Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 57

Recap: Kaveri is arrested.

Morning, Someone enters Ragini’s room and opens the curtains, letting the sun ray fall on three girls. They are Swattaragini.

Swa: Sanskaar, please let us sleep.

Rag: Laksh. I will kill you if you don’t close the curtain.

Utu: Sahil, I won’t marry you, if you don’t let me sleep.

Sanhilak: Okay.

The three princesses try to hide their face under the pillow, but they can’t go back to sleep. So they wake up upset.

Utu: You know what Sahil, I’m going to marry Shresth only now. Saying this she runs into the bathroom, and everyone laughs at him. He gets angry and leaves making a plan.

Rag: Laksh, what did I tell you. How can you ruin my sleep. She starts running behind him and they do a lot of masti. While Swara without talking to Sanskaar goes to get ready.

Breakfast time:

Swattragini are serving breakfast and they three avoid their SO, and they don’t even look at them. After serving everyone, they sit to have breakfast, but Swara sits next to Laksh,
Ragini next to Sahil and Uttara next to Sanky (It’s Sanskaar, Uttara, Laksh, Swara, Sahil and Ragini) Everyone looks a little confused, but they all just assume the kids want to spend
more time with their siblings.

After breakfast, the whole family is sitting in the living room, while the youngsters have gone to MM to see what needed to be fixed. After informing the decorator about the changes,
they all went to hang out at Virika’s apartment. Elites, Virika and Ankita (nutritionist of Swara & gf of tapan) were already there.

Ankita: Swara, I need to change your diet again.

Swa: NO. You can’t. Look I am so close to finishing one month.

Ankita: I wish, but i need to change it. You need to come to my office tomorrow.

Bhavi: Oh, I need to check up on Sanskriti tomorrow as well.

Swa: Sanskaar. Save me please.

San: No. Your health is the number one priority. So I’m with Dr. Ankita on this one.

Swa: How mean.

Rag: Lol. Shona it’s just a diet.

Swa: Ragu, you know nah. I can give up breathing but not food. Then?

Rag: Sorry, meri maa. I forgot.

Sanskaar gets a call from Suju, who sounds really upset and she asks everyone to hurry up and come to a place. They all hurry up and reach there fast and when they get there they are shocked to see the whole place decorated beautifully. There’s a mandap in the middle decorated in red and white drapes. Only Mf and Gf members are there and a few more other people. All the youngsters are shocked.

Suju: Oh ho. Uttara hurry up go and get ready.

San: Ma, what is this?

Suju: Sanskaar, is this how you are going to dress for your sister’s marriage. Go and change.

Everyone then notices the board and see Uttara weds Shresth there and they are shocked. Some girls come and drag Uttara from there and some guys take Shresth.

Swa: Bade papa, Why so fast. I mean, that’s the rush.

Suju: Beta, this wedding was supposed to happen 8 months ago, but it couldn’t. And now I don’t want any more delays.

AP: Now stop staring at us and go and get ready. You are the bride’s bhabhi you need to look gorgeous.

All the girls go to the dressing room and see there’s clothes for everyone there, including Ankita. And Uttara is dressed just like she was in the show.

Rag: Seems like they all planned this from a long time.

Swa: Uttara, you look gorgeous.

Utu: Bhabhi, I can’t marry Shresth, What about Sahil? I can’t do this.

Rag: Calm down, I’m ready, so I’ll go and talk to the boys and see what the plan is? Okay. Don’t worry Uttara. We won’t let you marry the wrong guy.

Ragini leaves and goes to the Men’s dressing room.

Rag: Laksh, can I come inside?

Lak: Yeah, come in. Laksh is mesmerized seeing Ragini dressed in a burgundy and grey lehenga. And Ragini is staring at Laksh who is wearing the same color scheme sherwani.

Lak: You look more beautiful today.

Rag: Thank You, and you look charming as usual.

All the other boys cough alerting Raglak to discontinue their romance.

Sahil: Di, jiju. Continue your romane later, first come up with a plan to stop the wedding.

Rag: you guys don’t have a plan either. I came here thinking you did have a plan. Shoot, what are we going to do now?

Just then the other girls enter and everyone laughs looking at how each pair is matching.

Swa: I swear, if that Kaveri aunty hadn’t kidnapped us, we would have had an awesome plan by now. Sorry, Shres.

Shr: It’s okay Mishti. I understand.

San: (gets jealous hearing Mishti) Shona, we can still come up with a good plan right now.

Everyone starts thinking and finally they come up with a plan.

Precap: Marriage drama.

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