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Hey guys i know many are still confused about the pairs, but it’s going to be swasan and raglak. I’m sorry ragsan and swalak fans, but swasan are the most requested by fans and I feel in my ff Swasan share more in common than ragsan.

Recap: Shekar announces swalak and ragsan’s marriage.

Ragini to Sumi: Ma how come no one informed us about this.
Sumi: Beta we all thought you two would again leave if you found out.
Dadi: Your father took the right decision, but he just used the wrong way to inform you about it.
Sahil: Papa, now that you have made your announcement, can we leave for the club?
Shekar: Of course.
Sahil: So, all the youngsters who are getting bored here, let’s go. I have arranged a small party in the backyard for us.
Swaragini, Sanlak, Uttra, Sahil, Abhay Piya, Advesh, Vritin, Veerand all go outside and are sitting in a circle, when sahil suggests to play truth or dare.
The first turn land on laksh and sahil asks him to recite a kavita (poem) for Swara, and hearing this sanlak and swaragini are kinda shocked, but they don’t say anything.
Laksh: I don’t know poems, i’m more of a musician, i don’t understand poems or anything like that.
They spin the bottle and it lands on uttra, sahil asks her to tell something her brothers don’t know about her and she says: really sahil, should i say it, don’t forget your sisters are here.
Sahil: My sisters won’t say anything at all so go ahead, right ragini di and swara di.
Ragini: Of course, kyun swara
suddenly all notice swara is not there, and ragini gets extra worried, and she keeps saying, i hope you didn’t do anything to yourself Swara.
Swara comes there and says i’m sorry rig, sahil, tell mom and dad i love them very much and sanskaar i remember you, and i’m sorry because of me you lost kavita and collapses on the floor, luckily sanskaar catches her and hurries to his car, and uttra, raglak go in one car while the other are about to go and inform the family, when sahil says stop let’s not tell them right now, or it will be bad and so they all leave in their car and go toward the hospital.

At the hospital
Ragini: Doctor please save my sister, I have no idea what happened please.

Doc: Ok, don’t worry.
the staff takes swara to the OT, while Abhay, Piya, Advesh, Vritin, Veer and Sahil come there.
Laksh comforts Ragini, who in turn hugs him and cries miserably.
Everyone is worried cause they don’t know what happened, when the doc comes and says she overdosed on sleeping pills, thankfully she was brought a little early, but she’s still unstable.
She’s out of danger, but we won’t know how much the medicine affected her till later.
Abhay: Hey guys, sorry but we have to leave, we just had to make sure swara was okay.
Advesh: Yeah, guys i need to leave as well.
Veer: Cya guys on tuesday, and don’t worry we won’t tell anyone about it.
Abhay, Piya, Advesh all nod agreeing with veer.
Piya hugs Ragini and leaves with the other three.
Ragini starts crying more and Laksh consoles her, while Vritin brings water and says we need to inform the family. Sahil at that time gets a call and says mom we all went outside to a club okay bye see you soon.
Ragini: Sahil why did you lie, we need to inform mom and dad.
Sahil: Di, then mom and dad we ask what happen, what will we tell them, that Swara di tried to commit suicide, because of the marriage topic, imagine how bad mom and dad will feel, they will feel so guilty.
Sanskaar: Ragini he’s right, and can you please tell me how you guys know kavita?
Laksh: Yeah please can you clarify?
Ragini: I don’t know what she meant exactly, but did you guys happen to know Kavitha Shreyas Ghosh.
Sanskaar: Yeah, she was my girlfriend, she
Ragini: She died two years ago in a car accident, right. With her brother Shresth, right.
Sanskaar: Yeah, how did you know?
Ragini: Do you guys remember Shresth’s 18th birthday bash.
It’s really quite and dark, there is a guy being brought there blindfolded, by two girls. They are Ragini and Kavita.
Kavita: Bhai come on two more minutes.
Ragini and Kavita open the door and take out the blindfold from shresth’s eyes, and everyone yells Happy Birthday Shresth. He happily greets everyone, but his eyes keeping wandering and looking for someone specific, but he’s not able to find that person. Ragini goes from there smiling at Shresth, knowing who he is searching for, and as she leaves Sanlak come up to shresth and wish him, while kavita and sanskaar keep looking at each other. Shresth and Laksh leave after talking for some time, leaving sankav alone. Laksh bumps into someone, with a drink in his hand, and he has to leave to clean his shirt up. As Sankav and laksh leave the hall, they hear a sweet voice singing, Yeh Vaadha Raha along with Sanam Puri. Sanskaar asks kavita who that was and she smiles and replies my soon to-be bhabhi.

Swara keeps smiling and looking at Shresth’s while singing tu tu hai wahi dil ne jise apna kaha, tu hai jaha main hoon vahoon, ab to yeh jeena teri bein hai saza…………… ha yeh vaada raha.
When the song ends Shresth goes up to Swara and gets on his knees and takes out a beautiful promise band and say I Love You, this is not a wedding proposal, just a promise that you will be mine forever, and i promise you i won’t let anyone hurt you. Swara is crying a little, but hugs him and says ok. Ragini comes up to them and says bas yaar, you guys get started anywhere only. Shresth: Saali ji, i’ll remember this at the time of Swara n my wedding Ok.
FB ends.

Doctor: Good news, Swara is stable now, she’s in an induced coma right now, we’ll wake her up in 2 hours. Doc leaves and all are happy, Sahil and Uttra go to get snacks for sanlak and ragini.
Laksh: Wait, So 5 years ago at that party the girl i kissed was you. (pointing at Ragini.)
Ragini: Huh
Laksh: Shresth’s girlfriend’s sister, Swara’s sister is you.
Ragini: I guess so, it’s finally good to see the face of my first kiss.
Laksh: I guess mine too.
Sanskaar: Wait so, Swara was Shresth’s girlfriend, that explains how she knows Kavita. Kavi really talked about you guys a lot. She was so happy when she was returning to meet you guys 2 years ago.
Ragini: It changed everything in lives that one night. Swara became like this, We all lost something that night.

Precap: What happened 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little note: I’m sorry for this unnecessary backstory about swara and Shresth, but I wanted Swaragini and Sanlak to be connected in the past. I also felt this is help with Swasan’s story and Raglak if they had a common friendship. If you guys don’t like it then just tell me and i’ll try to make it short.

Credit to: Kasam

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