Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 54


Recap: Uttara’s wedding date is moved closer.

Swasan are still kissing after almost 4 minutes they break the kiss and Swara just stares at Sanskaar with the sweetest smiles and he smiles back at her.

San: Am I forgiven now?

Swa: Yes you are, but only for today’s mistakes, not other mistakes.

San: I know and I’m ready to bear all of your punishments. And I will bear them all with a smile.

Swa: Aren’t you a little overconfident.

San: Not overconfident, just in love.

Swa: Okay, Mr. Maheshwari. Punishment begins now. Everytime I go to meet Shresth, you have to be there, but you have to stay hidden from Shresth and me. Deal.

San: Sweetheart, that’s not a punishment, but rather a happiness. Even if you hadn’t said it. I was going to do it.

Swa: Whatever, okay. Let’s go.

San: Let’s go.

They start walking, back to the car.

San: Shona, can I ask you a question?

Swa: Nope.

San: Whatever jaan, but tell me why did you lie to Shresth?

Swa: Lie and me what did I lie to him about?

San: About hitting him. You knew it was him, then too.

Swa stops walking and looks at Sanskaar and hurriedly sits in the car.

———— fb begins ————–

Swara is connecting her phone to her bluetooth and she sees Shresth walking close to her and when he hugs her she punches him.

————- fb ends —————–

Swa: How did you know I was lying.

San: You’re my wife. I know you the most.

Swa: I wanted to hit him from day one since he punched you. But I never had the chance till now. So I took it. And how did you know I was lying?

San: You can quick reflexes. That’s impossible.

Their nok-jhok continues all throughout the ride home. When they get home it’s late and Raglak and Uttara are waiting for them at the front door.

Rag: Swara, Where were you? We have been waiting for so long. I was getting such bad thoughts.

Swa: Sorry, Ragu actually on the way our car stopped working, so it took sometime. That’s why we are late.

Rag: But Swara, you could have called to inform us right.

Utu: Bhabhi, it’s okay. Next time though Bhabhi, don’t forget to call us. Okay.

Swa: Of course. Sorry, Di.

Ragini smiles looking at her and forgives her since Swara’s holding her ears and making a cute puppy face. Sanlak smile looking at their

Ragini gets a call from Maira to meet them at Rohvika’s house to discuss Phase 2 of their plan. They all reach Rohvika’s place. Laksh
had to leave since he had an important meeting.

Roh: Crap, the deadline was supposed to be our ace, now we need another Plan B.

Swara: Wait, Rohan you knew, about the clause.

Jevi: Yeah, actually we just found it yesterday, we didn’t get the chance to tell anyone, only the three of us knew.

Rag: Who three?

Roh: Jeevika, Me and Laksh.

Rag: Do you think, maybe Kaveri aunty just went over the contract coincidentally. I mean just by finding it yesterday, doesn’t mean that someone
told her.

San: It’s impossible. Because when the date was set for months later, she didn’t say anything. She was okay. But suddenly the day, we found out about the loophole, she moved the day up.

Swa: But what if this was all her plan. Guys we can’t just doubt Laksh.

San: Yes, we can.

Swa: Are you insane? He’s your brother and he doesn’t want to see his sister hurt. Then why would he help Kaveri Aunty.

Laksh: Because she is blackmailing me. (He walks in)

Rag: How can you laksh, here we are trying to do everything in our power to stop the wedding and you are helping them. And you knew the reason, and yet you pretended to be on our side. How could you.

Mair: Idiot, did you not hear what he said. He said he is being blackmailed.

Jai: Yeah Ragu, listen to him once. You only say nah, each coin has two sides. Laksh tell us what happen?

————— fb starts ——————–

One week before Kaveri had come to Lucky’s office.

Lak: Aunty you here. Did you need anything?

KA: Actually, I just wanted to talk to you about your son, Swayam right. How old is he now?

Lak: He’s around one year, I guess.

KA: Wow, and Ragini, I heard she meet with a small accident yesterday. I hope she’s fine. Thank God, it wasn’t something serious. Imagine had the truck driver not turned at the right moment.

Lak: Are you threatening me right now?

KA: Me, and that too threats. Are you joking. I’m just saying. Imagine if this contract breaks, I think your company will suffer more losses compared to me. And as I remember isn’t this one of your dad’s dream contract. He really wants to complete it this year.

Lak: What do you want?

KA: I know those elites are planning something against my son, so I need you to tell me all their plans.

Lak: And If I refuse.

KA: Well, it’s not like your wife and son will spend their entire life inside MM. And you never know when an accident can occur.

Saying this she leaves smiling, while Laksh looks at his family picture on his desk with tears in his eyes. One picture is with the entire MM family, one with GF, and elites and one with just Ragini and Swayam.

So when they find a loophole, Laksh informs Kaveri about it.

———————– fb ends ——————-

Ragini is looking angrily at Laksh, while all the others are feeling sympathetic towards him. Laksh keeps looking at Ragini trying to ask for her forgiveness.

Lak: Ragu, please forgive me. I’m sorry.

Sah: Di, I don’t understand why you are so upset. (Ragini gives him the dead look) I mean, he is being blackmailed, so why are you upset?

Utu: Oh hello, it’s bhai’s fault, that’s why bhabhi’s upset. Bhai should have told us, so we could have considered that in our plan.

Swa: The reason, Ragini is more upset is because Jij was in so much tension and he didn’t tell her, right Ragu.

Rag: Shut Up Swara. I’m serious no masti right now. And Laksh, had you told us, we would have moved our plans up. We would have handled
Kaveri aunty ourselves.

Lak: Sorry, Ragini, But I was just protecting you.

Vir: Guys, we lost one of our biggest Ace’s, now we need to follow Plan B. We have no option. Ragini, he’s saying sorry and Laksh, she forgives
you okay. Now Laksh, we need to prove that Kaveri Aunty threatened you. And we need Kaveri Aunty to confess this was all her plan. We need to
somehow get both confessions.

Jevi:Nice plan, but how are we going to get both confessions from her.

Swa: Let’s think of something.

After thinking about a plan, everyone leaves, but Swara. She’s still at Rohvika’s place, thinking about the plan they came up with.

Sanskaar calls her…

Swa: Ha, Sanskaar.

San: Swara, how long are you coming in? Mom and badi ma are asking about you.

Swa: Sanskaar, I’m just leaving.

San: I don’t trust you, Facetime me.

Swa: Oh ho, okay. Wait hold on.

She facetimes him.

Swa: Hi, my prince charming.

San: (He looks at her confused, since he thought she was angry with him) Are you okay jaan? I mean are you hungry or what happen?

Swa: Nothing like that jaan. It’s just that I realized that I was angry for too much longer. You know I heard that being angry for more than 90
seconds, NO wait 90 minutes, NO it’s seconds, whatever 90 something longer anger is not good for your brain. So I decided to forgive you.

San: Really, Yeah.

Swa: I forgave you soo much, that for one whole month I want you to..

San: Me too….

Swa: I want you totakecareofsanskriti.

San: WHAT!!

Swa: Yeah, I want my prince to connect with his little Princess.

San: Swara are you leaving from there?

Swa: Yeah, baba look, I got my purse, and keys and now I’m locking the door, and now I’m walking to the car.

San: Good. Hurry up.

Swa: Sanskaar, I’m trying my best nah.

San: I know, I love you.

Swa: I Love you too, but wha

Just then someone hits Swara and she falls on the floor and her phone falls on the floor. Sanskaar screams Swara and runs to his car, and Laksh
follows him and takes his phone and sees some goons putting the unconscious Swara in a car and Laksh is able to see the car and some of the
license plate of the car. When Sanlak get to Rohvika’s house, they see blood, and Swara’s stuff on the floor and Swara’s S&S necklace and one of
her earrings. Sanskaar takes her necklace and cries hugging it. He falls to the floor shattered.

Precap: Surprise. Don’t worry guys, I’m not going to drag Swara’s kidnapping.

Credit to: Kasam

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