

DP: Swaragini, take Uttara back to the dressing room, please.

The youngsters start to leave, but Uttara “sprains” her ankle and Sahil picks her up and they leave.

Once inside the room, Sahil still hasn’t let Uttara down, even though she keeps insisting.

Uttara: Sahil, please. Look everyone is staring at us.

Sahil: Let them, I don’t care. Maine tumhara haath, chod ne ke liye nahi pakada. (I didn’t hold you hand, just to leave it)

The others: Oh ho.

San: How Romantic Sahil. But leave her now. She’s still my sister not your wife. Okay.

Sahil quickly puts her down and is shocked to see Sanskaar angry.

Sahil: Sorry jiju. I was just.

Swa: Oh ho, Sanskaar why are you teasing the poor kid? Sahil he’s just kidding.

San: I’m not kidding. I’m serious. Right Laksh?

They look around and notice Raglak are not there.

Swa: Wow, look at jij, chance pe romance. I wish I had someone like jiju. He’s so caring, loving and sweet to Ragu. But my bad luck I got a khadus. (Everyone laughs looking at Swara, Sanskaar gets angry, but everyone knows she’s just kidding.)

San: Accha, you want romantic, sweet okay. He pulls her to him and kisses her (like a deep passionate one) in front of everyone. Just then Suju, AP, Sumi and Pari enter and they
are also shocked.

Uttara: BHAIYA. (Swasan break the kiss and see the 4 ladies and Swara blushingly runs away, while Sanskaar tries to run but he can’t. AP and Sumi are both holding his ears and
Suju is staring at him angrily.)

Suju: Sanskaar, have some shame. You have a daughter and you are doing all this, that too in front of everyone.

San: Ma, sorry, but it’s Swara’s fault.

Everyone stares at him angrily and he signs sorry.

Ap: Don’t blame my daughter, tell us honestly.

San: Ma, bade ma. She was crying so much, so I wanted to make her stop, so I did that. Look she stopped crying. And you saw nah, she ran out happily.

Suju: Sanskaar, next time do whatever you want in your room, okay.

San: Sorry. And I’ll be sure this won’t happen again.

Uttara: Ma, but what happen?

AP: We came to call you all outside we have some news. Come fast. Pari, bring her okay.


Laksh had pulled Ragini to a side when they were going back to the room. Ragini was against the wall and Laksh kept looking at her.

Rag: Laksh, stop staring.

Lak: What can I do, my wife is so gorgeous, I can’t control it.

Rag: Laksh.

Lak: This is one of the rare times, you might have blushed.

Rag: Laksh.

Lak: I know that’s my name, don’t keep repeating it.

Rag: Buddhu, stop staring at me like i’m something to eat.

Lak: You called me buddhu, now I’m not going to leave you.

He starts chasing her, but after some time she gets tired and pulls Laksh and they both sit down. She’s between his legs, and her back is against his chest.

Lak: Ragini, are you okay. You sound breathless.

Rag: I’m fine. There’s nothing wrong.

Lak: Waise, I noticed one thing.

Rag: What.

Lak: You have been glowing for the past few days. Like not just glowing, but like the pretty kind of glowing.

Rag: Woh actually, I have a surprise for you.

Hey Guys, I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. First of all, I want to apologize for not updating my ff everyday. I try my best, but I am currently writing another ff and I’m also working on another OS. So, sometimes it gets hard to write. But that’s my problem and I should be able to manage it properly. I’m sorry. But Kasam se guys, I am trying to update regularly. Please I just want you to understand, if I am not able to upload regularly, I do feel extremely bad and guilty, for letting you guys down. But now on, I will do my best to update asap. Thanks once again.

Credit to: Kasam

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