Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 55


Recap: Swara is kidnapped.

SanLak reach MM place and are shocked to see police in their house. AP and Pari are hurt and they are getting dressings, while the others are giving statements. The house is a
complete mess, there are any broken things. Just then GF enter.

AP: SanLak, forgive us please we were unable to save them.

SanLak look confused, when a police officer comes to them.

PO: Sir, do you know anyone who has enmity with you.

Lak: I’m sorry what?

PO: Those men kidnapped your wife and children and your sister. They broke into your house and took them. That indicates some serious hatred. Either against you or your family.

Sanhilak are scattered hearing that and Sanskaar gets more sad, while Lakh runs to his room.

Laksh enters his room and sees an envelope on his nightstand. He puts it in and a video plays of Ragini and his family, they all had gone for a small picnic, and someone made a video of it. The CD has some family moments and a message from Kaveri (her face is not seen, laksh just knows it from her) warning him to not do anything, that will cause his family members to be hurt.

On the other hand, Sanskaar also got a similar CD. Sanlak both go and give one of CD to the police and inform them about Swara being taken. And laksh also informs them about the license plates. The police leave and everyone is sitting in the living room.

Lak: Ma, exactly what happened?

——- fb starts————–

As soon as Sanlak leave, someone breaks the window and enters and takes Ragini and points a gun at her and leaves, and takes Sanskriti with them. And after a while from
upstairs another goon also has a gun pointed towards Uttara, who is holding Swayam. The family tried to stop them, but someone of them started throwing stones from outside, and
some were just hitting.

————- fb ends ————

Ap: Who has such enmity with our family. Why are we able to live in peace?

Lak: Ma, calm down. You all go and get some rest, we will see all this tomorrow.

San: I have arranged to stay at a hotel, so only take what we need, don’t take everything.

Shek: San, why hotel, you stay with us. Please. Don’t refuse. Let’s go.

DP: Okay, we will stay at GM. Let’s go.

San: Actually Bade Papa, you all go, Laksh, Sahil and I have to go for some work. We will meet you all directly there.

DP: Beta, where are you going at this time?

Lak: Papa, we will tell you all later. Please, hum jah ke aate hain. (We’ll finish our work and come)

Sahilak leave and go to Virika’s place and the elites are already there and they inform about Swattaragini and Swariti being kidnapped, and they show the CD that was left for Sanlak.

Maira: Guys, I think they mistakenly kidnapped Uttara.

Sahil: What makes you say that? Di.

Jai: Look, if Kaveri wants to finish the wedding then, they need Uttara. If they are threatening you two, they won’t kidnap Uttra.

San: True. Wait. Sahil. Remember Uttra gave you that watch on her birthday. The one that allows you two to track each other’s location.

Sah: It’s at home jiju. Wait let me see if I can track her through her phone.

Sahil turns on his tracking app, but is unable to get the location.

Sah: It’s unreachable. I guess we have to go back home and get the watch back.

Bhavika: Guys, how can you be sure Uttara will also be wearing her watch.

Sah: Di, that’s one of her favorites. She daily wears that watch. I remember her wearing it when we were facetiming earlier.

Bhavi: Okay. Well but we can’t just depend on the watch. We need to come up with another plan.

Maira: Bhavi, do you think Shres knows Swara has been kidnapped.

San: I’m sure he does. After all, this is his mom’s plan.

Rohan: Sanskaar, I know you want Shres to be responsible for all this but I can guarntee you he isn’t.

Lak: How can you say this?

Rohan: Okay, when they took Swara, did they hurt her? And how did they hurt her?

San: Someone came behind her and hit a bat on her head I think. And she was bleeding a lot.

Elites & Virika: It’s not Shresth.

Sanhilak: How can you guys say that?

Tapan: Because, Shresth would die, but he would never physically hurt any of his friends. Not only Swara, but all of us.

Maira: Guys, he may seem a little bad on the outside, but he’s really caring on the inside. He would never hurt Swara like this.

San: Ok, so he’s not involved. What do we do with that? It’s not like you go and ask him for help.

Jevi: That’s exactly what we should do.

Lak: And you think he will help you. Just because you ask his help.

Vir: Yeah, he would. We will show him this CD. And Rohan, you guys have a camera outside, so try to get the recording of when the incident happen. We can show it to Shresth and
we can also find out more about the car and everything.

Rohan calls someone and they agree to send the recording. “They are sending one physical copy and one digital copy on my phone.”

Lak: Okay, Virika find out the plate number, till them we will get Sahil’s watch from GM, then go to the police station and inform them. Till then Elites go to Shresth’s house and try to get his help.

Everyone: Perfect. Okay Let’s go.

On the other hand, an isolated place. It’s dark and three people are sitting with blindfolds and cloth in their mouth and their hands are tied. And you can hear the sound of a baby and a toddler crying. The three people are Swattaragini. They all unconscious, so they don’t know what’s going around them. Just then a lady enters and turns on the lights. She’s revealed to be Kaveri.

Seeing three girls she gets angry, and she’s more upset when she recognizes Uttara. She slaps the guy who was responsible for getting Ragini.

KA: How dare you kidnap my DIL.

Gn: But man, you told us to kidnap these girls. It was picture of Swattarag. She realizes her mistake and starts thinking of what to do and angrily leaves.

Shresth’s house… elites enter and Shresth welcomes them. It’s kind of awkward as they all have still not forgiven Shresth, and Shresth thinks they forgot him, so he’s kind of upset.

Shresth: What do you guys want?

Rohan: Swaragini. (Shresth is shocked and gets a serious look on his face)

Shresth: What do you mean swaragini. What happen to them? Are they okay? Da*m**t guys tell me what happen to them?

Maira: Someone kidnapped them, along with Uttara and their children.

Shresth: What do you mean kidnapped. That’s a lie, right guys. Stop pranking with me.

Bhav: Do we look like we are joking? Shresth your mom kidnapped our best friends.

Shresth: Listen, don’t put such a dirty accusation on my mother. My mom would never do something this low.

Jai puts on the recording of Swara getting taken and then the CD sent by Kaveri.

Tapan: Now do you believe us. We aren’t lying. Shresth, we would never lie about something this serious.

Shresth: Guys, listen I will help you, but don’t accuse my mother. She may not like you guys, but she would never stoop this low.

Bhavika is about to say something, but Rohan controls her and agrees with Shresth. (They don’t want to lose their best option to finding their friends)

Shresth: Well, let’s start with getting the police their car number.

Bhavika: Sanskaar and Laksh jij are doing that as we speak.

Shresth: Oh okay. Well then Tapan you are a computer genius. Why don’t you hack into the city camera’s and see if you can follow the car to any location.

Tapan: Shresth, this is India. There are not many camera’s that can we use to follow it.

Rohan: Wait, but he’s right. We can use places with camera’s to see as much as we can. Right. Like look there are four malls/attractions, which surely have a CCTV, right. We can
just see if the car crosses which one and then we can track it that way.

Tapan: True. Okay let’s go back to Virika’s. All my equipment is already set there.

They all leave and get to Virika’s apartment and when they enter they are shocked to hear Kaveri’s voice. She’s not there, but it’s coming from Sahil’s watch.

They heard the part where Kaveri scolds the goon regarding Uttara. Sahil is unable to get the location, so they have been trying to backtrack the phone call to their location, but they
were unable to.

Shresth: You all are lying. My mom would never do this. She would never ever do this. I know her.

Sahil: Sorry, Shresth, but she did do this. And because of her some of the most significant people in my life are in danger. My sisters, my nephew and niece and the love of my life.
They are all in danger because of your mom.

Shresth: You and Uttara. NO wonder you have been trying to stop this wedding. Wait, is this why Swara has been getting closer to me. So that I would break this alliance.

Vir: Guys, we don’t much time. Tapan can you come and help us backtrace the location. Please.

Recap: Happy moments

Credit to: Kasam

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