Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 48


Recap: Swaragini going to GF.

At night, doctor gave permission to take Dada ji home and so the MF decided to go and meet him, while they drop Swaragini off. Everyone is in Dada ji’s room, and Dadi keeps on crying. Swaraghil go to her and hug her and console her. After sometime, everyone goes outside and they sit for sometime and AP and Sujata console Dadi and Sumi, while all the “youngsters” have all gone upstairs. Everyone is trying to console Swarahil.
So, to make everyone happy they pretend to be okay.

Bhavika: Swarahil, I’m gonna hit now.

Swara: Why, what did we do?

Maira: Hun (Honey), we know you’re upset and we do want to cheer you up, but don’t pretend to be okay.

Ragini: How can we be okay, our dada ji got a heart attack.

Bhavika: But, he’s home now. And doctor, himself said he’ll be okay in a few days.

Swara: I know, I know.

Ragini: Fine, we will try our best to not be upset at all. Okay.

The elites smile and the 7 have a group hug.

Soon it’s time for Sanlak to leave and they very sadly hug their wife and children and leave. The elite girls and Sahil are all gathered downstairs, trying to lift up everyone’s mood. Sahil brings out all the home videos, they have of the three kids and plays them and everyone enjoys seeing them.

Sahil: Ma, look at Ragini Di, she used to be so fat nah.

Ragini: Motu, What did you say to me? I was fat, look clearly that’s you, not me.

Sahil: Dadi, dekho naa (look at her)

Dadi: Ladoo, Ragini sahi hai, tujhe kyun lagta hai tera naam ladoo kyun hai. (Ragini is right, why do you think we nicknamed you Ladoo.)

Swara: Sahil you used to look like a girl till you were i think 7 or 8 years old.

Sahil: How would you know, you used to stay in London.

Swara: Dum-Dum, we used to visit every year, If you forgot we came here every vacation.

Maira: Waise, Sahil she is right. When I first saw you I thought you were a girl.

Bhavika: Yeah, and actually we even accused Swaragini of lying about having a brother and not sister.

Sahil: Kya Di.You guys talked about me? How sweet.

Ragini: Shhh, it’s our dance program.

Sahil: What dance program?

Maira: OMG. Is this that dance?

Sahil: What dance? Someone tell me the suspense is killing me.

Bhavika: OMG It is that one. You know I can never forget this dance.

Swara: Can you believe it, how stupid we were at that time?

Sahil pauses the video and says till no one tells me what dance this is I am not playing the video.

Ragini: Bhutto, This was our, meaning the elites, first dance performance together, but at that time we were enemies, so instead of focusing on
dance, we were more focused on trying to embarrass the boys.

Sahil: What yeah, you yourself look at the video and decide.

Sahil plays the video and eight kids enter, while the four girls go into flashback mode.

————-fb starts————–

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom (X3)

The girls have all made a plan and they signal the guys and all enter the stage. Swara goes with Rohan, Ragini with Shresth, Bhavika with Jai and
Maira with Tapan.

Ghode jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum,O saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum (X2)

The girls kick the guys and make them a horse and sit on them, all the audience is laughing at them.

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom (X3)

The guys to take badla stand up causing the girls to fall. The girls get angry and at the next step put their legs in between and trip the guys.

Koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hai

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom (X2)

Koi ladki hai jab vo hansti hai,Baarish hoti hai chhanar chhanar chhumchhum (X2)

The guys do the same thing, but the girls realized that and played it off as a dance step. Ragini notices a teacher on the side telling them to stop it, so they stop and continue the dance.

Koi ladka hai jab vo gaata hai

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom (X2)

Arre koi ladka hai jab vo gaata hai

Saawan aata hai ghumar ghumar ghumghoom

Koi ladka hai jab vo gaata hai

Saawan aata hai ghumar ghumar ghumghoom

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom (X2)

But the girls being a little smart, see a chance and take it and at one step they have to jump right to left, so they purposely jump on the guys legs, making the guys fall down.

————— fb ends——————

Dadi, Sumi and Shekar and Sahil are all laughing by the end of it. After sometime Dadi goes to sleep and as she leaves Shekar & Sumi leave to.

Shekar: Thank You baccho. Because of you ma at least laughed a little.

Sumi: Ha and don’t stay up till late go to sleep.

Sahil leaves and the girls all decide to have a small mini walk down memory lane and Swaragini go and bring their photo albums from school and college days. They were going through college photos and in one photo Swara sees something and gets shocked.

Swara: Guys, guess what? Here look at this picture.

Ragini: Yeah, what’s so special about it.

Swara: Arre, remeber 7 years ago, Shresth’s party, look in the background, In left hand corner.

Ragini: Is that you and jij? You are literally in the arms of jij.

Maira: Here let me see?

Bhavika: Wow, you two knew each other.

Swara: Funnily I don’t remember this happening.

Ragini: Ironically, It’s the same way, you and jij meet for the first time, at the party, right.

Swara: No, I meet him before that. Did I not tell you?

Ragini: What? Where did you meet him.

Swara: Do you remember, the day of the party, in the mall chocolate milk shake, ketchup incident.

Ragini: That was jij.

Maira: What milkshake, what ketchup.

Ragini: What happened was we went to the mall to get a small gift for Sahil, on the day dad arranged the party, where swara, (she looks at Swara)
you know. Well anyways, dadi need to get something, so I went with her and Swara was wandering in the food court and this guy, who happened
to be jij, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me,

Swara: It’s been almost two years, Now.

Ragini: Whatever, moving on, Jij was busy and he had a chocolate milkshake in his hand and he bumped into Swara and all his milkshake spilled
on her and madam got so angry, she sprayed ketchup all over his face. And then they both got into a food fight and security had to give them a warning.

Maira: Eww, milkshake.

Swara: I know right, I was just lucky there was a hotel connected with the mall or else I would have been sticky had I stayed like that for any longer.

Ragini: Man, I can’t believe it’s been two years, since we returned from London.

Swara: Honestly, I don’t miss that life much.

Maira: Because you have your family now, you have a loving husband and a cute child.

Bhavika: Speaking of child, I need to tell you guys something.

Maira: You’re pregnant, right.

Bhavika: No, Yes, Actually I still don’t know, I’m still waiting on the reports. But remember you can’t tell Rohan.

Swara: You haven’t told him yet.

Bhavika: I need to be sure. And it’s his birthday in one week and I’m thinking of making it a surprise for him.

Ragini: It’s his first birthday right, I mean after marriage, it needs to be special.

Swara: Girls, let’s go to sleep. I’m very sleepy and tomorrow, I need to take Sanskriti to the hospital for check-up.

Next morning.

Swara woke up and looked Maira, Bhavika and Ragini still sleeping and then looked at the time and saw 11:30 AM and quickly ran downstairs and saw Sanskriti not there.

Swa: MAA, Sanskriti kaha hai. Where is she? I had to take her for a check-up. How come my alarm didn’t work. Ma, where is she? I need to reach
in 10 minutes.

Sumi: First relax, now listen Sanskaar came and he along with Sahil and Uttara took Sanskriti to for her check-up okay.

Swa: But, why did you not wake me up?

Sumi: Sanskaar told us to let you sleep, because you may be tired.

Swa: Oh, ok. I’ll call him. Ok Ma.

Swa: When did you come here? And why did you not wake me up?

San: I came there ½ hour ago. You looked like you need the extra sleep, so I decided not to wake you up.

Swa: But, how can you take my daughter without me.

San: Only for an hour, we’ll be back soon, ok I’ll call you later, after the check-up. See You Soon. I Love You.

Swa: See You. I Love You too.

Recap: Sanlak find out about Sahil and Uttara.

Credit to: Kasam

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