Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 53


Recap: Swaragini’s Plan Phase 1 complete.

The episode continues with the elites, Sanlak, Uttarahil and Virika at Virika’s apartment.

Tapan: Are you sure Swara? I mean, Shresth was also one of my best friends, and I know what he can do.

Jai: Yeah, Swara, What if this is all of his plan? We all know, what he is capable of doing if he wants something or someone?

Swa: Guys, we are his best friends and we are only doubting him. That’s not right. Yeah, I know what he is capable of and that’s why I know it’s not his fault.

San: Excuse me, not his fault. Are you mentally unstable right now or what? He is trying to get revenge on my sister, why because I married you. We explained him a lot right? Then too, he is still not understanding.

Swr: You’re calling my unstable, when you yourself didn’t even hear him fully, his bigger motive is to hurt you for hurting his sister. He wants revenge from you because he thinks you are the reason his sister died. 
Rag: Yeah jij, you only heard the last part. Since you entered just then. You misunderstood the whole thing.

Lak: Stil, the biggest reason he wants to hurt my sister is because of Swara.

Rag: What do you mean because of Swara? It’s not like she told him to marry Uttara and take revenge. Look the way you two are more possessive about your sister, that same way Shresth is possessive about his sister.

Bhavika: Laksh, you know there was not a single day when Shresth won’t call Kavitha. They were extremely close.

Maira: Do you remember how Ragini had become when Swara left. She was almost like a walking corpse. She wouldn’t smile, or laugh. She just kept working and working. Now imagine what would have happened if something happened to one of them,the other would not be able to live. They would be completely broken.

Rohan: That’s how close Shresth and Kavitha were. Laksh, you may not trust us, but Sanskaar you know how close they were.

San: But that doesn’t give him the right to ruin my sister’s happiness.

Swr: Did you not hear what we just said. IT’s not his fault. He is being manipulated by his mom. It’s not his fault his mom is misusing his trust.

Lak: Why are you guys so adamant on defending him?

Rag: Because, he is not entirely at fault. Yes, he is a little wrong, but if we reveal the truth to him, he may understand.

Utu: Bhai, I agree with both sides, but I’m more on bhabhi’s side. I think Shresth is being manipulated by his mom and we need to try to bring out
his mom’s true face in front of him.

Sah: But I don’t agree with you. I mean how can you side with the guy who wants to hurt you. He wants to hurt you and here you are thinking of
being nice to him.

Utu: I’m not siding with him, but why are you siding with them. If you thought someone hurt your sister, would you happily let them leave, wouldn’t
you want revenge from them. Then he is doing the same thing because of a misunderstanding caused by his mom.

Sah: But, I wouldn’t hurt someone innocent to get revenge.

Shanlak get into an argument with the elites and neither of them are ready to listen to the other side and Virika are trying to stop their argument,
but neither of the sides is willing to stop.

Jev: SHUT UPPPPPP. All of you. Keep quiet. Instead of staying calm, you all are arguing with each other.

Vir: Guys, both sides are right in their place, and there is a solution which can not only reveal Shresth’s mom’s truth but it will also shatter Shresth.

Everyone: What?

Vir: We can have Kaveri aunty confess her truth by herself and we can make Shresth hear it. Swr: Hitting three birds with one arrow.

San: How?

Rag: 1) Shresth will find out the truth about his mom.

Swa: 2) Shresth will stop his revenge and step back from our way.

Maira: 3) Shresth will be completely broken.

Bhavi: That’s sounds good, but how will do that bhai.

Viren tells a plan which is muted out and everyone smiles hearing it.

Next Morning,

MM, the family has just finished breakfast, when Kaveri and Shresth enter, with tons of gifts.

Suju: Kaveri ji, what’s all this?

Kaveri: I just talked to my pundit and he said we can move the date of the wedding for next Friday. If you all don’t mind, can we can the wedding
that day only?

DP: Of course why not? Anu, Sujhata, start the preparations for the wedding quickly. It’s our only daughters wedding it has to be grand.

Swasan, Raglak and Uttara look at each other tensed and signal to meet in Swasan’s room.


Utu: Bhabi, what are we going to do? Next Friday. That’s exactly 10 days later. We don’t have enough time.

Rag: Utu, calm down. Don’t worry 10 days is a long time. We will break this marriage in one week, okay.

Lak: Yeah Uttara, When your brothers are here, you don’t have to worry.

Swr: But that’s impossible. Why will Kaveri aunty move the wedding up. Guys, I think she is planning something. We need to find out.

San: I think, you are unnecessarily make it an issue. maybe she did find a closer date. Not everything has to be plan of hers.

Lak: No bhai, I also think Swara Bhabhi is right. This maybe some plan of Kaveri Aunty.

Rag: But what are we going to do? We need to find out her motive.

Swr: I’ll do it. I’ll go to Shresth and find out.

San: NO. What do you mean go to Shresth and find out. If you want to know, then send someone else. Why do you always have to go?

Swr: Who else can go?

San: Umm, I don’t know, Ragini.

Lak: What are you crazy, Bhai? Why should Ragini go? Shresth loves Swara, not Ragini.

San(very jealous and very angry): Yeah, but Ragini is his bestie after all. They knew each other the most.

Lak (he is a little jealous hearing this): So, Shresth, trusts Swara bhabhi more.

San: How do you know that?

Swaragutu: STOP. (kind of a funny scene, with both brothers trying to “save” their wife.)

Utu: Bhai, we need a solution, not another problem.

Swr: And Sanskaar, jiju is right. Shresth trusts me more than Ragu, so he will easily reveal his plan to me.

Rag: I agree with Laksh as well. Shresth maybe my bestie, but he doesn’t fully trust me.

Swr: Thank you Ragini. So listen I’m going to go find Shresth and talk to him and see what he says okay.

Swara is about to leave, when she gets a text from Shresth asking her to meet him outside at a park in 20 minutes. She agrees and informs the others and asks to call the others and catch them up, while she goes and finds out the reason of moving the wedding up.

Swara leaves, and Sanskaar after being refused by his wife, he follows her and hides behind a bush.

Shresth comes from the back and hugs Swara and Swara getting scared punches him in the stomach. Swasan laugh looking at this, but Swara quickly stops. And starts acting.

Swara: I’m so sorry. I thought it was someone else. I’m sorry. But it’s your fault, why did you have to come from the back. You know I have fast
reflexes. Thank God, I hit your stomach and not somewhere else, or else. I’m really sorry.

Shresth: It’s okay. Mishti. I should have been more careful. Don’t feel bad it doesn’t hurt that much anyways.

Swa: Sure right. Okay. But now tell me why did you call me here?

Shr: I just had to see my Mishti. You left without even saying goodbye. I wanted to make sure if it was real what happened yesterday, or if i was
just dreaming.

Swa: I had to leave since your mom came yesterday, and if it was a dream, I wouldn’t be here in front you right now.

Shr is about to hug her, but she steps back.

Swa: Shresth, this is a public place. I don’t want people to start bad rumors about us. Please.

Shr: Anything for you mishti.

Swa: Why did your mom move the wedding closer?

Shr: Why do you want to know? Leave it nah.

Swa: Shresth Ghosh, tell me why.

Shr: Because, Our contract regarding the marriage, it ends next Saturday. Mom made the deadline of the contract after signing it for 9 months.
She recently found the loophole and wanted to make sure, it’s not broken.

Swa: Wait, so if you wait till Saturday, the marriage clause can be voided and you don’t have to marry Uttara. And you can leave.

Shr: Yeah. Basically. He’s about to hug her, when Swara gets a phone call and stands up to receive it.

Swa: OMG, of course I’m coming back right now. Okay Ragini. (loudly so Shresth can hear) Thank God you called Ragu, I thought I was going to be stuck here for a long time.

Rag: Drama Queen hurry up and leave. Now.

Swa: Of course, Of course. I left already. I’ll be there in 10 minutes okay. See you Ragu.

Shr: Is everything okay, Mishti.

Swa: Nothing, I just need to leave. Rig needs me to go and do some chores for her. Okay Bye Shresth. See you later.

Shr: You just said Bye.

Swa: What?

Shr: You never said Bye, to me before. Ever. You always said See you.

Swa: Sorry, Shre, it’s just I need to leave in hurry. That’s why it slipped my mind. I’m sorry. See you soon. Drive Safely.

She leaves thinking she barely escaped today. (If someone is close to Swara, she wouldn’t say Bye to them ever. She doesn’t like goodbyes and
she believes Bye means never meeting. But saying See you later, leaves a hope of meeting that person again. But she only says See you to
people close to her heart. [I do the same exact thing]) When she gets in her car, instead of her driver it’s sanskaar and Swara sees around making
sure Shresth isn’t looking and asks him to drive fast. Sanskaar drives the car to an isolated palace. There’s no-one there, but just Swasan.

Swa: Sanskaar, pagan ho gaye ho kya? (Have you gone mad) What if Shresth saw you. All my plan would have been ruined.

San: What do you expect me to do? Just watch he trying to get close to you. You know that’s impossible.

Swa: It’s only a matter of few days. Deal with it. And why did you follow me in the first place.

San: And let you come alone with a psycho.

Swa: He’s not mad. He’s not going to hurt me.

San: you never know. I’m never going to let him meet you alone ever again. Do you understand.

Swa: No, I don’t. Look, I don’t want to argue, I’m leaving in 2 minutes come if you want or find another way home.

She starts to leave, but he holds her hand and pulls her back and kisses her. She tries to resist at first, but she gives and kisses him back.

Pre-cap: Kaveri threatens one of our four main characters. Swara, Sanskaar , Ragini, Laksh.

Comment on who you think it is and I will not drag this longer. I’m going to end Kaveri’s chapter hopefully in the next few episodes. And as many suspect. I am changing Shresth into a positive character, without him the elites are not really elites. Keep reading. 🙂

Credit to: Kasam

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