Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 36


I hope you all liked the previous episode and many are wondering, when the mystery will be revealed, well I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting, but it will all be solved in the next few episodes.

Recap: Viren’s entry in Swasan’s life.

Sanskaar is shocked hearing Viren’s convo and decides to go and find Swara and tell her everything, and he looks for her and he can’t find her and she won’t even pick up his calls, and he gets sad thinking he is going to lose his shona. He goes to the garden and calls vivek (his PA) and asks him to do something. He then sits down and thinks back to Viren’s convo.

———— flashback begins ——————-
Viren: I really, really love her. And seeing her again made me realize how lost I was without her.
Bhavika: Bhai, seriously. You know she is one of my bestest friends. I’m so glad, she will be able to become my bhabhi.
Jai: Dude, take care of her, she’s my sister.
Maira: Yeah, and make her understand your feelings properly, otherwise.
Rohan: Dude, how are you planning on taking her out from these functions.
Viren: No clue, but the night before Sangeet, I will confess my feelings to her. I will tell her, how much I love her. Swara.
————— flashback ends ——————–

Sanskaar gets sad and thinks that he has five days to manao Swara, and he gets up and tries calling her and looking for her. He sees a girl there and goes to her and says excuse me.
San: Hi, Ummm have you seen Swara.
Girl: I’m sorry, who are you.
San: I’m her husband Sanskaar, can you tell me where I can find her?
Girl: Oh, sorry jiju, Swara di just went with for shopping, I think they just left, if you run you may be able to still catch them.
Sanskaar gets shocked and he starts running. The girl from behind yells something and he listens, but doesn’t pay much attention and he sees a car going and goes in front of it. He gets happy thinking he stopped Swara, but he is sad to know, it’s just the elders car and all the youngsters left 10 minutes ago.
He goes inside and back to his room and starts working. After two hours, he decides to take a break and walk around and he once again calls Swara, and this time he hears the phone ringing and gets happy and goes searching for the phone and he knocks and goes inside the room and is sad to see, Swara has left her phone in charging itself. He gets sad and goes to her phone and sees a message from Viren. The message reads Sona, I have a huge surprise for you, I know you will love it. He sees the message was sent almost 3 hours ago and he also sees missed calls from him only and he looks at her phone and sees the screen saver is a picture from Ragini’s godh-barai. He gets sad and remembers a moment they shared.
——————— flashback begins—————————
Swasan’s room, swara is wearing a gorgeous parrot green and off-white saree (the current style she is wearing in the show right now). She is about to put sindoor and Sanskaar comes and hugs her from back and rests his chin on her shoulder and says, let’s skip the godh-barai.
Swa: Okay.
San: Srsly.
Swa: (are you kidding me look) of course not, Sanskaar it’s my sister and my devrani godh-barai. Of course I have to be there.
San: I know. He takes the sindoor from her and fills her maang. He then takes her bangles and makes her wear it and he puts on a necklace and kisses her forehead
Swa: Sanskaar, since I’m looking pretty, let’s take a picture. They both pose and as Swara is clicking the button, Sanskaar kisses her cheek and she makes the cutest expression and that picture comes out amazingly beautiful. She blushes and looks at him and says what you spoiled the picture.
San: Okay, Baba. Let’s take another one, I promise I won’t spoil this one. And swara gives him a cute are you serious look.
San: I’m serious. They take several pictures. He then looks at her and kisses her and suddenly someone knocks and they both come back to the real world. Swara opens the door and sees Bhavika and Maira, she looks at him and shyly she hurry ups and leaves him standing there.
———————– fb end———————————–

He unlocks her phone and sees the kiss picture and gets more sad and says I’m sorry my shona, just talk to me once and I promise I will clear all our misunderstandings. He decides to wait for her in the room only, but someone calls him for dinner and he runs thinking Swara will be there, but she isn’t and he gets sad and is about to go, but DP and RP stop him and he is forced to join them.
After dinner, he is about to go back to wait for Swara, but Uttra tells him no use. Swara already went to sleep, due to a major headache. He decides not to wake her up and to talk to her tomorrow.

However, next day Swasan meet during practice and Swara still being angry with him decides not to talk to him and she practices her dance with him, but she doesn’t talk to him at all. Sanskaar tries to say sorry, but Swara tells him to not talk to her at all or otherwise she will walk out from there. So he doesn’t say anything, but he still tries to apologize through small gestures, but neither of them work.
One try is with roses, Sanskaar takes rose petals and spells out I’m very sorry, forgive me. I love you, and he is about to show it to swara, but the little kids hit their ball and the whole thing messes up.
Second try is through a sign, he holds a sign with the I’m very sorry, forgive me. I love you, and he stands outside the door on his knees and holds it up hoping for it to be swara, but it turns out to be someone else, and Swara sees this and she gets angry and he looks at her, hoping she would understand, but she doesn’t.
Third try, he messages her, I’m very sorry, forgive me. I love you, but Swara’s phone battery dies and the message fails to deliver for sanskaar.
Fourth try, he orders pizza and asks the toppings to say Sorry, but he forgets to ask them to not put mushrooms and Ragini mistakenly eats a small piece and she gets a small coughing attack and so Swara gets more angry on him for forgetting about her sister’s major allergy.
Like this many of Sanskaar’s attempts fail and instead of being closer, Swara is so much far away from him.
The night before the sangeet comes and Sanskaar sees Swara dressed prettily in a floor length simple dress looking gorgeous, sitting in a car with Viren and he thinks Oh god, what if Swara says Yes and he asks the drivers for a car and he starts following them. They reach a park which set up very prettily and he sees a “ I love you” sign and remembers his “pune trip” with Swara and smiles. He then sees Viren getting on his knees and asking for Swara’s hand and she happily gives it to him. Sanskaar is shocked and he has tears in his eyes.
Viren: I love you. The day I first saw you, I fell for you. Your beautiful smile, Your gorgeous face, but most of all your pure and innocent eyes. Everytime, I look into them, I feel like I can read you like an open book. You have one of the most purest soul it’s almost as clear as jeevika (water) and your heart is so pure. After getting to know you, I understood the meaning of love, you brought fresh air into my life. He then starts singing
Hmm.. hmm…
Dehleez pe mere dil ki
Jo rakhe hain tune kadam
Tere naam pe meri zindagi
Likh di mere humdum
Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena
Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum
Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena
Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum
Will you do me the honor of agreeing to become the future Mrs. Viren Patel.

Sanskaar looks and sees Swara noding yes and Viren gets happy and hugs her. San gets angry and goes towards them and pulls Swara away from Viren and says, How could you Swara. I love you and you, you are cheating on me. For the past few days, I have been trying to say sorry to you, but you have been doing this behind my back. I’m your husband, yet you are always with him. For one week, we haven’t talked properly and in one week you moved on. (Sanskaar has tears in his eyes.). But maybe, I can never keep you happy, I have seen you two together (he gestures towards Viren n Swara) Viren, every time Swara is with you, she seems to glow and smile, she gets really happy, and I really love Swara, so for her happiness. I’m ready to sacrifice my love. He goes towards Swara and cups her face and says I’m sorry, you had to stay in this forced relationship with me and I wish you and Viren all the best happiness for your future together. Don’t worry about ma and papa, I will convince them, you two just be happy. (Swara is crying, Sanskaar wipes her tears) Don’t worry, I won’t blame you or anything, just promise me one thing you will smile and laugh all the time, and Viren, I want a promise that you will take care of MY, I mean Your Swara at all times. She’s very innocent and sometimes she is also very naive. Protect her and keep her happy. He start to leave, when suddenly he feels like someone has hugged him.
Swara ran towards Sanskaar and hug cum literally jumped on his back to stop him. Sanskaar’s shocked and he turns around and looks at her with wide eyes and she slaps him. He gets shocked and says why did you slap me?
Swara: You are the biggest idiot in this whole entire world.I don’t know how, you are a business advocate. You guys are supposed to be able to read other people, but it would be my destiny to get the dumb advocate. (Sanskaar is looking at her shocked) I mean, just because we haven’t talked in almost a week, you assumed I moved on. Sanskaar, WE ARE MARRIED. Understood. We are bound together, not only this life, but for the next 7 lives as well. I was really angry at you at first, but then I tried my best to manao you and you completely ignored me and it hurt. I mean how could you think I don’t love you. And in thinking you were about to leave me, that too for my own happiness. Why.
San: Because I love you.
Swa: And I also love you.
San is happy and he hugs her and is about to kiss her, when he sees Viren.
San: Wait, then what is up with all this decorations and the whole proposal.
Just then Sahil and Uttra and Bhavika and Rohan come out.
S,B,R,U: Surprise.
Bhavika: Jij, this is a surprise for my bhabhi.
Swara: Hah, actually Viren is proposing to the love of his life tonight. So this was just a rehersal type scene.
San: Really.
Viren: Of course dude, I mean since when is Swara innocent. She’s more like a witch, She’s the opposite of Innocent. In front of Swara, even the devil seems innocent.
Everyone laughs hearing that and Swara gets angry and is about to hit Viren, when everyone but Sanskaar get a message.
The message reads we are almost there.
Everyone looks up and smiles and someone messages back coast clear. Everyone quickly hides, and a car enters, a girl comes out and everything is dark. Viren carefully goes to her and blindfolds her and brings her to the middle and the lights turn on.
Sanskaar looks at her and thinks he saw her and remember meeting her that day when he was running to catch up with Swara. and thinks her name and remembers her yelling her name is Jeevika.

Jeevika (krystal) smiles looking at Viren and the decorations and smiles, Viren starts saying everything he rehearsed with swara but he makes a little improvements and she accepts and they hug. Everyone reveal themselves and go towards them and congratulate the couple.
Bhavika: Wow, Jeevika, I can’t believe you are going to be my bhabhi.
Jeevika: Me either, Di.
Viren: Actually now it’s just Bhoot.
Bavika: Bhai, stop joking.
Jai: I can’t believe my little sister is going to be married, congrats Viren and take care of my sister, I swear if you ever hurt her, not even police will be able to find you.
Jeevika: Bhai, stop scaring him.
Maira: Jai, Viren is the sweetest one among all of you guys, I know he would never hurt her, okay.
Jai: Even sweeter than Sanskaar.
Swara: Definitely (without thinking and she says oops and looks at sanskaar with a cute expressions and he look at her a little angrily)
Viren goes to her and says really, how sweet swara.
Swara: I meant, that you may be sweeter than sanskaar, but you are not sweeter than Laksh. and I just said that by mistake, I really didn’t mean that.
Finally after more than a week, Swasan have talked and they keep talking the entire night together, forgetting the fight and realizing their love for each other
Precap: MM’s return to Mumbai.

Hey guys, I’m going to reveal the mystery, but you guys can keep guessing. 🙂 And I will try my best to include more Raglak scenes as well.

Credit to: Kasam

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