Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 45


Recap: Swara’s back home with her baby girl.
Next morning, everyone wakes up early and Swasan come downstairs with their little princess and Swara notices Raglak not talking to each other and trying to ignore each other, she’s goes to Ragini to talk to her, but the pandit ji calls her and she leaves. The puja starts and Uttara picks a name.

Uttara: Sanskriti, because she looks just like bhai.

Everyone likes the name and the puja is completed. Everyone gets ready to go to the party, which is at Bhavika and Rohan’s place. They are all
getting ready to leave, when Kaveri enters.

Kaveri: Sujata ji, we need to talk.

Swara: Aunty, can we please talk later? We need to be somewhere.

Kaveri: Stay out, this matter is regarding the adults, don’t put your nose in between.

Uttara: Excuse me, don’t you dare talk to my bhabhi like this.

DP: Uttara. Kaveri Ji, come sit down, we’ll talk right now. All you kids go and AP you go with them.

AP: No, I’ll stay here, it’s okay. Wait, leave all the kids here, we’ll take care of them here. Okay.

Swaragini, Sanlak, Uttara and Parash leave (actually they are kicked out by AP and Suju.) and reach the party.

As soon as they enter Sahil comes and throws colors on all of them and they start playing holi with everyone. Swara notices Raglak, still not talking and thinks of an idea. She goes to the elites and they all make a plan.

Ragini is going to get a drink when a waiter gives her a glass, and thinking it to be a thandaai, she drinks it. The elites all smile seeing their plan successful and hi-fi each other. Just then a waiter gives them a thandaai and they all drink it. Shresth enters looking at them evilly, and he hands the waiter money. He goes to the group, at the same time Ragini also comes there and they all look at them happily.

Ragini: Hi, My bestiieee, How are you?

Rohan: Shresth, where were you for three years.

Tapan: Yeah, dude do you know how much we missed you?

Maira: Yeah, and you consider me your sister, than too you hide away from me?

Ragini: Mairu, not fair huh, he’s my bestiee first, and then you’re “bhai”.

Bhavika: It’s good to see you back, but you know you missed four wedding from our group?

One was Rohan, second was Bhavika, which is me and then last was Swaragini’s. You know they got married on the same day? Right Swara?

Everyone looked at Swara, but she wasn’t there.

Ragini: Where is Swara?

Shresth looks on with a worried expression, when suddenly the music stops. The song changes to Balam Pichkari and Swasan are the ones
singing it. Everyone gets happy (except Shresth) and they all join them. Swara sees Shresth, but she gives him an angry look and ignores him.

Ragini starts dancing with Tapan ignoring Laksh. Laksh gets angry and goes and sits down at a table.

Someone comes to Sanskaar and calls him to a side, so he goes, while Shresth goes to Swara.

Shresth: Sorry, but for today, only today can you forget you hate me, and just think of me as a friend, Please.

Swa: (she looks at all her friends and sees them happy) ONLY FOR TODAY. Understand.

The elites have a group hug and they start signing to Soni Soni ( Mohabbatein), Ragini and Tapan sing one part, followed by Jai and Maira,
Shresth and Swara and last Uttara and Sahil, Laksh gets jealous seeing Ragini with Tapan and goes to her and seeing Laksh she gets happy and
hugs him, Laksh gets a little shocked.

Ragini: Laksh, where were you? I missed you so much. Laksh takes her away and leaves.

Shresth is about to say something to Swara, but notices Sanskaar coming so he doesn’t say anything and quietly goes back to dancing. Sanskaar comes and Swara signals him what happened and he’s nodes no. Swara sees his tensed face and takes him to the side.

Swara: Sanskaar, What happened?

Sanskaar: Nothing.

Swara: Are you sure?

Sanskaar: Of course, my jaan, if something happened I would tell you nah.

Swara: Okay, let’s go, then.

San: Jaan, since we are alone, let’s spend some time together.

Swa: Sanskriti ki Papa, have some shame, you’re a papa now.

San: Princess ki Ma, I may be a papa, but I’m a husband first nah. And why should i have shame, I’m Married.

Swa: What, where is your wife then? She runs away saying this and Sanskaar follows her and they enjoy a lot and Sanskaar finally catches her
and people start throwing colors on them.

Laksh takes Ragini to the kitchen and looks for lemon and puts her on the counter. She is about to “secretly” run away. But Laksh,

Laksh: Ragini, Don’t you even dare move from there.

Ragini (frowning ): What did I do, I was just trying to come and help you. Laksh finds lemon and goes to her and cuts the lemon and gives it to her.

Laksh: Here, eat this.

Rag starts laughing.

Laksh: Ragini, why are you laughing.

Rag: Are you stupid, you eats lemon, you squeeze the lemon juice, you can’t eat a lemon. (She is making the cutest expressions and laksh smiles
looking at her)

Lak: Ok, meri maa, here do it.
Rag: Laksh, it’s very sour, like it’s extra extra khatta. I don’t like the taste of this.

Lak: Ragu, please it helps get the nasha a little down.

Rag: Ok. Done.

Lak: He kisses her cheek and says that’s like my princess.

Rag: She gets happy and is about to kiss him back, but remembers something. But I don’t like you. I mean how could you laksh, she gets tears in her eyes.

Lak: Ragini, why are you crying, I’m sorry, jaan, but please don’t cry.

Rag: Laksh, How could you? I don’t want to talk to you right now.

Lak: I’m sorry, jaan but I promise I will try to make everything right please.

Swasan: What’s wrong?

Precap: to be continued, do you guys want raglak to have a major separation or a small one.

HEY GUYS I’M EXTREMELY SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY. I know it’s been almost two weeks, but I have been really sick and on top of that all my classes have exams going on right now, I’m so so sorry, but I promise I will update as soon as possible.

Credit to: Kasam

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  1. Small separation only. N thanks for updating. Hope u r fine now.

    1. Yeah I’m feeling a little better, but I still can’t talk much. Every time I talk, I have to repeat it at least 7 times.

    2. And Thanks I will try to keep it as short as I can.

  2. Please keep swasan scenes more yaar…

  3. Just small nok jok.

  4. Small one

  5. Dnt want them to be separated…

  6. small one

  7. Just a smallest one…… No bigger one….. Plz…… Thy R such a cuties …….. Btw aftr a long tym…… I enjoyed it……
    Plz smeone shld knw shrest evilness n he shld go away….. 🙁
    I dn wnt swasan o raglak to b Seperated coz of him agn……

  8. Get well soon… n all the best for exams… n ya a smalll seperation…

  9. Plzz get well soon nd best of luck for ur exams…….the episode was nce

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