Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 42


Recap: Swara is taken to the hospital.

Sanskaar is impatiently waiting for Viren to return and as soon as he comes Sanskaar goes to him and is about to say something.

Viren: Wait, I’m telling you all what happened, but I promise there was a reason I couldn’t tell you guys before. Sorry Bhavika and Ragini, she made us promise.

Sanskaar: What do you mean?

————————————–fb starts—————————————————

After San went to sleep, Swara woke up and she was crying miserably and she remembers she needs to leave Sanskaar and she calls someone and she asks them for a favor and the person agrees and Swara says see you at 5 am. Please be on time. The other person reassures them and Swara goes back to sleep with sanskaar.

At 5 am,

Swara is waiting for a car and she turns back and looks at the house and decides to go back, but the car comes and she looks back one last time and sits in the car.

Person: Are you sure.

Swara (tears): Yes. Let’s go please.

The person hugs Swara and says what happened, let me know.

Swara: Not right now please Viren. (Yes, you guessed it, it’s Viren)

Viren: Ok.

Viren takes her to his place, he stays 40 minutes from MM’s.

Jeevika is waiting for them and seeing Swara she runs to her and hugs her and shows her the bedroom.

For one week, Swara doesn’t come out of her room and Viren and Jeevika try so much to get her to talk but she doesn’t. She just sits in her room and cries. Viren fed up, barges into her room and brings her out and says she has five minutes to talk or he will call Sanskaar.

Swara: Stop, I’m talking. Actually you know Shresth is alive.

Viren: WHAT!!!. How, I mean when did this happen.

Swara: Around one week ago, well his sister is Kavita and Sanskaar loves Kavita and we thought Shresth and Kavita died in the car wreck, but they both are alive and Sanskaar really loves kavita and I don’t want to get in their way. So I left him and everyone.

Jeevika: Viren, calm down, don’t scare her, she’s pregnant.

Viren: No wonder, she isn’t thinking practically. Swara packs your bags I’m dropping you back home.

Swara: I’m not going back, but if you don’t want me to stay here, then I will just go somewhere else, and you won’t have to worry about me.

She turns to leave.

Viren: Stop. where will you go?

Swara: Hotel or something. I don’t know. I will find a way.

Viren: UHHH, I really hate you. You know that. Be zidi, but can i at least tell bhavika you are here.

Swara: NO. please Jeevika, Viren don’t tell anyone. I don’t want to worry anyone.

Viren: Okay, but from now on, No more Hiding in the room. You are going to be outside and infact i think i should make you join my company here. What say Jeevika.

Jeevika: Correct, that way it will distract her and keep her busy.

Swara: Do I get a say in that.

Virika: NO. our house, our rules.

Swara: Oh My God, where did I get myself stuck. Man I knew I should have just left. (jokingly)

Jeevika: Don’t you dare even step outside the house without letting me know.

Swara: Okay mom.

Jeevika: What to do,I have to be the sensible person here nah.

They all have a sweet moment.

After that Virika become Swara’s life support. She depends on them so much. They all enjoy their life a lot and Swara even though she is sad, she always tries to show herself happy in front of them.
—————————————fb ends———————————

Ragini: You knew and you never informed us. How DARE YOU.

Jeevika: Because Swara, herself told us not to.

Sank: SO, do you guys know how much I looked for her. I was searching like crazy. We all were.

Viren: Apparently not too closely, considering she was only one hour away from you.

Sanskaar gets angry and holds Viren’s collar and is about to punch him, but stops himself.

Sank: Sorry, and you’re right.

Viren: I’m sorry as well, but she made us promise not to and if we did, she said she would leave and this not she won’t just leave mumbai, but she will probably go out of country. So we couldn’t take the risk.

Ragini: Wait, then why did you suddenly call us and purposely make us meet Swara.

Jeevika: Woh actually, one week ago, Swara had a check-up and the doctor said Swara needs to be happy and if she keeps staying this depressed, she might unintentionally and unknowingly harm baby, which could also harm her.

Viren: We couldn’t take the risk and the only time we had seen her truly happy was when she talked about Ragu and Sanskaar and her family. So, we decided to see what happen and finally I was able to set up this meeting.

Sanskaar: If you knew one week ago, you should have called me.

Jeevika: Jij, stop blaming us. Do you really think we care about your feelings, we only care about Swara di. We didn’t want to hurt her and call you here. But we did so, at least try to appreciate the fact that we called you, otherwise who knows how long it would have been before you ever again saw di.

Viren: Jeevika, calm down.

Jeevika: No, I’m not calming down. Arre these people call themselves her friends, but they never looked close enough to see her pain. You know how many times bhai (jai) and them came home, still none of them were ever able to even get a clue that di stayed with us. Infact, I tried to give so many hints to let them know, yet they never got it. You guys don’t have the right to look at us as if we did something wrong, because we didn’t and if any of you were in our place, you would have done the same exact thing. Understand. SO please don’t
blame us. Or i promise, if Di says take me away, I will and I will make sure none of you ever get to see her ever again.

Viren: Jeevika, calm. sshh. (He hugs her while she is crying and everyone also has tears in their eyes because they all realized somewhere in all this it was also their fault and
Sanskaar realizes, because of Virika, his baby and swara are safe, because they took care of her. They were her support, when he was not there.

Jeevika and Viren realize something and quickly look at Sanskaar angrily and when Sanskaar is about to say thanks, they both ignore him, and Jeevika is about to say something,
but Viren stops her.

Rag: Viren, why did you stop her, let her speak nah.

Viren: It’s nothing, but we think Sanskaar should leave or else when his wife comes Swara might be a little sad.

Everyone is shocked, especially Sanskaar.

Sans: What do you mean when my wife comes? My wife is inside the OT.

Jeevika: If I remember we sent the divorce papers like 4 months ago. Which means you and Kavita could have gotten married in 4 months.

San: What? Why would I marry Kavita?

Viren: Sanskaar stop joking, we know you and Kavita are in love and you wanted to divorce Swara and that’s why she left you, so that you wouldn’t feel guilty about it.

Sank: I never said I want to marry Kavita, I am very happy with Swara.

Jeevika: Accha, then why did you tell Shresth you can’t wait to be back with Kavita.

Sank: I never said that and he remembers the convo and says so Swara heard that, but she left without hearing the whole story. Listen i told Shresht, I want kavita to wake up, but only as a friend, I have moved on and I am happy with Swara and she is the only one I can imagine living with, but I don’t think she heard that part.

Viren: Oh really then, why did Shresth tell Swara, how she is coming in between Kavita and you?

Sank: What, I don’t know about that? When did he say that?

Viren: Wait, so you are not married to kavita?

Sank: I never even signed the divorce papers.

Viren: Oh ok. Well I guess I should owe you cna apology. Sorry, it’s just we heard one side of the story and Swara is my best friend and I stop thinking when it comes to her.

Sank: It’s okay.

At that time all the MM and gadodia family arrive along with Shresth and Kaveri. Everyone (all ready at the hospital) get angry looking at Shresth.

AP: Beta, kya hua, tum kab itne door hospital mein kyun aur jeevika tum or Viren kaha kaise.

Ragini: Maa kuch nahi, bas sab ke liye khush khabar hai.

Just then the doctor comes out holding a baby and all the elders are confused and they look at the youngsters smiling and especially Sanskaar who immediately took the baby out of the doctor’s hand and realize it and they get happy as well.

Precap: Baby.

Hey guys so do you want it to be a girl or boy and suggest names please. Sorry for a short update, but I just wanted the baby’s suggestion.

Credit to: Kasam

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