Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 56


Recap: Swattragini kidnapped, Shresth helping Sanlak find them.

Elites and Sanhilak are gathered at Virika’s apartment. Trying to find the location of their friends.

Tapan: Found it guys. I was able to backtrace the location.

Everyone: Well, where are they?

Tapan: Oh Sorry. They are at a warehouse. I think. The location is xyz.

Viren: Find out more info.

Tapan: Okay, It’s a warehouse for SKG Inc. The owner of the place is.

Everyone: Who is it?

Shresth: Kaveri Ghosh. My mom. That’s my company.

Everyone is kinda shocked, but they try not to show it.

Shr: It’s okay, guys. Why are you acting so surprised. You all knew it was my mom. Then. Let’s go. I’ll inform the police and they can meet us

Mai: Shres, are you sure. You don’t have to come.

Shr: I do. I need to know why my mom did this.

They all leave and reach the location and the police arrives at the same time. They make a plan to carefully go in. So Kaveri isn’t alerted.

Swara has woken up and she was able to untie her hands and legs. And she carefully removes her blindfold and sees no one is there and there a
small light. She touches her head, and feels dried blood (she was hit with a bat) and she sees her family and quickly unties them and wakes them
up and asks them to run, She giver Uttaragini the kids and asks them to go, but before they can leave Kaveri stops them. She has a gun pointed
directly at Swara.

Swara: Guys, go don’t worry about me. Just get the kids out. Please. Hearing Swara. Kaveri points the gun to Ragini.

Kaveri: Stop, if anyone moves, then Ragini goes along with your daughter.

Swattaragini: Why are you doing this?

Swara: Aunty, what have I ever done to hurt you?

Kaveri: Everything. You have messed up so many things in my life. Because of you, I don’t have my son. My son who loved me the most. He cares
more about you. He is ready to ruin his whole life waiting for you, while you moved on. Because of you my son was in a coma for more than 2
years. Because he wanted to surprise you that night with Kavitha, he got into an accident. You know, how many times I tried to make sure you two
wouldn’t meet, but look at my bad luck. And now you are trying to stop him from moving on. I won’t let you do that. Today you aren’t going to leave
this room alive. I will kill you.

Swara: But you hate me, then why did you bring Uttaragini, and Swariti.

Kaveri: I needed to blackmail Laksh, so you wouldn’t stop the wedding, but they mistakenly kidnapped Uttara. I just wanted them to kidnap you

Swara: aunty, I never stopped Shresth from moving on. You lied to us saying he passes away. He still loved you more than anything. I never tried
to take him away from you. I promise aunty, I have happily moved on with Sanskaar. But trust me on this, Shresth and Uttara will never stay happy
in a relationship. Shresth needs someone who loves him, but Uttara loves someone else. Neither can stay happy with each other.

Kaveri: I don’t care. (to goons) What are you looking at, tie them up and drop Uttara back. But Uttara if you reveal anything or if the wedding
doesn’t happen, I will kill all four of them. Understand.

Swaragini: Aunty you can’t do that.

KA: Watch me.

Swara tries to move, and KA is about to shoot her when Shresth comes and aims the gun to the ceiling. The police come in along with Sanhilak.
Shail goes to Uttara, while San runs towards Swara and Sakriti. And Ragini runs to swayu and Laksh runs to them. The three couples hug, while
the police arrest the goons and KA. Swara sees Shresth confronting KA and feels bad, but Ragini asks her not to do anything stupid.

Shr: How could you mom?

KA: I did all this for you.

Shr: You are the reason I not with my Mishti. You lied to all my friends that I was dead. And then you lied to me about them, not wanting anything
to do with me. You brainwashed me against my friends. How could you. Why did you do this mom? You ruined my life. And then you tried to hurt me more, by hurting my friends.

KA: I’m sorry son. But I love you very much and I couldn’t see anyone taking you away from me. Shr: Yeah, well ironic how you are the reason, I’m
away from you. And this is the farthest we have ever been. Congrats, you really proved me wrong.

KA is taken away and Swara is taken to get her wound dressed. Everyone comes outside and the police leave, will Shresth breaks out
remembering him insulting his elites multiple times and thinking of revenge he wanted on Sanskaar. He starts debating everything his mom told
him, from elite to Kavitha’s death. ALL the elites (swaragini, maira, jai, rohvika, and Tapan) go and hug him and comfort him. This is the first true
elite hug after almost 4 years.

Shr: Guys, please forgive me. I wronged you guys.

Elites: excuse me mister, In friendship there is no Sorry, No thank You. ONLY…….. Beatings.

They all start playfully hitting him and punching him.

Roh: Shresth ke bacce, how dare you say we forgot you.

Rag: And how about the “Are you really my friends” dialogue.

Bavi: Let me rest, look he’s so tired.

Mai: No ways. He’s going to suffer. He made us suffer and cry so badly.

Jai: Maiu, is right. He has to suffer.

Elites: Oh ho, Maiu.

Jaira: Very mature. Very mature.

They all laugh and this is a sweet laugh. The carefree laugh.

Everyone goes home and GF&MF are happy to see their daughter back and they all have family talk night. They all just talk about random things.

Precap: MF & GF find out the truth about Kaveri.

Sorry guys I know it’s really short, compared to my other epi’s. I had to write this in 10 minutes. And I didn’t upload yesterday. So I didn’t want to keep you waiting. I hope you like this.

Credit to: Kasam

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