Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 39


I was very confused on what actor to give the role of Shresth, cause he needs to have a good heart to match swara, but also he needs to be evil. So I’m thinking Aly Goni from YHM. and if you don’t like him, you guys can give me suggestions.

Recap: Shresth comes back and Shail and Uttra are in love. Swara faints.

Next morning,
Swara is still confused and Sanskaar is smiling like an idiot with his hand on her belly.
Sw: Sanskaar, ghate (donkey) ke tarah muje goor kyun rahe ho. And what is this, i just woke up after fainting and you are thinking about romancing with me. Have some shame.
San: can’t stop smiling and he kisses her belly and looks at her hopefully, but she still doesn’t get it. So he finally goes to her and says what kind of mom are you? Not able to feel your own child.
Swa: What do you mean, what kind of mother I am. OMG, I’M PREGNANT. She gets up from the bed.
Sanskaar gets up and picks her up and swings her around. Yeah, my jaan, we are going to become parents. Swara has tears in her eyes and hugs Sanskaar.
Just then Ragini comes in.
Ragini: OMG, my chutki is going to become a mother.

Swara: What Ragini, you are only 3 minutes older than me, not 3 years.
Ragini: Congrats and they hug.
Laksh comes in and says Congrats bhabhi.
Ragini: Swara go and get ready fast, okay. See you downstairs. She kisses Swara’s forehead and goes.
Swara goes and gets ready and is in front of the mirror and looks at her tummy and keeps her hand and says I love very much. Sanskaar comes out at that time and goes behind her and keeps his hand on top of hers.
Swasan go downstairs and take everyone’s blessings and none of the women let Swara do anything, they make her sit with San and have her breakfast, swara is not even allowed to enter the kitchen. Ap, rp and adarsh leave for office and sanlak are also about to go when the elites and gadodia family enter. They all are congratulating swasan, when a lady enters along with a guy. Ap and suju go to her and hug her and invite them in.
The others don’t even look up, Bhavika looks at the guests and is shocked and she signals Rohan and Maira, who look at swasan and they decide to not let them see the guests.
Maira: Swara, i want to eat your handmade badam ka halwa with sweet elaichi chai.

Rohan: Me too, please Swara.
Bhavika: Guys, she can’t make it alone. Sanskaar go and help her nah.
San: Arre, I need to leave.
Rohan: Bhai, we would help her, but she strictly forbid us from knowing her secret recipe, and I think you might be the only one, who she will allow to help. So please leave work today.
Swasan leave for the kitchen and Ragini goes with them, since Ap asked her to get tea for the guest. While Ragini makes tea for the guest, swara makes the halwa and Sanskaar helps her get the things.
Meanwhile outside, as swaragini and sanskaar leave, the elites all go to Shresth and hug them, all have tears in their eyes. Shresth is introduced to the MF n the GF, who look confused because they thought Shresth was dead, but they choose to ignore it.
Bhavika: Shresth, what, i mean how, what are you doing here.
Shresth: Guys, aren’t you happy to see me?
Elites: We are but,
Shresth: But what?

Jai: Nothing, just happy to see you after a very long time.
Shresth is about to say something, when Ragini calls for Bhavika or Maira. They both go and Ragini asks them to help carry the tray outside for the guest. Maira, knows ragini is going to be shocked, so she doesn’t let her carry the tray and they walk outside, while Sanskaar stops Swara to romance with her.
Outside Shresth is continuously looking at the happy family pictures of MM. There are many individuals pictures of everyone in the family and all the couples. Shresth keeps looking at the picture of Swasan’s wedding and he is fuming with anger and all the elites notice this, just then maira, Bhavika and Ragini walk out. (Shresth has his back to her,so she can’t see his face) Ragini is giving everyone the tea, and is about to give it to Shresth, when she sees him and is so shocked, she spills the tea on him.

Ragini: I’m so sorry Ji, (she realizes what she’s saying) Shresth.
Shresth: ( he was kinda used to her calling him jij, so he is a little) I’m fine, how are you salli (salli sahab), Ragini. Congrats.
Ragini: Huh
Shresth: Your baby, congrats.
Ragini: Oh, yeah, thank you. His name is Swayam, he’s about one month.
Suju: Ragini, beta, catch up later, and shresth hurry and go clean up yourself, or self the stain won’t leave.
Shresth: Oh, yeah. Sorry, umm where is the bathroom.
Ragini: That way. (she mistakenly points to the kitchen n the elders have gotten to talk themselves)

In the kitchen,
Swara is about to go when Sanskaar holds her hand and stops her and he walks towards her.
Sanskaar: (he puts his arms around her neck and says Waise, Mrs. Sanskaar, what do you want?
Swara: Huh, matlab.
Sanskaar: He takes his hand and puts it on her belly. I mean boy or a girl. He puts his hand around her waist.
Swara: Oh, I don’t care, but whatever my baby is I want him or her to be just like their papa.
Sanskaar: But I want to be like their mom.
Swara: (shocked expression) now what. (She notices the time) Sanskaar, don’t you have to go to office. I know Rohan said to leave work, but don’t take him seriously, you need to go.
Sanskaar: No, it’s okay there’s nothing important right now, and if it’s important they will call me.

Swara: So, does this mean you will spend the whole day with me.
San: Madam, that’s only possible if your elites will let me, remember how the day laksh stayed home with Ragini during her pregnancy, they didn’t let them spend any time alone.
Swa: Jij, stayed home with Ragini a lot. He got all his work at home and would only attend the meetings, and nothing else. And we all wanted to spend time with our friend cum sister, so what’s wrong with that.
San: Okay, meri maa. I will spend the whole day with you, even if I won’t be able to spend a single moment with you. (He folds his hand and bends down)
Swa gets happy and hugs Sanskaar. Sanskaar looks at her and kisses her forehead. Someone coughs and Swasan separate and are shocked to see that person. It’s Shresth. Swara is shocked and she holds Sanskaar hand. Shresth sees it and gets angry and Sanskaar notices this and tries to separate their hands, but Swara doesn’t let him, so he stops trying.
Shresth goes to her and is about to touch her, when she moves back and he is hurt and Sanskaar is a little happy seeing that.

Shresth: Mishti, What happened are you not happy to see me. Look I’m back after almost 3 years. Mishti. Please at least look at me, you know I haven’t seen you in almost 3 years, we haven’t talked, remeber when we couldn’t even go without talking to each other for more than one hour, what happened to that.
Swara: You died.
Shresth is shocked at her answer and says what.
Sanskaar comes out of the shock and is about to hug Shresth, but Shresth punches him and Sanskaar falls on the floor.
Swa: Sanskaar, she goes to him and searches his face to see if her’s hurt or not. She gets tears in her eyes and he wipes them away, and signs her that it didn’t hurt. She smiles and this gets Shresth more jealous and angry..
Swara: Shresth, I told you before, only not to touch my husband more time, yet you did the same thing. This is the last time, I’m forgiving you. And the bathroom is the next right, go and clean up the stain. Or else your coat will spoil. ( she holds sanskaar hand) Sanksar challo.
Sans: Wait just a sec, Shresth, I know you are a little upset, but please try to understand.

Shresth rudely ignores him and leaves. Sans feels bad.
Swa: Sanskaar, why are you getting upset over such a little thing. He is upset right now, he himself will cool down also.
They go to the living room, when Swara remebers she left her phone in her room only and she is about to go, but Sanskaar goes and Swara sees Sahil’s bike from the window and to save them from getting caught, she quickly makes an excuse and runs upstairs.

Precap: Will sanskaar catch Uttrahil, or will Swara be able to handle the matter, herself and why is shresth marrying Uttra.

Hey guys I also wrote a os about raglak and swasan, so please read it and tell me which one is better my ff or my os.


here the link and the name of the os is love without trust is not love.

Credit to: Kasam

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