Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 41

Recap: Swara leaves Sanskaar and MM.

8 months later……………

It’s been 8 months and the entire MM house has changed. Sanskaar, who used to be fun-loving has become a workaholic. His office has become his house, he barely comes back home and Ap and Suju also rarely see him. Ragini is always a little depressed, but her swayam also makes her smile. Raglak take care of MM family, and Uttara has refused to get married until Swara comes back and all the elders are still clueless to why Swara left. Sahil has become of SRSG Ind.’s chairman in just a really short time and none has been really happy they all are just living, but not actually smiling. The elites all are busy in their daily lives, they all moved closer to stay with Ragini. They all come everyday to say hi, but they don’t enjoy like they used to.

It’s another day at MM mansion, but today Sanskaar came home in two weeks and Suju and AP are serving him breakfast, when the elites come in, with two more people. They are Viren and Jeevika. They all sit down after intro.
Ragini: Jeevika, Viren tum yaha.
Viren: Here, Jeevika and I are getting married in one month and you all have to be there. Even you Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: I don’t know. I may have something in one month.
Jeevika: Jij, please no excuses. You need to be there.
Sanskaar: Okay.

Just then Shresth and Kaveri come in. Seeing Shresth, Viren gets a little angry and is about to say something, but Jeevika stops him and signals him not to create a scene. He calms down a little, but is still very much angry.
Viren: Okay, Ragini we are leaving.
Shresth: So, fast how come Viren. You are not at all shocked to see me, I mean maybe Bhavika told you right.
Viren: Shresth, I already know you are alive, you now I finally realize why Sw
Jeevika: VIREN, hume jana hoga.
Viren realizes what he was about to do and composes himself.
San: Sw, you were going to say swara right.
Viren: NO nothing, excuse us we are leaving. He takes Jeevika’s hand and leaves.

Kaveri: Ap ji, it’s been 8 months, are you guys going to get Uttara married or not.
Suju: Listen Uttara has clearly said till Swara doesn’t return, she will not get married. And I have the same feelings towards that, so if you want you can break the alliance, but the wedding won’t happen without Swara.
Shresth smiles hearing that and thinks plan successful. He then looks at Sanskaar and says what an idiot.
—– flashback begins—————-
Night of engagement of Shresth and Uttara.
Sanskaar is looking for Swara and he goes to a room and as he is about to leave Shresth walks in.
Shresth: I need to talk to you.
Sank: Of course bhai, bol.
Shresth: Kavita is still in a coma.
Sank: What she’s alive.
Shresth: Why do you care it’s not like you ever loved her.
Sanskaar: I do love Kavitha, but. (Shresth sees Swara and stops him)
Shresth: Then why did you move on with Swara.
Sanskaar: Shresth, there was no other option and had it not been it would have been someone else, but listen I really lo
Shresth: She would have said no.
Sanskaar: You could have also shown up here, we got married like a year ago.
Shresth: I hope Kavi wakes up quick and you two can finally be together.
Sanskaar: Me too, (Shresth sees Swara leaving and smiles) but if that was before I meet Swara. I really love her and she loves me too and we both have moved on and i’m sorry but if kavita comes back it will only hurt her because i am never going to leave swara.
Shresth leaves and smiles looking at sanskaar.
————————– fb ends———————————-

One week later, Sanskar goes to meet laksh at his office, and he meets Viren there.
Viren: Sanskaar, Hi what’s up bro.
Sank: Nothing, but Laksh just called me here and I thought it was an emergency.
Laksh: Nothing like that bhai it’s just Viren’s company is going to be handling one of my projects, since Bhai’s company is dealing with other projects. And we are going to sign the deal at their company tomorrow, and I need my lawyer to go over the documents and details with me.
Sank: Okay, what time do I need to be there by.
Viren: Be there before 11:00 am okay.
Sanskaar: Okay.

That night Sanskaar goes home to sleep and he changes and looks around all the photos of Swasan and his tiny baby and he takes out Swara’s letter she wrote to him and three different letters she wrote to Ragini. Even though they all are meant for Sanskaar.
Letter 1 It was three months after Swara left.
Hi Ragu,
How are you? You guys must be a little sad right now, but I know guys have moved on, and I’m really very happy. Sanskaar, How is he? He must be feeling very guilty right now, but tell him it’s okay. I want him to move and start his new life. There’s no reason to be guilty, because you didn’t make a mistake. I just want you to be happy Sanskaar. Nothing else, but you being happy.
Waise I had my check-up yesterday and we still don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, but my baby is healthy and we did a little sonography and I sent you the CD for it. Don’t worry I am completely fine. I almost only fell twice last week and both times I was saved. Oops, probably shouldn’t have told you that. But it’s okay. And I know you must be wondering where I am, but I am perfectly safe and I’m living.

Love you, Swara.

Sanskaar watched that CD everyday for the next two months, before Swara sent another letter.

Dear Ragu, Guess what I started working. Actually I was working before only, but today I was promoted to head manager in the company. I am handling so many projects, I don’t even get time for myself, but the people im staying with always feed me and my baby on time. One time I was so busy I was about to miss lunch, but she came and forcefully made me leave work and made me have lunch. She reminds me so much of you Ragu. I hope you started working again. But maybe not because of me you were unable to. I’m sorry, but the only way to let sanskaar be happy was to leave him. I had no other options. And I also sent the divorce papers for Sanskaar, I signed them, and all he has to do is sign them and submit it. I have talked to my lawyer and she will take care of everything. I had another sonography and I want my baby to be a surprise so, I didn’t ask them. Well I sent you another CD. and also a few pictures. I miss you alot Ragini. I love you very much as well.

Love You

Those pictures brought back Sanskaar’s life, he was a little happy, but not a lot. Swara last letter came two months after that. It had been 7 months now and the last letter broke Sanskaar heart the most.

Hi Ragu, How are you. I’m fine. Actually I’m not and I think today I am ready to tell you to convince the family to let Sanskaar and Kavitha get married. I don’t know if she woke up from her coma or not, but just somehow get them married. You know how much courage it took me to leave Sanskaar. It hurt and the minute I left, I regretted my decision, but after what I heard Sanskaar tell Shresth I knew I couldn’t come in between them. But you know I was thinking about not going, but what Shresth told me helped put everything straight. I can’t be selfish and ruin so many lives, just so Sanskaar can be mine. I need to leave him and reunite him, with the one he truly loves. I don’t anyone to blame Sanskaar, so I was send the family a CD, that makes me look bad and this way they don’t feel bad about Sanskaar second-marriage.

You know I never told this to you, but Ragini it hurts. I never got the courage to tell you this but it hurts so much right now. Everytime I go for check-up, everyone has their husband with them and me I have none with me. When I heard about the news, I imagined going to chat places with Sanskaar, going to regular check-ups with Sanskaar, I imagined everything with Sanskaar and I didn’t even get to do a single thing with Sanskaar.

Oh I forgot to mention, my baby has learned how to kick, everytime I get sad or anything, but happy, my baby kicks me. Everytime I think about my baby’s future I get so scared. What am I going to tell them. When he or she asks me about their dad. Ragini I know it was my decision. I don’t know I get so scared. But knowing sanskaar is happy, makes me happy. So till he is happy, I’m ready to sacrifice my happiness. Sorry, for writing so much sad stuff, but what to do I’m pregnant. at least I don’t get angry like you. I just get sad. Sorry, bad joke. Okay next letter will be after my due-date and I will send you a picture of the baby. Okay bye. Remember I told about the project, well the company wants me to take care of the new project and I have one month to design a hotel, so bye love you and miss you. I will send a return address next letter.
Love you, Swara.

Sanskaar cries reading the letters and looks at pictures.
San: Why did you take this big decision without even asking me. I love you Swara, not Kavita, I want your happiness, that’s where I am happy. I wanted to take you everywhere, I wanted to be with you when my baby would kick the first time, I want to be there for your daily check-ups. I need you in my life to be able to breathe. Without you, I am nothing. Once you send me your adress, I promise nothing in the world will stop me from bringing you back. I love you and I will always love you.

He goes to sleep crying.

Next morning, Sanskaar is a little late at the meeting and when he gets there it’s a little dark, and Viren meets him outside and they both go and sit the projector light turns on and a woman walks dressed professionally, but comfortable and seeing her Sanskaar gets shocked and has tears in his eyes, and he is about to get up, but Viren signals him not to. Sanskaar sits back down and cries looking at his Swara. She has a huge tummy, but it looks like she has no life in her, She is smiling, but it doesn’t reach her eyes. It also looks like she has lost all energy and she looks like a lifeless corpse. She has lost a lot of weight and Sanskaar cries looking at her.
Swara can’t see him or anyone and she continues giving the presentation and finally after it’s down the lights turn on, and Swara looks at the room in shock. She sees Sanskaar, Laksh, Viren, Jeevika, and Ragini. But she looks at Sanskaar and he gets up, but she quickly runs away from there and Sanskaar runs behind her, but he can’t find her and is about to leave, when he sees a chocolate wrapper thrown from under a desk. He goes there and bends down and sees Swara who has tears in her eyes and she is crying horribly, with a hand on her mouth. Seeing Sanskaar swara gets shocked and lets go of her mouth and cries.

Swara: Tum, tum yaha kaise. I mean how.
Sanskaar: Actually, I came to give you my wedding invitation. Kavita woke up three months ago and we have decided to get married.
Swara cries more hearing that, but she composes herself and tries to stand up, but can’t so Sanskaar helps her up.
Swara: Oh, wow. Congrats. When is the wedding.
Sanskaar: In one week. You have to come. After all, you are the reason we are back together.
Swara: Offf, of course. Why not, i will surely come. Ok, I need to leave bye. She is about to go when Sanskaar holds her hand and she freezes and he goes to her and touches her tummy and the baby kicks and he smiles, Swara starts crying and she starts getting dizzy.
Sank: Baby, how are you. I misses you a lot. I love you so much. You know soon you are going to get a new mom.

Ragini: JIJ.
Sanskaar gets shocked looking at her and thinks she is going to ruin my whole entire plan.
Rag: Jij, look at di.
Sanskaar looks at Swara who has a pale face and it seems like she is going to faint and before she could fall on the floor Sanskaar catches her. Everyone runs to her and Sanskaar is trying to wake her up with water, but it’s not working.

Jeevika: I think Swara’s water broke, guys we need to get her to the hospital fast, or else it won’t be safe. Viren, call Swara’s doctor and tell him to prepare fast and we should be there in 10 minutes.
Ragsanlak are shocked and they look at Virika.
Viren: We don’t have time, I will tell you once Swara is safe. Let’s go.
They reach the hospital and the doctor meets them with a stretcher and takes Swara to the OT.

Ragini calls everyone and informs them. And Viren asks them to wait and he will go and finish the paperwork and by the time he comes back the elites are also there. Viren looks at Jeevika and he holds his hand and tells him, they need to inform everyone. It’s okay.
He goes towards them with a tensed face and starts.

Precap: What actually happened.

Hey guys, many thought Swara would go with Shresth, but that was never my plan. Swara loves Sanskaar, and she would never betray him.
So, keep reading for more twists and turns. I hope you liked today’s epi. I will try to update as soon as possible.

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