Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 51


Recap: Sanlak find out about Uttarahil and fight between Swaragini and Sanlak.

Next morning, Shekar and Sumi have already and they took Sanskriti and Swayam, with them to the hospital, from where AP and suju will take them to MM. Swaragini, Uttara and Sahil after breakfast come to the living room and start trying to come up with a plan to convince Sanlak for Uttarahil. But they can’t think of anything, since they already gave Sanlak an explanation at night.

Ragini: Let’s make a video, and Sahil you two must have pictures right, let’s use those.

Sahil: Di, we don’t have enough pictures to make a video.

Swa: Ragu it’s useless. We told the truth and Sahil also told them the truth. I think Laksh will understand, but the arrogant Sanskaar Maheshwari,
will never understand. He’s completely heartless, and not because he doesn’t understand love, but because of his ego.

Uttara: Bhabhi, please that’s not true.

Rag: Yeah Swara, I’m sure, Sanskaar will also accept their relationship.

Sahil: And, btw if Sanskaar jiju was heartless, then how come he loves you.

Swara: Stupid, didn’t I say he has ego, he understands love, but he has too much ego.

Sanskaar: I don’t have ego, I’m just hurt.

Sanlak walk in, while Uttraghil look worried and Swara doesn’t even look at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar (goes to Uttara and cups her face): you are one of the most important person in my life, you know i would not only die, but also kill for
you. And we shared almost everything, we were each other’s best friends.

Lak: But, you hid so much from us. That’s what hurt us, you should have revealed the truth to us, we would have happily accepted your relation.

San: Our ego’s didn’t come in between, we were hurt that’s why we got angry. And Sahil, saale sahab. (Sanlak go to him with angry looks and they
both raise their hands and it seems like they are about to hit him, but Sahil doesn’t step back and Sanlak hug him) Swaragini and Uttra look at
them shockingly and happily, Uttara goes and joins the hug, while Swaragini hug each other.

Uttara: Bhai, does this mean, you accept our relationship.

Lak: Utu, has it ever happened, you wanted something and we ever said no.

San: And Sahil, I’m really glad, about how you reacted yesterday. I’m glad you protected our sister and I’m happy you didn’t move back or get
afraid when we were about to hit you. I’m giving you two my blessings, but remember if because of you my sister is ever hurt, I will not care if your
swara’s brother or my sister’s husband, you understand.

Sahil: Yes, Sir. I promise, I won’t ever let Uttara ever get hurt, I will always take care of her and keep her happy.

Lak: Good, and remember Uttara has not one, not two but three older brothers, so be careful, understand.

Sahil: Understood Jiju.

Uttara: Bhai, but what are we going to do about Shresth and Kavita aunty.

Swara: That you leave that to me, I’ll take care of Shresth.

Rag: How?

Elites and Virika enter and Swara and Rohan and Virika tell a plan which is muted out, everyone looks on shockingly especially Sanskaar.

San: NO Way, let’s think of something else. It’s too dangerous.

Swara: Bhai, can you tell you ever is opposed to the plan to leave. Please. (She doesn’t even look at Sanskaar)

San: Listen Swara,

Swa: I only listen to my family members.

Everyone looks confused, but they don’t say anything.

San: Oh really, then what am I, an outsider, come on Swara, it was a small mistake, it happened.

Swa: Wow, ok Mr. Maheswari, if you don’t like the plan you can leave, and I’m not interested in any explanations.

San: Yeah, but I need to apologize to you.

Swa: Why, Who am I, that the great Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari needs to apologize to Me, Swara Gadodia ? (Swara looks directly at Sanskaar, and
he can see the pain in her eyes and he almost cries seeing the love of his life, in so much pain because of him)

San: Swara

Swa: Okay, so everyone understood what needs to be done. Right? Okay, then let’s get started. Jeevika, Rohan, we need to start making the
documents so let’s go. And Laksh you go and get the contract.

Swara, Jeevika and Rohan leave, while Laksh calls someone. Everyone downstairs look at Sanskaar sympatically and ask what happened and
Sanskaar tells them everything, and everyone look at him angrily, and everyone other than Laksh refuses to help him convince her, and they
clearly tell him, they are with Swara on this issue. Sanskaar looks on sadly……

Two weeks later……………

Swaragini’s plan to get Sahil and Uttara together is still in motion, Swaragini are back at MM since dada ji is fine, but Swasan are still not talking and Sanskaar is doing everything to get Swara to forgive him, but she’s still adamant. In two weeks Ankita (the nutritionist) has become really close friends with the elite, since she and Tapan are dating. The elders notice the difference between Swasan, but they just think of it as Swara being tired, considering she had a baby about 3 weeks ago. So, they didn’t say much. The MM house is getting ready to celebrate the opening of a new branch in Canada, which will be looked after by Adarsh and Parineeta. They are leaving in a week, so Swaragini and Uttarahil, want to hurry up the plan to make sure the whole family is able to take part in the wedding.

Rag: Guys, we need to hurry up with the plan.

Swa: You know what, I’m going ahead, I’m gonna go ahead with the plan tonight.

San: Swara, this is dangerous, you can get in serious trouble.

Swa: Virika, are the papers ready? (completely ignoring San)

Viren: Yeah, they are ready. You just need to pick them up from the office. (He looks at Sanskaar and signs him and San happily nodes at him)

Swa: Okay I’ll pick them up on my way.

Viriksan: NO

Swa: What.

Jev: Actually, today’s Friday nah, so office closes early, so you need to go there in about half an hour, or you won’t be able to pick up the papers.

Just then Ragini gets a phone call and she has tears in her eyes, and she looks at Viren and Swara.

Swa: Ragu, What happen?

Vir: Why are you crying?

Rag: Do you guys remember D?

Swa: Of Course, you doesn’t. He was one of our first friends in London. We were never really close, but we were good friends. And he was one of
Shresth’s closest friends. I haven’t thought about him in some time. But why are you asking?

Rag: He committed suicide. He jumped from a bridge. His body was found this morning.

Swa: She also starts crying a little, and thinks about all the times she saw him and how he was always happy and he would always hi-fi her every
time they saw each other. She then remembers Shresth and D’s friendship, and how D was of the closet friends outside of the elite.

San: Swara, are you okay?

Swa: Yeah, I’m fine. It’s nothing. Okay, well I’m heading to the office and getting the papers. Ragu please handle yourself, I really need you to be
strong right now. Please. D will always be remembered.

Rag: Yeah, I’ll try.

Swara leaves with tears in her eyes and Sanskaar goes behind her with Virika and Ragini in a group hug, remembering their classmate.

At the office:

Swara wipes her tears and enters the office, and it’s dark, but she doesn’t turn on the lights, she keeps walking and is about to fall but Sanskaar
comes on time and holds her. The lights turn on and the whole office is covered in white lilies and chinese magnolia. There’s many Sorry posters
and a small collage of Swasan’s pictures.

San gets on his knees and holds his ears and asks Swara to forgive him.

San: Swara, look I know what I said was wrong, it was very wrong, but can you please find it in your heart to forgive me, please. I will do whatever
it takes to earn your forgiveness. But please don’t ignore me. I can’t stand that. It kills me when you ignore me. I’m really sorry. And I really will do
whatever it takes to earn back my love’s forgiveness.

Swa just looks at him with tears in her eyes and she makes him stand up and hugs him.

Swa: I forgive you, but that doesn’t mean I’m forgetting what you said. I’m still very hurt by those words. But right now I just need some to lean on
and be able to cry with, and I can’t do that with my friends right now. So I’ll forgive you for some time, but then you have to be ready to bear my
punishments. Deal.

San wraps his arms around Swara tightly and says Deal.

They stand like that for 10 minutes before Ragini calls Swara asking her if she found the papers and that breaks the moment.

Swa: Yeah I have the papers, I just found them, I’m leaving now. See you later at home.

Swara takes one of the flower bouquets from the office and turns to leave.

San: Swara, please don’t do it.

Swa: I have to. I need to do it for my brother and your sister’s happiness. It’s the only way.

San: But what if something happens to you?

Swa: It won’t okay and my bluetooth will be on the whole time. So don’t worry.

San: Swar

Swa: See You. And she leaves turning back once and they have an eyelock, but Swara breaks it off and leaves.

Swara reaches somewhere and calls Ragini and says time for the plan.

Precap: Swara’s plan.

Hey guys, I’m extremely sorry for making you guys wait for such a long time. But I hope you will realize why I was unable to write, after reading the episode. I know it’s not exactly worth waiting episode, but I just had to incorporate it into my story, since it’s close to me and it did affect me to a certain extend. My friend took a step to end his life, and no one had a clue about it. Everytime I saw him, he would be smiling, he would tell us so many stories and jokes and he made sure the people around him were always smiling. He was one of the kindest, sweetest and smartest people I ever met and I honestly don’t think I would be able to find a friend like him ever again.

But I’m sorry guys, I will try my best to return as soon as possible and the next episode I will try to write it with more effort and hopefully give you more scenes of our main characters.

Credit to: Kasam

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