Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 46



SR. 46

Recap: Holi Party.

Swa: Jij, what happened?
Lak: Nothing, she’s just drunk see her nah.
Rag: Liar, (she hits him and tries to stand on the ground) Swara, I will tell you. You know when you left, Sanskaar stopped coming home. Till I remember he came home maybe twice a month, otherwise he stayed out only. And when you left, Pari bhabhi got sick, so the whole house responsibility was on me. And I also worked at SRSG, so I never had time for laksh. But he also never had time for swayam and Me. Everytime we wanted to spend time together he would have to go to office. And do you know he also cheated on me. (She starts crying)

Swasanlak are shocked and Laksh looks at Ragini, while swasan look at Laksh with anger. Sanskaar is about to punch Laksh, but swara stops him.
Swa: Sanskaar, let’s try to hear Laksh’s side as well. There’s two sides to a coin.
San: Fine, Laksh.
Lak: Actually bhai, one month ago, remember my accident.

——————— fb begins ——————–

Laksh is trying and talking on the phone with his secretary, and is not paying much attention on the road, but when he looks there’s a stroller in the middle, so Laksh switches direction, but his his car smashes into a tree. Laksh is hurt badly and he needs to be admitted into the hospital and for two days the doctors decide to put him in an induced coma. He doesn’t remember anything, but when he is woken up Ragini is really angry with him. She ignores him completely. And now it’s been almost a month and she still hasn’t told laksh why she’s angry with him.
———————– fb ends ————————-

Swasan are shocked and they look at Ragini, who is still crying. Swara goes to her and makes her eat green chili (I heard it helps reduce the nasha) After Ragini is a little calm, they ask her why she is angry and she tells her side.

——– fb begins————–

Ragini got all ready and she came early than everyone to see Laksh before he was going to be woken up, but when she got there, she saw a lady sitting by Laksh and a stroller beside her and she was going to go and ask, when she heard the nurse say “such a sweet family nah, they came here early in the morning just to meet him” She gets more upset and is going in but she gets a call, and she has to go out, when she comes back in the lady is not there. She goes to question laksh, but sees he’s not awake yet. But when he wakes up, the doctor informed them not to stress him out. So Ragini kept quiet and when his health started improving Laksh got a new project, so he started coming home late,they were barely able to talk to each other, and then Virika called them and informed about meeting Swara, so in happiness,Ragini thought to confront him later.
——— fb ends—————

Swara goes to Ragini and playfully “slaps” her.
Swa: Are you mentally unstable? Did you hit your head or something? I mean what kind of thoughts are that? Did jij ever make you feel like he was cheating on you. How can you think that?
Lak: Ragini, I don’t remember anyone coming to meet me at all?
Rag: Idiot, you were in a coma, how can you remember? And he did Swara, whenever I used to text him, he would ignore it for two hours, he never picked up my calls. You know when Swayam, got sick I called 37 times, and he didn’t pick up his phone, I also texted him, but Mr. Laksh was so busy, he didn’t even think to check his phone. And you know that night he didn’t even come home, he stayed whole two days out. Now, tell me if your husband doesn’t care that his son got SICK, then what would you think? Tell me nah.

Lak: Arre , how many times do I have to tell you, my phone battery died.
Rag: LIAR, I know you carry a phone charger with you, wherever you go, so don’t lie to me.
Lak: That day, you forgot to keep it in my bag.
Rag: Ok, then, but are you the only person in your company, who uses an IPhone, no nah. You could have asked your PA or someone to get a new one, or called from office phone. I also tried that, but your PA kept hanging up before I got even say anything and then she kept saying you were in a meeting.
Lak: Because I had important clients, I couldn’t let the deal go to waste, so I had to have full concentration on that only, I couldn’t handle distractions.
Rag: Your SON and WIFE are distractions.

Lak: NO, I didn’t mean it that way, but
Rag: NO, That’s exactly what you meant, you know what I don’t want to see your face.
Ragini storms out saying this and the others run behind her. Ragini in anger crashes into someone, instead of saying Sorry, Ragini gets mad and says oh, so you’re here as well. I should have known. She looks at Laksh and says, I never imagined you would ever do this to me, You brought my sautan at this party as well.
Swa: Ragu, Shut UP. She’s not your sautan, she’s my nutritionist, Dr. Ankita Mehra.
Rag: So, just because she’s your doctor, doesn’t mean she can’t be my,
Lak: Ragini, baas karo, ab. It’s too much now. From when you are blaming me uselessly, I told you, I’m not cheating on you, and I never will. Dr. Ankita, do you know me?
Ankita: Yes, actually you saved my nephew, he was in the stroller when you had the accident. I came to the hospital with Aahil, sorry my nephew to say thank you. We wanted to meet your family, but we couldn’t, so we left.

Lak: Happy, now Ragini, now you know the truth.
Rag: So What, even I knew you were not cheating, but that doesn’t mean I forgive you.
Swa: Ragu, baas now, forgive him, bechara look at him nah.
Rag: I thought you were my sister Swara, what happened to that?
Ankita: Sorry, to interupt but may I know what’s going on?
San: Actually Ankita (Swara looks at him) it’s just my salli assumed something else when she saw you and your nephew sitting with Laksh.
Ankita: Oh, Oh, I am so sorry, Ragini. I was trying to find the pacifier for Aahil, so I put him down with Laksh, I’m sorry. I didn’t think the matter would reach here.
Rag: It’s okay. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have assumed, but when you husband ignores you, you can’t help but doubt on him.
Swa: Ragu, please jaane de nah. Come on it’s holi, forget everything and let’s have some fun. Please. Look we haven’t been able to properly play for almost two years now. So, please let’s try to have some fun. Please.

Rag: (smiles) Okay, let’s go.
Swaragini wish Ankita and leave Sanlak alone.
San: Bhai, you’re dead.
Lak: Bhaiya, forget about me, and think about yourself.
San: Why, me what did I do?
Lak: Ankita.

San: What?
Lak: Bhabhi, ke samne Dr. Ankita, ke jage Ankita kaha tumne.
San: Ha, toh. (He realizes what he did) OH NO, yeh junglee sherni mujhe zinda maar degi.
Lak starts laughing.
San: Oye, sirk naam lucky hai, warna teri bhi kismat unlucky hi hai. Tujhe kya lagta hai, Ragini sab kuch bhool jayegi.
Lak: Bhai, let’s do one thing, before party ends, let’s go and pacify them, warna ghar jaake barwadih.
San: Good plan, let’s go.

When sanlak get there, they are shocked to see Swaragini, full on dancing with the elites and Uttarahail and Parash. They go to them and start dancing and trying to get closer to Swaragini, but they can’t, so they decide something and go and turn on the hose and start spraying it on water and Swaragini go and close the hose and saying, don’t waste water, play waterless holi. Their plan goes fail. The party ends and all the other guests leave. They are all sitting in circle, when someone decides to play their twist wala truth and dare. Everyone agrees for it and the first turn lands on Uttara and she chooses dare. Her dare is to reveal her biggest secret, which she wants to tell, but can’t. Swaraghil and the elites all look at each other tensed and Uttara signs them she’s going to tell the truth.

Uttara: Bhaiya, I have hidden something from you guys and i want to reveal it right now, So without any more excuses, I want to tell you that I want to ma
Just then Adarsh gets a phone from the elders and they need to leave. Everyone takes a sigh of relief and they say bye and all leave.

MM house. The entire ride home was awkward, Swaragini, were pretending to sleep while Sanlak tried to wake them up. And Parash and Uttara were trying hard not to laugh at them.
As soon as the car stopped Swaragini, woke up and got out of the car and let leaving Sanlak shocked, and they realized they were doing drama of sleeping. When they went inside, Suju told them to get freshen up and come back fast, there’s some really exciting news for everyone. They all go to their rooms to freshen up.

Precap: Swaragini go to stay at the baadi.

Hey guys, i promise the fight between Raglak will end soon, but till then you have to wait.

Credit to: Kasam

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