Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 52


Recap: Swaragini and group plan to unite Uttrahil. Swara kinda forgives Sanskaar.

Swara reaches a house and looks at it nervously and calls Ragini, through her bluetooth. She then gets out of the car, but the flower bouquet.

Rag: Swr, you reached there.

Swa: Yeah, Ragu just got here.

Rag: Ok, we all are here, just keep the bluetooth on. Be Safe.

Elites: Be Careful, you got it swar. (In the background) Swara smiles hearing them and looks at the place confidently. She walks to the door and

rings the bell and within a minute a servant opens the door.

Servant: Yes, How can I help you? (Just then they hear something breaking) Servant gets scared and runs upstairs and Swara follows him as well.
They reach a room and the guy is sitting numb on the floor with tears in his eyes, with a phone fallen on the floor and a water glass broken. As
Swara enters, the guy sees her and runs to her and hugs her. Swara doesn’t resist and instead cries along with him.

Swara: Shhh, Shresth (Yes, Swara went over to Shresth’s place to execute her plan) He’s in a better place.

Shrsth: Mishti, why did he do that? If something was troubling him, he could have talked to me.

Swa: Shh, listen Shresth. Let’s go downstairs and let kaka clean this up.

They go downstairs to the kitchen and Swara gives him water and tissues, and starts making something.

Swa: Shresth, here take water and go and set up the dining table, I’ll be right there.

Shrsth: But what are you making?

Swa: I’m making a surprise. Now go.

Shrsth leaves and Swara makes something and takes it outside. Shresth seeing it smiles a little and is about to hug her, but she quickly sits down
and starts serving him maggi.

Shrsth: Mishti, You still remember how I like my maggi. I know you still love me.

Swa: I do. I still have feelings for you.

Shrsth gets happy and he stops eating and goes to Swara and makes her stand up and hugs her, and is about to kiss her, but she shies and sits
down and starts eating. Shrsth goes back to eating and after they are done eating Shrsth again tries to get close to Swara, but she runs away.
While running a hand pulls Swara inside a room and before Swara can scream, the guy shuts her mouth. She looks at the guy shockingly and gets
scared hearing Shrsth calling out her name. The guy locks the door and let’s go Swara and smiles, while Swara looks at him with anger.

Swa: (whispering) Are you mad? What will happen if Shresth sees you.

Guy: So what? You want me to let my wife be alone with a psycho. (Yup, the guy is Sanskaar and this was all part of the plan)

Swa: Sanskaar, if Shresth finds out, this is all a drama, he will kill you and me. Please don’t do anything as stupid as this next time. Now leave, so I
can get back to him. Shresth comes and starts knocking on the door of the room Swasan are in and they get scared and Swara looks at Sanskaar
tensed and signs him asking him what are they going to do now. Sanskaar signs her, he entered through the window, so he can leave from there.

Shrsth is still knocking on the door. “Mishti, what are you doing in there”

Sanskaar goes to the window and starts going down. “Sanskaar, be careful” He smiles hearing Swara concerning for him and leaves.

Swa: Shresth, I need to use the restroom, you wait outside, I’ll be right there. When she goes back downstairs,Shresth comes behind Swara and
blindfolds her and takes her to the hall,when he opens her eyes, and the whole ambience of the hall has changed, there are scentsy candles, dim
lights, drapes, and romantic music along with a bottle of champange, and the whole floor is covered with rose petals. Shresth tries to hug Swara,
but she moves away and goes and sits on the sofa. And they start drinking. Swara hasn’t drank, she’s just making it seem like she is drinking,
while Shresth is happily drinking away.

Swa: Shresth, Do you even love me right now?

Shr: Mishti, are you doubting my love for you? I love you with all my life. I can live without air, but I can’t live without you.

Swa: Liar. You are such a big Liar.

Shr: What do you mean? When did I lie to you Mishti.

Swa: If you loved me, you wouldn’t be marrying Uttara.

Shr: No, you’re misunderstanding me Mishti. I don’t have any feelings for Uttara. I’m only marrying her for two reasons.

Swa: Two? What two reasons?

Shr: See No 1. Because of my mom, ma wants me to marry Uttara for the contract of Maheshwari family and second reason is that she is

Sanskaar Maheswari’s sister. I hate that guy to my gut. First he stole my sister and second he took away you (he cups her face, while she
pretends to not be disgusted by his touch) he took away my life, he took away two of the most important women in my life, so to take revenge from
Sanskaar I will marry his sister, and I will ensure she is not loved at all. I will make his sister suffer, the way my sister did in her last moments.

Swa: What do you mean?

Shr: You know Sanskaar knew Kavita was in the hospital, but he never came to meet her or even see her? Till her last breath my sister waited for
him, but he never came.

Swa: What? I’m sure that’s not true.

Shr: No, that’s the true. My mom told me this. I want his sister to suffer the way my Kavi did. Leave all that, why are we talking about that? Let’s
talk about love baby. He drinks more and Swara thinks of taking advantage of this situation and brings the paper and asks him to sign the paper and he signs them and falls asleep. Swara looks at the papers happily and thinks she finished step one and hides the paper safely in her car and
goes back and puts helps Shresth back to his room, when she goes back down, she sees Kaveri looking through her purse, and quickly putting it
back and she smiles at herself and goes downstairs.

Kaveri: What are you doing here?

Swa: I came here to fulfill my duty as a friend for Shre.

Kaveri: Whatever. You can leave now.

Swa: Goodnight Aunty.

Kaveri: Whatever.

Swa happily leaves and reaches Virika’s apartment, where all the whole group is waiting impatiently for her.

Ragsan go to her and hug her happily and Swara gives Rohan the papers.

Swa: Bhai, here is the bomb that’s going to ruin the Kaveri aunty.

San: Swara, I’m glad you are safe, but I’m not going to spare that Shresth. How dare he try to even think about ruining my sister’s life. I’m gonna
kill him.

Swa: Stop. It’s not his fault.

San: Excuse me.

Swa: It’s not entirely his fault.

San: Why are you taking his side?

Swa: I’m not taking his side, all I’m saying is that his mom is a manipulating b*a**h. And we need to show Shresth he is wrong with whatever he is doing and need to expose his mother in front of him. Then maybe then he himself will cancel this rishta…..

Everyone looks on tensed and confused, while Uttarahil look on scared and Sanlak burning with anger.

Precap: Big twist.

Credit to: Kasam

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    1. Shipra, I’ll reveal all that next episode.

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  8. Shresth I just hate him… Plz don’t separate swasan and what is the twist hope nothing too dangerous

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