Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 50


Heyy guys, today’s episode is really long, it took me almost 4 pages, so I hope you enjoyed it.

Recap: Sahil plans something special for Uttara.

Sahil and Uttara are walking towards the kitchen, when Sahil pulls out a blindfold and puts it on her.

Uttara: Sahil, What are you doing? I can’t see anything. Why are you doing this? Sahil, I promise if I get hurt, I will kill you.

Sahil: Uttara, be quiet, everyone is sleeping. And don’t you trust me.

Uttara: I do, and i’ll be quiet.

Sahil: That’s like my princess.

Sahil takes her to the backyard and opens her blindfold, the setting is romantic, it’s decorated with candles in colored jars. There’s a table in the middle of the gazebo, with stars hanging from the trees and the ceiling. There’s a red carpet to the table. There’s two small cakes on the table, one says Happy Birthday and the other one can’t be seen properly, and there’s another small area with a picnic laid out on the floor. Uttara has tears in her eyes.

Sahil: Happy Birthday Princess. He then gets on his knees and says, I love you so much, it’s been six years since, you have come into my life and made it better. You have changed me and because of you I have been able to get ahead in my life. I loved you 6 years ago, I love you right now and I promise I will always love you, no matter what happens.

Uttara: I love you too.

Sahil gets up and gets two boxes from the tent and gives it to her and she looks at it questionly.

Uttara: Waise, you forgot one more thing about today?

Sahil: No, I didn’t. (He goes back and brings two more boxes.) Here open this one.

Uttara opens it and smiles. It’s a charm of 6.

Sahil: Happy 6th anniversary, my princess.

Uttara: Thank you. She kisses him and he looks at her and smiles.

Uttara: When did you guys do this, and how?

Sahil: What do you mean you guys?

Uttara: Swaragini bhabhi must have helped right?

Sahil: They didn’t do anything. I did this all myself. I planned this and I myself with my own hands did these decorations for you.

Uttara: Really, I love you. And she kisses him.

They both start spending time with each other. And on the other hand, Swaragini are watching all this from the balcony and they smile looking at them and decide to go to their room, and when they enter they both are shocked to see two sets of hands on the balcony railing, one’s in Ragini’s room and the other in Swara’s room. They can’t make out whose hands, and so they both take hockey stick and a tennis racket and stand close to the balcony and when the two people enter, they are about to hit the guys, but the people hold Swaragini’s hands.

Swaragini are about to scream but the people cover their mouths and they turn on the lights. The two people are revealed to be Sanskaar and

Swaragini: You!!!

Sanlak: Of course, who else would dare to enter the lion’s den at this late. They start laughing.

Swarag: Not funny.

Rag: Laksh, what if I had hit you with this hockey stick.

Swa: And Sanskaar, what if the tennis racket hurt you seriously.

Sanlak: We knew, that’s why we were careful. And you didn’t hit us, so it’s okay.

Rag: Why are you here, so late Laksh?

Lak: Why, can’t I come and meet my wife.

Rag: We are meeting today, at Uttara’s party. (She realizes Uttarahil are outside and signals Swara, who understands the plan and tries to keep them busy.)

Lak: Yeah, but I didn’t come to meet you, I want to meet my son. He goes to a sleeping Swayam and hugs him and kisses his forehead.

Rag: Do you want me to wake him up.

Lak: No, it’s okay, jaan. I guess I can spend more time with you.

Swa: Sanskaar, what are you doing, don’t pick her up otherwise it will be hard to put her back to sleep. Sanskaar doesn’t listen to swara and picks up his princess, who as if feeling her dad wakes up and smiles and him.

San: It’s okay, my princess won’t trouble you. I will take care of her.

Swa: Waise sanskaar, I forgot to ask, what did the doctor say about Sanskriti.

San: Nothing, she’s fine and she’s only two and a half weeks early, which is not considered abnormal. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Swa: I’m sorry.

San: What?

Swar: Nothing, and she hugs him and thinks when he finds out about Uttara and Sahil, he’s going to be really upset and how will he react.

San: Jaan is everything okay, you look sad.

Swa: Nothing, Sanskaar, I’m just thinking how to put your daughter to sleep.

San: Here I will put her to sleep.

After some time she falls asleep and Swasan decide to go and talk to raglak about the plan.

Laksh: Ragini, you know it’s been a long time since I got to hug you.

Rag: Liar, you just want an excuse.

Lak: I don’t even need an excuse, I’m your patidev. Or did you forget.

Rag: How can I forget? Everyday, I see your face whenever I wake up, it’s hard to forget.

Lak: Oh really, it’s hard to forget no matter how much you try.

Rag: I didn’t say that, you yourself declared that.

Lak: Ragini,

Swasan: Uh hum……………

Raglak look up and give Swasan evil looks.

lak: What is it ?

Swa: Jij, we just came to talk about Uttara’s party and our schedule.

Lak: Oh, yeah, what are you guys going to do?

Rag: Well, first we are taking her for lunch followed with a movie and last shopping, after which we will bring her home.

San: Sounds like a good plan, but be sure you’re there on time. Okay.

Swa: Yeah Yeah, we know.

San: Waise, it’s already 12 and we are here, so let’s go and wish Uttara.

Swaragini look at each other and try to stop Sanlak.

Swa: Sanskaar, we already wished her and she said she doesn’t want to be disturbed late at night.

Rag: Yeah, we just wished her and came.

Just then they hear payal sounds and they go outside and see Uttara with a box running outside smiling. Sanlak look at Swaragini suspiciously and start following Uttara. Swaragini both realize they have to tell their husband’s today and start trying to tell them, to give them a chance, which makes Sanlak more and more angry, and they reach the backyard and are shocked to see it all decorated and Uttara giving the gift to Sahil, you hugs her. Sanlak look at Swaragini in more anger and start listening to Uttarahil.

Uttara: Here, she blushed handing him a box.

Sahil: What is this?

Uttara: What, you think only you remembered. Why do you think I made this plan to stay here, that to especially tonight.

Sahil: I don’t understand.

Uttara: Do you really take care of your dad’s company, i mean how can you not understand that I purposely took advantage of Swaragini Di’s staying here and made an excuse to be here, so we could celebrate our 6 year anniversary.

Sahil: Oh ok, wait you just called me dumb, accha now wait and watch. He picks her up and carries her to the picnic area and puts her down. He gives her small boxes and asks her to open them one by one.

Uttara: Nope.

Sahil: Why not?

Uttara: First, you open my gift.

Sahil: Okay Princess. He opens her gift and it’s a medium rectangle sized box and opening there, he sees a small square gift and another small square box. He tries to unwrap the gifts slowly, but Uttara can’t handle it so she asks him to just tear the whole entire wrapping only. Sahil follows her instructions and the square box is revealed to be a watch.

Sahil: What is this Uttu, I already have a watch, infact I have three gifted by you only.

Uttara: Sahil, this is a special watch. Look here on the back, It’s an intertwined SU, for Sahil and Uttara. And here (she presses a button and her watch starts beeping) I got this watch designed for us specially, so now if either of us are in trouble all we need to do is press this button and it will send us each others location and let us know if we are in trouble.

Sahil: Aww, thank you my princess, but what happen to the apple watch I gifted you.

Uttara: I still have it, but I send this order two months ago, how was I supposed to know you would give me apple watch.

Sahil: Okay, Okay Sorry, here let’s open the other one. The other box is a cricket ball with the signatures of MS. Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kholi. Sahil is shocked and has tears in his eyes.

Sahil: When did you get this done?

Uttara: When we wen to the match, but I had to hide it from you, otherwise you would have cried. You know how hard it was I had to stand in three lines, and convince them to sign it for you.

Sahil: I love you so much, he kisses her forehead and wipes his tears.

Uttara: I love you too.

Sahil: Okay, now let’s open my gifts.

Uttara: Of course, I can’t wait. Here give me. She opens the first one and there’s two building shaped petit fours (french dessert)

Uttara: I don’t get it.

Sahil: Seriously.

Uttara: I’m just joking, of course i remember when I first met you. It’s our school. I remember crashing into you, and you caught me and saved me from falling.

Sahil: And I remember falling in love with you at that moment.

Uttara: Me too.

Sahil: okay, next. He gives her another box and this one has two tacos shaped petit and Uttara laughs and Sahil joins her too.

Uttara: I remember, we had to hide at this restaurant, so we were only able to eat half.

Sahil: Can you imagine, it was our first date and your brothers had come in when we were starting to talk, and I remember you seeing them and hiding under the table in fear that they will catch you.

Sanlak hearing this get more angry and Sanskaar is about to go and stop them, but Laksh stops him and says calm down.

Uttara: Of course, who can forget that. But you wouldn’t even listen to me at all and instead you kept eating.

Sahil: Sorry, now let’s move on, here third box.

Uttra: How many boxes are there?

Sahil: I wanted to have at least 30, but I only made it 6 to symbolize our 6 years together.

Uttara opens the third one and smiles looking at the aeroplane.

Uttara: Our first fight. It was our break and we both couldn’t meet each other, since you were going to meet your di’s and I had my bhaiya’s

Sahil: Yeah, I was so stubborn, I wanted to meet you, before I left since we wouldn’t be able to spend much time together, and when you did come to meet me, I fought with you and made you cry. Sorry.

Uttara: I was really angry at that time, After you got to London, you kept calling me and texting me, but I didn’t reply, cause I was so stubborn as well. I think in two weeks you had given me almost 500 missed calls and more than a 1000 messages.

Sahil: You know that month, I had to secretly pay the phone bill, so ma and baba wouldn’t find out about my international calls. The bill was more than 7000 Rs.

Uttara: I know, you had to use it from your savings.

Sahil: Okay, whatever, now here is the fourth box.

The fourth box had a beautiful eiffel tower petit four.

Uttara: Our first trip together. It took me three weeks to convince ma and papa, and they agreed only after Priya and Snehal talked to them.

Sahil: I had dadi with me, so I was okay.

Uttara: Eiffel tower is where you proposed to me officially in front of all our friends. I can never forget it.

Sahil: Me either, after that I had the full right to say your mine. Here fifth box.

Uttara opens it and it’s a beautiful bridge.

Uttara looks at it a little cluelessly, while Sahil smiles and her and she blushes when she remembers the meaning of the bridge.

Uttara: Woh, this is a bridge, since I love bridges right.

Sahil: Yeah, but this bridge is from Swaragini di’s wedding. Remember this is where we had our first kiss.

Uttara: Sahil, stop. It was just our first real kiss.

Sahil: Princess, it was our true first kiss. Before it was either on your forehead or cheek, but the wedding night was our first first kiss.

Uttara: Okay, fine. What’s the last box.

Sahil her the last box, and it was a little heavy compared to the others and when she opened it, uttara had tears in her eyes.

Uttara pulled out a mangalsutra and hugged Sahil.

Uttara: How long are we going to run from the reality? My marriage is decided for two months and you may be relaxed, but two months will fly away. What will we do if I get married to him.

Sahil: Stop it Uttara, I know it’s only two months away and I’m doing something, and you are my love. Not just Shresth, but no one can take you away from me understood. I won’t even let you guys get engaged.

Uttara: But how, that’s why I’m saying let’s run away. I have been suggesting that for the past three years, but you aren’t even listening to me.

Sahil: Why should we run away? We didn’t commit a crime. And running away will only make it worse. Don’t you trust me?

Uttara: More than myself, but the fear of losing you scares me more.

Sahil: We have the support of the elites and my Swaragini di also said they will help us, then why are you getting worried.

Uttara: I’m not,especially considering we are engaged and that to all thanks to Swaragini di, but I’m more worried about my bhaiya’s. They love me and want to see me happy, but they love our family more and family’s happiness matters more in our family.

Sanlak look at Swaragini in anger and finally Sanlak start going towards Uttara and Sahil, who don’t notice them, because they are hugging each other with their eyes closed.
Sanlak come and literally snatch Uttara away from sahil’s arms. Sanskaar is about to slap Uttara, but Sahil comes in between and gets slapped and he falls down and his lip starts bleeding. Uttara goes to him and starts crying, while he looks at her with a smile and wipes her tears.

Swara: Sanskaar, how dare you. Thank god, Sahil came in between, or else Uttara wouldn’t even be able to stand.

San: Shut UP. You Stay out of this. It’s our family matter.

Swa: Excuse me.

San: I said, it’s our family matter. Don’t you understand.

Lak: How could you guys hide all this from us? I trusted you ragini.

Rag: I didn’t break your trust, I just concealed the truth from you. I don’t think I committed a crime. Yeah, I agree we shouldn’t have hid the truth from you, but we haven’t had the chance to tell you, we found out the truth a long time ago it was the day shresth came we found out and we wanted to tell next, but swara’s pregnancy and then swara leaving, there was never a right time.

San: There’s never a right time for this. You just need to tell us as soon as knew. But instead you were busy singing songs with your ex.

Swa: There’s a limit for everything Sanskaar, just because I’m not saying anything, doesn’t mean you can run your mouth however you want. I sang to avoid bade papa from announcing about Uttara’s wedding, and I thought it was you, I’m sorry, if you and Shresth happen to have the same taste, I can’t help it.

San: No wonder, we both choose you right.

Uttara: STOP IT BHAI…. Swaragini di had nothing to do with us. We made them promise to not inform anyone, not until we were ready. And there were many times we wanted to inform you all, but the situations always kept changing.

Sahil: She’s right, Jiju. We really did try to tell you, but we, we just couldn’t. Something or the other kept coming up. And if you want to blame someone blame me, but please don’t blame my Di’s or Uttara. It was all my fault, I should have come to you and asked for your permission first, but I didn’t. (Sahil is folding his hands and Swaragini and Uttara are crying hearing him, and Sanlak are also melting hearing his talk.)

Rag: Jij, Laksh, can you imagine Uttara marrying Shresth? I can, if she marries him, she will die. She will be tied in a relationship, with no hope, in the future she may also think to suicide, and she may actually do it. What then. We all know, the only reason Shresth is marrying Uttara is for revenge on you Sanskaar. I mean the guy who can try to hurt laksh, to hurt you, imagine what he can do to Uttara, once she is in that house. Laksh, I know Shresth, he was my best friend, I can read him like a book. He still loves Swara and he will do anything to get her, even if it means hurting anyone. I have seen it ,he can hurt anyone and he won’t care who it is. Now you might be thinking since Sahil is my brother I will take his side and you know what you are right. When Uttara marries Sahil, it will be like she never left, she will be in a family that loves her for her, not a family where she will be considered a business deal. If you guys really care about her think it through and make your decision. Let’s go Sahil, Uttara, Swara. You two don’t need to come back in.

Uttara: Di, wait a minute. Bhaiya. I really love Sahil, but I also love you guys. Sahil is the reason I smile, he is the reason I wake up everyday with a smile, I love him and I have loved him for six years now. I can’t live without him. We can easily run away and get married somewhere and we can settle down there as well. Infact, I have suggested that to Sahil as well, but he refuses. He insists on getting everyone’s blessings and then starting a life together. That’s why we are still not together. He knows how much it will hurt our families if we ran away and got married, so he doesn’t want to take that step. So bhaiya please think through this with a calm mind. I know you guys will take the right decision.

San: She’s not staying here tonight.

Swa: She is, you two are angry right now, you can sleep in the guest room and leave early in the morning if you want, but Uttara is staying with us tonight.

San: She’s my sister.

Swa: And she’s my to be Bhabhi. So deal with it.

They all start walking in.

As they are going inside, Shomi comes running out, saying Dada ji had another attack and he needs to be taken to the hospital. Swarahil run inside and hurry up and put Dadaji in their car and leave with Uttara. While Shomi, Shekar and Dadi go separately. Swarahil admit Dadaji and send him into the OT, Rahil go to meet Dadi and them while Swara and Uttara go to finish the formalities and pay the bill. When Swara is about to pay the bill, Sanskaar comes and is about to give his card.

Swara: Excuse me, Ma’am, can you please return the card to him, here (she gives the nurse another card) charge it on here, Sorry, but I hope you understand, it’s family matter. She leaves after receiving the receipt and Sanskaar looks at her shockingly and realizing all that he said to her in anger.

After an hour, the doctor comes out of the OT and informs them it was not an attack, it was just a small nervousness, it’s okay, but we are going to keep him here for the next few hours, so if one of you would like to stay, you can. But others need to leave.

Shekar: Ma, Sumi, you guys leave. I will stay with babu ji.

Dadi: No, I’m staying you all leave. And no arguments please.

Everyone leaves saying after meeting Dadaji and they reach outside the hospital.

Shekar: Sanskaar, Laksh What were you two doing so late at our house?

All the youngsters are shocked and have no way on how to answer. They kept looking at each other for someone to take the blame, but no one would. So finally

Swara: Baba, Today is Uttara’s birthday, so her bhaiya’s came to wish her.

Shekar: Oh yeah we forgot, happy Birthday Uttara.

Uttara smiles and takes Shekar and Sumi’s blessings and everyone there wishes her and while hugging Swara Uttara murmurs Thank You So
Much Bhabhi, Once again you saved me.

Shekar: Okay, then let’s go back home, I don’t think we’ll be able to sleep for some time, so let’s try to spend time together as a family.

Swara: NO. Baba, it’s almost 3, I think they should leave. Badi ma and ma might be worried for them. And their home is closer from here, it would take more time if they come back home and then leave.

Shekar: You’re right. I guess we will meet you tomorrow. Goodnight.

Sanskaar is about to say something, but Swara ignores him and takes Uttara with her fast, and everyone goes home and tries to rest for some

Precap: Swara completely ignoring Sanskaar.

HEYYYY Guys, I can’t believe it’s my 50th episode, Thank you to all my readers, who stuck by me even though I was not good about posting daily. Thank You So VERY MUCH GUYS. I never thought many people would like this story, but to all my readers, I Love you guys. I tried to make this one long, especially for you guys. I hope you all liked this and please do comment, on how you liked this. And once again, Thank You for helping me reach till chapter 50. Dhara, Ani, L.Khan, kriya, Ammu, priyanshi and all my readers. LOVE YOU GUYYSSS.

Credit to: Kasam

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