Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 38


Hey I know, I’m posting two parts in one day, but I couldn’t help myself, I hope you guys enjoy this.
Recap: MM family reach home and Uttra’s rishtaa has been fixed.

All run to Uttra’s room and the door is locked, Sanlak and Adarsh are trying to break it, but it doesn’t break, but in that time swara had ran to her room and gotten the master keys and she comes and opens the door and all enter and are shocked to see Uttra lying on the bed, and there is a cut on her leg and it’s bleeding badly.
San: What the h*** Uttra, what happened.
Swara notices someone by the curtains and is about to go there, and Uttra also sees that and says Ouch. Swara gets distracted and when she looks back no one is there.
Swara: WHat happpened Uttra. How did you get hurt.
Uttra: Actually bhabhi, I was unpacking my things and I banged into the dresser and that vase fell and broke and it cut my leg. And It hurt a lot so I couldn’t even move that much. I guess I should have paid more attention.
Suju: Uttra, are you sure that’s what happened, I mean are you against your marriage or anything like that.

Ram: Sujhata, waht nonsense are talking, why would she have any objections to her wedding. Stop filling her head with this nonsense.
Uttra wanted to say something, but hearing her dad she kept quiet.
The elders leave and it’s just Swara and Uttra.
Swara: Uttra, sach bol who was in your room earlier, and don’t even try to lie.
Uttra: Bhabhi, no one was here, I promise.
Swara is about to ask, but she is called by Sanskaar. She leaves.

Swara enters her room and is shocked seeing it all messed up and Sanskaar is trying to look for something.
Swara: OMG, Sanskaar what have you done to the room. Can’t you at least keep it clean.
Sanskaar: Swara, don’t mock me right now, I’m looking for my important file.
Swara: And it would be in our suitcases or our cupboard.
San: Swara, I’m serious right now, please help if you want to or leave.
Swara goes to Sanskaar’s dressing table and finds the file in 2 minutes. Pati dev are you looking for this file.
He sees and gets happy and she points to his table and he makes a cute sorry expression and says wow, i must say you really are great.

Swara: Not as great as you will be after cleaning up this room, while I go and freshen up. She quickly runs into the bathroom before sanskaar can catch her.
She comes out of the bathroom and sees the room neat and clean, and smiles and at that time Sanskaar comes from behind and hugs her.
Swara: Sanskaar choto, koi dekh lega.
San: Jaan, don’t worry today I locked the door and he starts his romance.

Laksh left for a important meeting and so Ragini is taking care of her swayam and she falls asleep holding him and Laksh comes in and sees her sleeping and carefully takes swayam and puts him in the crib, but at that time ragini wakes up and sees laksh and says finally you are here, let’s go eat.
Laksh: It’s okay, I will freshen up and go, you go to sleep.
Ragini: (puts her arms around his neck) I would, but I’m very hungry, I was waiting for you to return to have dinner with you.
Laksh: Ragini, it’s not healthy for you, doctor said to make sure you take medications on time and you need to eat regularly.

Ragini: Laksh, the faster you freshen up, the faster I take my medicine remember.
Laksh gives up and goes and Ragini goes to get the food ready, when she notices some movement in Uttra’s room and goes to check but it’s empty and no one is there, and Uttra is sleeping, she goes downstairs and she heats the food and is setting the table when laksh hugs her from back.
Ragini: laksh, I’m very hungry, let’s eat first.
He gives her cheek and says me too.
They have dinner and laksh helps ragini clean up and both are heading upstairs and laksh locks the door and gives ragu the medicine and they both are about to kiss, when swayam starts crying. They both laugh and Laksh goes and handles his son.

Three weeks later, it’s Uttra’s marriage announcement party and they made it have a masquerade theme for fun and everyone is excited, except Uttra.Swaragini notice it and they try to talk to Sanlak, but those to just ignore it as her going to miss home.
swaragini are asked to bring Uttra downstairs as the groom’s family are here. They are going to her room, when they notice Uttra hugging someone and saying I love you, but I don’t know what to do.
The guy (his back is shown nothing else): I love you too and I really think, you should still talk to your family.

Uttra: Dad won’t listen, he will get angry at me only. That’s why I’m saying let’s run away.
Ragini is about to go, when Swara stops her and says sshhh, I want to know his answer.
Guy: NO, I love you and my love is not fake to secretly hide you and take you away from your family. I trust my love and I will convince your parents.
Uttra: You have been saying that for the past 1 year. We have been together for four years now and still you don’t have the courage.
Guy: Uttu, we started dating when we were 14, do you want your parents to know that. And we can’t marry until we are 18, and you just turned 18 two months ago. And you also told you want to become a successful interior designer and then get married, right. So, I’m obeying your wishes only.
Uttra is about to say something, when she sees Swaragini and they angrily go to her and the guy and take his mask off and it’s revealed to be Sahil.
Swaragini: Sahil, tum.

Sahil: Di, please don’t telll anyone right now.
Ragini: Tum dono, 4 saal seh ek saath ho or kisi ko nahi pata.
Uttra: Bhabhi, please don’t tell them right now, or dad will…
Swara: Dad, will do nothing. Uttra, your rishtaa is fixed, you should have said that day only, dad would have listened. But now, it’s too late.
Uttra: Then bhabhi, please convince your brother to run away.
Swaragini: NO, none is going to run away, if you talk like this one more time we will slap you.
Sahil: Swara di, you convince mom and dad, and Ragini di, you convince Uttara’s parents. Please.
Ragini: Sahil, her rishtaa is fixed, do you guys know, how much insult it will be for both families, we can’t do anything right now, understand it please.
Uttra: Bhabhi, please.
Swara: I’m sorry, but we can’t let this family’s reputation go down.
Ragini: If it was only the wedding, we would have convinced them, but business is also connected and there been a contract on this, if we try to break it, will be very bad, so I’m sorry we can’t help.

Swara pacifies Sahil with her and she warns them not to meet each other and Ragini pacifices Uttara and tells her to understand their situation. There is no option.

Sahil and Uttra and Swaragini pretend nothing happened and go greet the family. The guy’s mother hugs Uttara and gives her shagun and says welcome to the family. Introduction session is on, while Swaragini try to find their SO’s and tell them what happened.
But before they can the lights go out and two spotlights fall on Swaragini and Sanlak go towards them and start singing.
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho… (2)
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho

Jitne Paas Hain Khushbu Saans Ke
Jitne Paas Hothon Ke Sargam
Jaise Saath Hain Karvat Yaad Ke
Jaise Saath Baahon Ke Sangam
Jitne Paas Paas Khwaabon Ke Nazar
Utni Paas Tu Rehna Humsafar
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan
Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho

They four continue dancing after the song ends.
Sanskaar: Waise, my wife looks gorgeous today, tummhe dekh kar chand be shrma gaya.
Swara is wearing a long beautiful sleeveless navy blue gown with her her hair curled and she only has a braclet, her manglasutra and watch and necklace sanskaar gave her woren.
Swara: Waise, you also look dashing in the navy blue suit.
Sanskaar kisses her cheek and she blushes and says ma,papa, all are here. Raglak come near them and say don’t worry we saw it, infact we even took a picture and Ragini shows Swasan her phone and Ragu says, this is badla for our engagement night, you took take a photo of us, nah.
Sanskaar: It looks nice, do one thing frame it and gift it to me for my birthday or anniversary, okay.
Swara: Blushes and says sanskaar stop joking.
Ragini: Waise tum dono bhai’s we need to tell you something.
Sanlak: later.
Swaragini: No, guys it’s regarding Uttara.

Dp is about to make an announcement, but to stop him, Swara starts singing to distract them and she starts singing Uff mere dil mein and she takes Sanskaar’s (it’s someone who is wearing a similar suit to sanskaar and it’s a little dark) hand and starts dancing with him, but when he starts singing, Swara is h*** shocked and so are the elites and Ragini realizes the situation and she slowly signals the elite to form a circle around the couple and they all start dancing and they all switch partners and Swara is in so much shocked she can’t sing so Ragini finishes the song and Swara runs out of the party followed by the elites, the guy and Sanlak and Sahil and Uttra. DP and them are worried but before leaving, she gives a small excuse to not worry them.

Swara is sitting on the floor crying, when all the others reach outside. The guy is about to go to console her, when Sanskaar bumps into him and goes on his knees and hugs Swara (the guy is shocked seeing that, no one can see his face he still has a mask on), next ragini goes and then all the elites go and hug her. The guy, Laksh and Sahil and Uttra are standing there shocked.

Sanskaar: Jaan, kya hua. Why are you crying?
Swara doesn’t say anything.
Sanskaar: Swara, please tell me, he then notices the guy and makes swara stand up and lets ragini hold her and goes to the guy and hold his collar and says who are you and what have you done to my love.
The guy gets angry and punches Sanskaar and he falls on the floor and he starts bleeding from his lips. Swara sees this and runs to Sanskaar.
Swara: Sanskaar, are you okay, let me see, she reaches into his pocket and takes out a handkerchief and wipes the blood, while crying. She gets up and goes to the guy and says how dare you, hit my husband. Listen, because you are our guest I’m controlling. Next time, even touch him and you will regret the day, you meet me.

Guy: Mishti, I will never regret the day I meet you.
Everyone is shocked, but most the elites and Sanskaar. Because they know there is only one person who would call her mishti and it’s none other than Shresth.
Shresth takes his mask off and hugs her and says I missed you soo much my mishti.
Swara is shocked, but as soon as he hugs her, she pushes him away.
swara: How dare you touch me. I’m not your mishti. She gets super hyper and faints and she is about to fall, but before Shresth can catch her, Sanskaar catches her and carries her to their room. AP, sumia and all are worried for her and in worry, no one notices Shresth leaving in anger and doctor is called to look at Swara.

Next morning, Swara wakes up and starts crying, Sanskaar wakes up and asks her what happened. She says Shresth, how, I mean why.
Sanskaar: We didn’t get to talk, because you fainted, but he’s alive some how. He left as soon as we went inside. Rohan and all couldn’t even talk to his mom.
swara: but how come he was here.
sanskaar: he is the chosen guy for uttara.

swara: What, sanskaar speaking of Uttara, I really need to tell you something. Uttara doesn’t want to get
Suju comes in and goes and hugs swara and ap does the same and they tell her to go get ready carefully and come for breakfast.
Swara is shocked and she looks at san and he just smiles at her. She looks confused and sanskaar keeps his hand on her belly and she still looks clueless.

Precap: Shresth comes back.
Hey guys I hoped you liked Shresth entry and also the Sahil twist. Please do comment.
And I know many thought Uttra would commit sucide, but she is not so weak to end her life. She knew about Sanskaar’s suicide and that hurt her a lot, so she knew how much that would hurt her family, so she didn’t even think about that.

Credit to: Kasam

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