Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 47


Recap: Reason behind Raglak’s argument.

Swasan’s room, Sanskaar went first to shower, but he forgot his towel so he asked Swara, but when she was giving it to him, he pulled her inside.

Swa: Ouch, Sanskaar. Kya kar rahe ho.

San: Actually nah, I want to spend some time with my wife.

Swa: Oh really, than Mr. Sanskaar you should have waited till after getting clean.

San: Oh really, but that would be less time considering you and I wouldn’t get to spend any time to together.

Swa: That’s why I suggested it.

San: Accha.

Swara takes Shampoo secretly and puts it on sanskaar hair and turns on the water.

San: Swara, yeh kyun kiya, now you also have to suffer and he takes her inside the shower.

Raglak, Ragini is still a little in nasha, but it’s not much. So, when she goes to take a shower, she spills and falls, Laksh runs inside and helps her up.

Lak: Are you okay, Tumhe kuch zyada to nahi lagi nah. He starts checking to see ragu’s not hurt anywhere.

Rag: I’m fine. You don’t need to worry about me, after all I am a distraction. She frees herself and starts to go, but due to spraining her ankle she
can’t go much. So, Laksh holds her.

Lak: Ragini, please ab to maaf kar do.

Rag: Laksh, it’s not about forgiveness it’s about trust. Have you thought, if something had happened that day to our swayam, then how you might have felt. You would have been guilty knowing you couldn’t be there for your son.

Lak: Ragini, I know I made a mistake, and I know I would have felt terrible if anything happened to Swayam, but don’t think it’s doesn’t affect me. I still feel guilty, but I promise from now on, whenever you need me I will be there for you.

Rag: Always.

Lak: Hamesha.

Rag: Kasam.

Lak: Kasam Se, I promise. I love you very much.

Rag: I Love you too.

Uttara: Bhai, Bhabhi agar aap dono ka bhi hogaya ho toh, please jaldi neeche aao. Sab Aapka Intezaar kare rahe hai.

Raglak and Swasan bump into each other coming out of their room and they come downstairs. When they get downstairs, they notice everyone giggling about something.

San: Maa, kya hua, aap sab itna kyun hans rahe hai.

Suju: Hai, mera beta. Tumhari biwi ko aayi do din bhi nahi hui, aur tum dono nai mujhe phir se dadi banane ki koshish kar rahe ho. (It’s not even been two days since Swara got here, and you both have started on making me a dadi again)

Swasan blush hearing this and Raglak start laughing looking at Swasan.

Lak: Kya Bhai, seriously.

Suju: Laksh, tu to chup hi raho, Ragini aur tum bhi kam nahi ho. Tum dono bhi shuro ho gaye.

Raglak blush and Swasan laugh seeing them. Swarag to avoid more embarrassment run inside to the kitchen, while sanlak excuses about going to go talk to DP and RP.

Dinner table.

Sanskaar is secretly trying to feed Swara, but it’s not so secret because ragini sees them and signals Laksh. DP and RP get done and they leave.

Lak: Ragini, kya hai, ab kya hua.

Rag: Kuch Nahi. Tumhe hamesha har cheez kyun kahen padti hai.

Lak: Matlab.

Rag: Arre, tum thode to romantic bane ki koshish karo, dekho mere Jiju kaise meri behan ko apni hatho se kila rahe hai.

Swasan get embarrassed hearing that while Raglak and everyone started laughing and teasing them.

Swa: Ragu, You have started making fun of me more and more.

Rag: What to do, your my chutki.

AP: Acha hua, saare bacche ko sula diya, warna pata nahi, kya hota.

Swa: Ma, Badi Maa, aapko Sanskriti pareshan to nahi kiya nah.

Suju: Nai to.

Sanlak and Adarsh leave.

Swa: Thank You Mom. Theek ab, ma, badi maa aur pari bhabhi aap sab log aaram kijiye, Ragini, Utara aur mein sab kar dege.

Pari: It’s okay, I’ll help.

Ragini: You can’t bhabhi, you forgot you have to wake up early tomorrow, you have an important meeting.

Pari: Oh, yeah I forgot. Thanks for reminding me. Okay, goodnight.

Ragini: Good Job guys, we managed to stop the elders from talking about Uttara and Shresth’s wedding.

Uta: bhabhi, but we need to find a way to convince everyone nah.

Swa: it’s okay, guys let’s clean up and than we can discuss more tomorrow.

Uta: Bhabhi, Aapko to sirf bhai ke saath time spend karna hai.

Swa: Ha, that’s right. I want to spend time with my husband. If you forgot I just returned two days ago.

Uta hugs her and says I missed you so much Bhabhi. Thank God you’re back.

Swa: I missed you two.

Rag: Aww, and what about me.

Uta: Bhabhi, I love you too. Infact I love all three of my bhabhi’s.

Swarag: We love you too.

Pari: I Love you too uttara.

Uta: Bhabhi, you here.

Pari: Ha, actually I came to get water, now that everything is clean, go to sleep, you all must be tired too.

Ragini goes to her room and sees Laksh sleeping with swayam hugging him and smiles, she goes and changes and kisses her two favorite guys and goes to sleep.

Swasan’s room is dark, when Swara enters, the lights turn on and rose petals fall on her. The whole room is decorated as if it’s their first night. There’s flowers on the bed, candles lit all throughout the room. She sees Sanskaar standing in front of the fan with rose petals. He goes to her and picks her up and puts her on the bed.

Swa: Sanskriti.

San: Ma, Papa ke saath.

Swa: Oh, Ok.

San: Swara, promise karo, that from now on whenever you ever get even a tiny bit of doubt in your heart for me, you will always talk to me. You will never take any decisions like this alone.

Swa: I promise, I won’t ever leave you ever again and rahi baat doubt ki, I trust with my life.

San: I Love You,

Swa: i love you too.

Next morning, Swara wakes up extra early and makes breakfast for the whole family and goes back to sleep. Ragini comes downstairs to start preparing for breakfast and is shocked to see t all ready and she panics thinking Swara left again and so she runs to Swasan’s room and storms in without knocking, and disturbing Sanskaar.

San: What happened Ragini, why are you so tensed?

Rag: Nothing, jij, Swara again made breakfast, like she did before she left.

San: What she woke up. When.

Rag: Maybe 10 minutes ago maybe less, the food seemed like it was just made.

San: Don’t worry, Ragu, she’s not going anywhere, she’s going to be with us forever.

Rag: I know jij, but it’s just I got a little scared.

San: I understand, how do you think I felt when I woke up yesterday and she was not there. She was in the bathroom, but I was so nervous, I didn’t even think straight for a minute.

Rag: Okay, jij, wake up and get ready. Come downstairs, your wifey made your favorite bf.

She leaves and San smiles looking at Swara and kisses her and go to get ready.

Downstairs, after puja, everyone is eating breakfast and it’s a very happy atmosphere, All the youngsters are teasing each other and the adults are smiling looking at their mischief’s.

Suju: Uttara, Guys calm down I need to inform you guys about Uttu’s marriage. The pandit ji said that the next good day for the wedding is in two months.

Swaragini and Uttara get happy hearing they have two months to convince everyone.

Uttar: Ma, really, I’m so happy, but ma was there not any dates that were 6 or more months away.

Suju: Uttara, already the wedding is delayed for 8 months, and now you are doing this drama too.

Utta: Sorry, Maa, I was just joking.

Just then Swara gets a phone and starts crying.

Swa: Ha, Ragini and I will come in half hour.

San: Swara, Kya hua.

Swa: Woh, Woh, Actually Dada ji, unhe woh dadu ko

Ragini: Swara, theek se bol.

Swa: Dadaji had a heart attack, Mom wants us to stay there for a few days.

Ragini: What dada ji had an attack, how, what happened.

DP: Swaragini, You two can go stay with your parents as long as you like, okay.

Rag: Thank You Papa.

DP: Sanlak, drop Swaragini to Gadodia house, okay.

Sanlak: Ji.

Swaragini get their stuff ready and leave with their kids.

Precap: Sanlak learn about Uttara and Sahil.

Credit to: Kasam

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