Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 4


This is a special episode.

Recap- Swaragini are about to fall but sanlak hold them.
Sanskaar: Bade Papa, they were about to fall, so we caught them, nothing else.
Shekar: It’s ok DP, instead of getting angry you should praise them, they saved my daughters from falling. Come now and meet my swaragini.
Swaragini come and touch DP’s feet and he blesses them.
DP: Your daughter’s are very traditional and cultured, even after being home for almost 10 years.
Ragini: Uncle ji we may have been away from India, but India was never far from us. And it’s not like we stayed there only, every vacation we used to come here.
Laksh smiles listening to her talk, and then all the other interns from SWSG come there and all are shocked to see each other.
Swaragini: How come you guys are here?
Piya: My fiance’s family are business associates with the Maheshwari’s.
Advesh: My mom is best friends with Sumi aunty.
Veer: DP uncle is my mama. (Mom’s brother)
Vritin: And Sumi is my bua. ( Mom’s sister) And how about you Swaragini. Sorry you guys are sisters, so i combined it.
Swara: It’s okay all our family members refer to us like that only.
Ragini: Actually, this party has been kept in our honor. We are the daughters of this house.
Veer: Oh so you are the girls who are going to get married to Sanskaar and Laksh.
Swaragini are shocked hearing that and just start laughing.
Ragini: Dude, that’s a sick joke okay. Don’t ever joke like that. I know our dad would never fix our marriage without talking to us.
Swara: Okay guys umm, you enjoy we are going to greet others.
Just then Sahil interrupts:
So ladies and gentlemen, today’s party is for my sisters Swaragini, who have finally decided they are done studying and are returning home after almost 10 years. So Let’s party tonight and if you don’t know how to, chill i have everything planned out.
Sahil: We are going to have a mystery dance, meaning all the guys will pull out a name from the bowl, and whoever you get, you have to dance with it. And to be fair one boy will be able to trade his partner, so you better be the first boy to yell trade or you are stuck with your partner, And all boys will open it at the same time ok. Advesh, Sanskaar, Abhay (Piya’s fiance), Laksh, Vritin, Veer, Sahil and other pick out the names.
Swara: OK boys 3,2,1, open.
Sahil: TRADE.
Ragini: Ouch Sahil, calm down, who did you get that you are so scared huh.
Sahil: Funny you asks di, because it’s you who i’m trading, Laksh bhai, do you want to trade?
Laksh: Sure, I don’t mind.
Sahil: Thanks bro.
Swara: Ok guys announce your partners, so we can finally get started.
Sanskaar was about to say something but couldn’t and looks at his chit with anger.

Sahil: Uttara. Advesh: Priyanshi Veer: Sanaya Vritin: Zahira Abhay: Piya
Laksh: (smilingly) Ragini. She looks up and sweetly smiles at that.
Sanskaar in an uninterested tone says Swara, who in turn looks at him in disbelief and anger as well.
Slowly all the pairs are done and Sahil announces a dance.
All the couples dance on Gerua, while Swara and Sanskaar try to hurt each other. Sanskaar first steps on Swara’s feet, and she in turn steps on his feet, and then he messes with her hair and she pushes him, but when he tries to balance himself he ends up untying the knot of Swara’s dress. (Swara is wearing a blue-green net anarkali, while ragini is wearing a green-pink net anarkali and both have their hairs curled).
Embarrassed, Swara runs from there with tears in her eyes. Sanskaar feels bad seeing this so he goes behind her to help her.
Sanskaar: I’m so sorry, I didn’t do that on purpose, please forgive me. Here let me help you.
Swara doesn’t say a thing she just stands there quietly and lets him help her.
Swara: It’s okay, it’s my fault had I not pushed you none of this would have happened.
Sanskaar: By the way what’s the tattoo you have on your back.
Swara: Look Mister, I forgave you but don’t overstep your limits please.
Sanskaar: Okay, I’m sorry. BTW, I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Swara smiles and says Swara Gadodia. Let’s head back or people will start making up stories.
Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand and says wait. He then holds his ears and says i’m extremely sorry for spoiling your dress today. I was not looking and crashed into you with my choc milkshake.
Swara: No, I’m sorry I should have just forgave you, but instead i sprayed you with ketchup. And because of me you still smell like ketchup. Swara makes a cute disgusted face, and sanskaar smiles seeing it.
Sanskaar: It’s okay, let’s forget all this and just become friends.
Swara: Okay
They have a handshake and go back, they see Sahil and Uttra dancing on Deewana Hai Deekho and everyone smiling and enjoying. They enter at the Pehli Bar Dekha Hai Aisa Ajnabee Na Ajnabee Ke Jaisa,
hearing this Sanskaar and Swara look at each other, but can’t pinpoint it exactly, so sanskaar goes to find Laksh, while Ragini comes to Swara and says where were you, I was worried.
Swara: Nothing Rig, my knot untied so I went to tie it, and really worried for me I didn’t think so considering you and mr. laksh were getting quite comfy with each other huh, what was that.
Ragini: Stop it Swar.
After sometime, Shekar asks everyone for their attention and says I have two announcements to make, so please bear with me. One: My daughters have finally decided to return home after a long time and they have also decided to join my company, even though as intern’s but still they have joined my company.
As soon as Shekar says that, Piya, Advesh, Veer and Vritin look at them shockingly.
Shekar: And second announcement is that I have found the right guys for my Swaragini.
Swaragini are shocked to hear that and then start remembering everything from the day before.
Shekar continues saying, I’m glad to announce my best friend and i have taken a decision to turn our friendship into a relationship. I’m getting my Swara married to Laksh, ( Laksh and ragini are shocked hearing this) and my Ragini will be married to Sanskaar. (Ragini starts crying as well as Swara.)

Precap: Swara is being taken to the hospital.

Hey, guys Swara has a small S tattoo on her left shoulder, in case you were wondering.

Credit to: Kasam

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