Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 40


Recap: Shresth comes back.

Swara runs upstairs and runs to Uttara’s room and is shocked to see Sanskaar standing outside the door and about to go in. She doesn’t know how to stop him, so she pretends to fall.
Sanskaar sees her and runs towards her and asks her if she’s okay, but till this time everyone has come upstairs and they all are tensed seeing.

Bhavika: Swara, what happened, how did you fall?

Swara: Woh, actually (She’s looking at Uttara’s room and Uttara comes out) I came to get my phone, I left it in my room.

San: Swara, I came to get it nah, then why did you have to come. (He picks her up and carries her to their room, everyone follows them and Shresth is upset seeing swasan and their room. Their room has swasan’s picture and it’s the dream room swara always talked about) Bhavika can you check her, or do we need to call a doctor.

Bhavika: I won’t know what happened, I think it’s better to just call the doctor.

Laksh leaves to call the doctor.

Shresth’s mom (Kaveri Ghosh): She just fell, what’s the need to call the doctor.

Suju: OMG, what are you saying Kaveri Ji, my swara is pregnant, and falling can harm her and the baby. Of course, we need to call the doctor. ( Kaveri left a little early the night of the party)

Shresth is furious hearing swara is pregnant and he looking at Swasan. He is about to say something when the doctor comes.

Doctor: checks swara and says nothing is wrong, but she needs to go to the clinic and get a proper check up.

All the elders leave the youngsters behind in the room.

Ragini: I will go get some food for you okay.

Sw: Ragini, I just eat. I’m not hungry.

San: Ragini, can you also get some fruits and..

Rag: Jij, chill I know.

San: Sorry.

Swa: Ragu, don’t… (ragini leaves before swara can stop her along with laksh.) What was the need to send her sanskaar, I told nah, i’m not hungry, then.

San: Shona, you fell, it must have been due to weakness nah, that’s why. You know I can never take any risk when it comes to you.

Elites and Uttrahil (sahil came in when everyone was busy) Oh hooo.

Swasan look at all and swara blushes, and sanskaar just looks at everyone with fake anger, but they all just laugh at him, knowing he can never be angry.

Shresth: Wow.

Everyone stops laughing and looks at him.

Just then Raglak enters with two trays one of fruits and other has small little bags of healthy food. Ragini puts in on the table and she notices Shresth.

Ragini: Uttara, mom was calling you and Sahil daadi and mom also want to leave, so they are calling you both.

Uttrahil leave and it’s just the elites and Sanlak in the room. Ragini goes and locks the door.

Ragini goes to Shresth and is about to hug him, when he steps back.

Shresth: Please, don’t pretend you are happy to see me.

Rag: Shresth, I am. I’m really happy to see you. Shresth, before being my jij, you were always my best friend.

Shresth: If I really was your best friends, then you would not have let this (he points towards swasan and swara gets angry, while sanskaar just has a guilty look.) happen, you would
have stopped it.

Rag: Why, Shresth, you had DIED. We thought you were NEVER coming back. It’s been 3 years Shresth, swara had to move on and so did jij. You really can’t blame them. It’s not their fault it’s our circumstances that forced them to take that decision.

Shresth: What I DIED, ragini, I’m right here in front of you all. In fact it’s you guys who didn’t even care about me. I was in a coma for 2 years and you never once even came to even see me.

Everyone is shocked and they all just look at Shresth with disbelief and Shresth looks at them with anger.

Shresth: Why are you guys soo shocked. Huh.

Maira: We thought you died in the car accident.

Shresth: Does it seem like, I’m dead. No nah. I’m very much alive.

Swara: Your mom told us, you had died.

Shresth: Please, Swara stop trying to make excuses. You moved on without even thinking about us and now you are trying to blame my mother. I should have listened to my mother
and never have trusted you guys.

Rohan: Shresth (He goes to him and holds his collar), mind your tongue. Don’t say anything against ..

Shresth: Your sisters right? (He removes Rohan’s hand and dusts it (He’s acting very arrogant)) Honestly, I could care less about you or your “so-called sisters”

Ragini: Shresth, what’s wrong with you. How did you change so much.

Shresth: Betrayal can change anyone.

Ragini: No one betrayed you Shresth.

Shresth: Accha, if no one betrayed me then why is the love of my life, my mishti married to someone else and she’s already moved on and she’s starting her own family. Not only did she betray me, every single one of you in this room betrayed me.

Jai gets angry and is about to punch him and Shresth also is about to punch him,

Swara: STOP, Both of you stop. Shresth, you don’t trust us ok, she’s about to say something when Shresth gets a call and he has to leave.

Shresth leaves the room and Mavika and Swaragini start crying and they hug each other. Sanlak look, while the elites all have a group hug.

Shresth doesn’t return back to MM house for a week, and the boys are all trying to meet them and try to talk him, but it’s of no use. Swaragini have still not been able to tell Sanlak about Sahil and Uttara. And the day of Uttara and Shresth’s engagement comes. Swaragini are sad seeing their brother and sister-in-law sad and they are feeling really helpless thinking about the situation. Swara decides to talk to Sanskaar once before the engagement regarding uttara and Sahil, and ragini does the same. Ragini goes looking for laksh, but he is busy in his work and talking with his partners and family members. On the other hand, Swara searches for Sanskaar and she is walking past one of the rooms when she hears a convo and is shocked and she starts crying.

Sanskaar: I do love Kavitha, but.

Shresth: Then why did you move on with Swara.

Sanskaar: Shresth, there was no other option and had it not been it would have been someone else, but listen I really lo

Shresth: She would have said no.

Sanskaar: You could have also shown up here, we got married like a year ago.

Shresth: I hope Kavi wakes up quick and you two can finally be together.

Sanskaar: Me too, ..

Swara can’t take it anymore and she runs away from there without listening to sanskaar finish. She goes to her room and looks at all the pictures on the wall and makes a decision. She touches up her make-up and goes downstairs. The ceremony starts and Shresth is about to make her wear the ring, when it falls and lands near Swara. None notice it and
Swara steps on it and doesn’t move and everyone keep searching, and seeing Swara standing still Sahil and Ragini ask her and she signals the ring is on her foot. Ragini then takes
one of swara’s ring and drops it and says here. Everyone looks and at this time Sahil takes the ring from Swara’s foot and puts it in one of the decoration bowls filled with pebbles.

Kaveri (Shresth’s mom): This is not the ring, I had selected. It’s different.

Sanskaar: That’s Swara’s ring.

Swara looks at him a little surprised, he questions why she is so shocked and she nods nothing.

Suju: Jiji, this is a very bad abshagen, when the engagement ring gets lost. Now, what.

AP: Panditji, doosra murat nikal sakte hai aap.

Pandit ji gets another date in two weeks and the engagement turns into a small party. Swaragini and Uttara and Sahil make excuses and go to Uttara’s room. Swaragini are being
followed by someone, but they don’t see anyone and they enter Uttara’s room and Uttara and Sahil are hugging.

Ragini: (fake cough) Excuse me. Sahil, Uttu. Control you two. We just stopped the engagement, not your wedding. You two what if it was someone else like ma or papa.

Sahil goes to Swaragini and hugs them and says I Love you two soo much right now.

Uttara looks a little confused, and Sahil tells her what happened and Uttara hugs Swaragini and says thank you and I love you soo much.

Swara: Ok, stop both of you. Now challo start the engagement.

Uttarahil look shocked and say what.

Swara goes to Sahil and pulls his ear and says nautanki, I know you brought the ring, mom got for her bahu with you right now. And don’t try to deny, I saw the ring when you bend

Ragini: Tonight, you two are going to be engaged and slowly we will tell everyone about it.

Sahil holds Uttara’s hand is about to make her wear the ring, when someone tries to open the door, but it’s locked. The four get shocked and scared. Swara asks Sahil to hide, and

Ragini opens the door and is shocked to see the elites.

Swara: Guys, what are you guys doing here?

Maira: OMG, Sahil where are you?

Ragini gets shocked and she peeps out the door to see anyone heard or not and she shuts the door.

Uttara: Maira, why would Sahil be here?

Bhavika: Swaragini, I thought you two at least trusted us, but nope and Sahil, I was like your sister, then too you hide the truth from us.

Swara: Bhavo, Sahil is not here, what are you guys saying Sahil, Sahil.

Tapan: Sahil, come out or I’ll not give you the codes to move on to the levels on your ps4.

Sahil hurriedly runs out of the bathroom and everyone starts laughing.

Sahil: Tapan, please don’t be this mean.

Ragini: How did you guys find out.

Rohan: Ragini, that’s because we all saw Swara’s nautanki that day, when she did the drama of falling. She winked at Uttara and I got a call and I saw Sahil come from her room.

Maira: And today, we saw Sahil picking up the ring and hiding it. Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone, but still it’s bad to hide this. I mean do sanlak know?

Uttara: No, Bhaiya don’t know and I don’t want to tell them right now.

Bhavika: Ok, but what was happening right now.

Ragini: Their engagement, but you guys came in between,

Maira: Sorry, ok then let’s continue.

Sahil and Uttara exchange the rings and smile and hug each other, and everyone hugs. While all are hugging the door is opened and Sanlak walk in and are shocked seeing
everyone hugging. Ragini makes up an excuse and Sanlak tell them everyone is calling them downstairs. They reach downstairs and the guests are leaving and the Sahil and
gadodia family leave as well. Swara is asked to go rest and she leaves and Sanskaar follows her. She freshen ups and comes and Sanskaar goes and freshens up and Swara keeps
thinking if she is making the right decision. She gets pain and screams and Sanskaar runs and makes her lay on the bed and gives her medicine.

San: Can’t you take your medicine on time, if something happens to you, I don’t know how I will live. He hugs her saying this.

Swa: You have to live, even if something happens to me.

San: Stop talking like that, I was just joking.

Swa: I’m not, if I go far away, live your life and move on.

San: Swara, I’m serious.

Swa: I’m serious to Sanskaar. Waise, (she looks at him) I Love You.

San: Waise, I love you too.

They go to sleep hugging each other.

Swara wakes up early in the morning at around 4 ish before anyone and she gets ready and goes and does puja and makes breakfast for everyone and goes to her room, packs her suitcase and puts four pictures, one of Swasan, one of her huge family MF and GF, one with the elites and one of Swaragini. She then writes two letters and puts one letter under Swasan’s photo on Sanskaar’s side table and she takes the other and goes to Ragini’s room and keeps the letter under the photo of Swaragini and kisses Swayam and Ragini and leaves the room, She goes back to her room and hugs Sanskaar and kisses him and with tears, she takes her suitcase and leaves the house. She walks to the driveway and a car picks her up and she gets in and the person inside asks if she’s sure about this and she says yes. The car drives of.

MM house, Uttara was in the balcony talking to Sahil, when she saw Swara walking out of the house with a bag and she tells Sahil and hangs up the phone and Uttara runs to Sanskaar room and sees the door open and she wakes up Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: Uttara, tum yaha kyun.

Uttara: Bhai, Bhabhi I just saw her leaving with a bag.

Sanskaar gets shocked and opens the cupboard and Swara’s cupboard is empty. Uttara says she just left like 5 minutes ago, bhai, maybe you can catch her.

Sanskaar runs before listening to her and crazily runs till he can’t see her at all and he falls on the road and crys. Everyone at home gets up and Uttara still hasn’t told anyone.

Everyone comes and does Puja, and Uttara lies saying swara is getting ready, the ladies go to the kitchen and are shocked seeing all the food ready. The servant informed them Swara made the food, waking up early and at that time Sanskaar comes in with red eyes and Uttara runs and asks him if he found her and he just without saying anything goes to his room and sees their pictures and he sees the letter and hurriedly reads it.

Hi Sanskaar,
I’m sorry, but I had no other option other than this. You might be wondering why I took this huge step and it’s for you. I know you still love Kavitha and you are just staying with me because you thought kavitha died and now you know she’s alive, so I’m clearing myself out of the way for you two to be together. Don’t worry, I will take care of the baby and you don’t have to even worry about the baby. I’m sorry, because of me, you had to go through so much. I hope you and Kavitha all the best. Live your lives together and happily.
P.S. take care of yourself and please take care of my Ragu.

Sanskaar hugs the letter and cries and says Idiot you should have at least talked to me first.

The family finds out Swara left and they ask Uttara questions and she can’t answer and Ragini runs to her room and she her letter and reads it.

Ragini, maaf kar de please. Dekh I know it’s a mistake I should not have left, but I did it for Sanskaar’s happiness. He loves Kavitha and I’m coming in between them, so I have no other option. But listen, now you have to complete the mission to get our dum-dum (Sahil) and Uttara married. You have to try to make the family understand. I know I left at a really bad time, but I don’t think I had another choice. Ragini, once I feel okay, I will send you a return address but don’t tell Sanskaar you have the written address please, till then you will just receive letters from me and I have also changed my number, so I will call you once I’m okay. Ragini now listen, you now have the responsibility of two houses on you, and I’m sorry that’s because of me, so please try your best to take care of everyone.
I love you.
The other half of Ragini,
P.S. Tell everyone, I’m sorry. I have no ways to justify my answer without Sanskaar being blamed, so just make up excuses. Please.

Ragini weeps looking at the letter. And goes to Sanskaar and gives him her letter and takes his letter. They both cry together…………..

Recap: Who did Swara leave with?

Hey guys sorry for not uploading quickly, I hope you guys liked the part.

Credit to: Kasam

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