Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 49


Hey guys Kasam is back. Sorry to keep you all waiting. I’m not going to make excuses and tell you the truth. I didn’t know how to write Sanlak’s reaction, so it took me some time to think it through. And I’m sorry. I hope you like it.

Recap: Swaragini’s past memories.

Swara is pacing around impatiently waiting for her daughter.

Swara to herself: Where are they? It’s already 4:30 PM, they were supposed to be here 2 hours ago. She hears footsteps and gets happy thinking it’s Sans, but it’s just Ragini, who’s coming back from the market.

Ragini: Swara, they still haven’t returned.

Swara: No, Ragu. I’m really worried. It shouldn’t take this long right. I mean, yeah it takes almost 30 minutes to get to the hospital without any traffic, but still it’s been more than 2 hours.

Rag: Did you try calling them?

Swa (gives her a are-you-kidding-me look): No, Ragini, I’ve only given them 116 missed calls(sarcastically).

Rag: Sorry, I’m just asking. But seriously 116 missed calls.

San: Can you believe it? She called us almost maybe more than 110 times, he walked up with Sanskriti in her car seat, looking at Swara jokingly, while Swara kept on giving him dead looks.


San: Swara, Ssssshhhhh, Dada ji is still not well. Don’t excite him much.

Swa: Baba, Ma and Dadi took him to the hospital. Sanskaar if you were going to be late, you could have called me told me, you would be late. I wouldn’t have been this worried.

San: Sorry, but it’s just my phone battery died, otherwise I would have called you.

Swa: Oh really, then what about Uttara and Sahil’s phone’s. Did their battery die as well. And where are they right now.

San: Uttara had to do something, so she left.

Lak: Liar, you purposely sent them out. (He walks in with a small get well soon type of basket)

Rag: What do you mean?

Lak: Actually tomorrow is Uttara’s birthday. It’s her 20th birthday. So we decided to have a small surprise party. And we wanted your help.

Swa: Of course. We’ll come home at 11ish tomorrow, to help set it up.

Lak: Actually, Ma and Pari bhabhi are going to do all the arrangements, you two just need to distract her and keep her busy.

San: Like, take her shopping, or go watch a movie, or something, but keep her busy.

Swarag: Okay. We understood.

Rag: So, what time is the party?

San: It’s at 8, we’ll text you guys, and dadi and ma and baba we’ll pick them up when you two are not at home, so you guys directly bring here there, only.

Swa: Okay. (Just then Uttara walks in with Sahil)

Uttara: Hello, what’s up. Bhai, Bhabhi. Laksh bhai, why are you here?

Sahil: Uttara, can’t you see, he has a get well soon basket, he came to meet dada ji.

Uttara: Oh really, wow I didn’t even see it.

Sahil: Or maybe he came to meet Ragini Di.

Uttara: Idiot, I was going to say that.

Swa: Actually, they are leaving right now.

San: What.

Swa: Yeah, remember you were telling me you are so busy, and you have an important meeting tomorrow, so you need to leave.

San: When did I say that?

Swa: You did, I remember. So leave. (She is still angry at him, and is trying to kick him out.)

San: Fine, let’s go lucky.

Lak: But bhai, I have my car. You go I’ll come later. (Laksh doesn’t want to leave, since he just met his wife and he still needs to meet his son.)

San: Fine okay.

Uttara: Bhai, actually there’s only one car for both of you.

Lak: WHAT?

Uttara: Ha, actually bade papa needed a car, so we dropped the car off to him and came in Sahil’s car.

Lak: Couldn’t you have told this before.

Uttara: Sorry, bhai.

Sanskaar whispers in Swara’s ear to let them stay so at least laksh can be with him wife and swara replies back saying, he’ll meet them tomorrow.

Swara: Okay, bye Sanskaar, Bye Jij.

San: Ok, bye.

Lak: Bye Ragini.

Ragini: Call me once you reach home. Bye.

Sanlak start leaving and stop and turn back.

Lak: Uttara, come let’s go.

Uttara: Actually, Bhai I’m staying here tonight. Don’t worry I already asked mom and dad and bade papa and badi maa along with Shomi aunty and Dadi, they already gave me permission. So I’m staying here tonight.

San: Lucky you, wow. Ok bye. Bye Swaarrraaaa.

Swa: BYE Sanskaar.

Sanlak leave, while swaragini start teasing Uttrahail.

Swara: Wow, Uttara, your very fast, before marriage you started living at your sasural. Kyun Ragini.

Ragini: Ha, Swara, and look how lucky Sahil is, his fiancee is going to be here before marriage.

Uttara: Bhabhi, please stop.

Sahil: Yeah, Di please stop.

Swa: Why should we stop, you two used to tease us so much, and now that we have a chance, we are going to full on use it.

Rag: She’s right, I still remember, in Maldives you teased us so much and Uttara call us Di’s after all husband’s Di is your Di nah.

Hearing this Uttara runs away blushing and Sahil runs behind her.

Shomi, Shekar and Dadi enter just then with Dada Ji.

Rag: Ma, what did the doctor say?

Shomi: It’s fine now, he’s improving a little.

Swa: Thank God.

Dadi: Ok, you guys get ready and we’ll make the food fast. Okay.

Swaragini: Dadi, chill.

Ragini: Dadi we made the food, it’s all ready. You guys go and freshen up, and we’ll start serving.

Shekar: You two made the food. (shocked)

Swara: Baba, don’t be a drama queen.

Rag: Ha, Ma. You guys know we can cook, so stop pretending to be shocked.

Shomi: Okay, baba sorry. Forgive us. Okay. Let’s go and eat.

During dinner, Uttara and Sahil keep trying to romance with each other and Swaragini try to keep them away from each other using their kids.

Ragini: Sahil, Can you please feed Swayam. He won’t listen to me, but he always listens to his mama.

Sahil: But, Dii…

Dadi: Sahil, feed him nah.

Sahil: okay dadi.

Swara: Uttara, you are done eating right, can you go and look after Sanskriti, Please. I need to eat and then clean up. Please.

Uttara: (She has a sad face) Of course bhabhi. Anything for you.

She leaves and Swaragini smile looking at each other.

Swaragini are cleaning up and deciding where to take Uttara tomorrow, and Sahil comes in carrying Swayam on his back.

Sahil: Di, tommorow is Uttara’s birthday.

Swarag: We know.

Sahil: hahaha, okay. Well, I want to surprise tonight, at exactly at 12 am.

Swarag: SO.

Sahil: So, I need to make sure Ma and Baba or Dadi or anyone doesn’t see us.

Swa: What are you talking about?

Sahil: Di, you know our garden, I’m decorating it and I need you two to distract her. And I also need to make sure our family members don’t know anything either. So my sweet Di’s please, please please, Help me.

Swarag: (they start having a little attitude)

Swa: First, delete all the embarrassing pictures of ours.

Sahil: Done.

Rag: You will never ever tease us again.

Sahil: I’ll try my best, but can’t guarantee it.

Swa: NO, You have to.

Sahil: Fine, Fine okay.

Rag: And you

Sahil: Diii, stop it. You know what. I don’t want your help anymore. He turns to leave.

Swarag: Stop, we’re just messing with you. You just start preparing, we will take care of everything.

Sahil: Thank you, I love you dii’s.

Uttara: Bhabhi, please help me. Sanskriti hasn’t stopped crying.

Swara: Okay. I’m going.

Sahil: Di, why don’t you take Uttu with you. (She looks at him shocked and he just ignores it.)

Swara: Okay, Uttara, let’s go. Wait actually no, Uttara why don’t you help Ragini clean up okay.

Uttara: Yeah, sure no problem bhabhi.

Sahil: Rag Di, Swayam and I are going out, you need something.

Rag: No, but come back soon.

Sahil leaves while Uttara looks at him sadly.

After some time Sahil returns and goes to Swaragini’s room, where all the three girls are talking and playing with Sanskriti.

Sahil: Di, here is your Swayam, ok goodnight. See you.

Uttara: You’re leaving.

Sahil goes to her and cups her face and says Sorry, uttu I need to finish the mehra project, or otherwise I would have stayed. Sorry. He kisses her forehead and leaves, while Swaragini keep teasing them.

Rag: Awww Uttu don’t look so sad, you know he’s taking care of SRSG Inc. all by himself, since dad got sick.

Uttara: I know, bhabhi. It’s just tomorrow, nothing.

Swayam: What’s tomorrow bua.

Swarag: Yeah, what’s tomorrow uttu.

Uttara: Nothing, bhabhi.

Swaragini smile looking at her.

Swara: Ragini, it’s 11:55, where is Sahil?

Rag: Chill, he’ll come.

Uttu: What happen, Bhabhi?

Sahil: What’s up, four of my six favorite girls.

Uttara: Are you done? I mean with your project.

Sahil: Yeah, finally.

Uttara: Ok, come sit.

Swarag: NO.

Uttu: What happen bhabhi?

Swa: Uttara, look Sanskriti is already sleeping and I want to sleep as much as I can, or else I won’t get sleep when she wakes up again.

Uttara: Oh ok.

Ragini: Yeah, you two leave and talk and spend some time together.

Sahil: Love you di.

Precap: Sanlak find out about Sanlak.

Hey guys sorry, I was unable to write Sanlak finding out about Uttarahil, but don’t worry, I’ll try to make my Episode 50 a really good one, and make it all worthwhile for all my readers. Sorry, I wish I could write Sanlak finding out the truth, but I also wanted to upload a story for all my readers.

Credit to: Kasam

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