Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 35


Hey guuys Kasam Is Back. I will try to keep on writing regularly and I hope you guys continue to like it as well.

Recap: Sanlak reach gujarat and swasan conflict, elite girls make a plan for Swasan.

Early Morning, the boys are woken up for a vidhi and they asked to hurry downstairs. They all get ready and go downstairs and they are asked to wait for the girls, the girls are coming down, all the girls look at their partners and smile, but Sanskaar turns his face away and swara gets tears in her eyes and she is about to fall and she screams and closes her eyes tightly and Sanskaar runs towards her, but he is a little late and Tapan catches her. For the first time Sanskaar feels a little jealous, looking at his wife with someone else, even though he knows they are just friends and nothing more. Tapan and Swara compose themselves and she looks at Sanskaar, but he looks away with more anger and she gets more sad. After the vidhi, the girls are done for the day and all the elites along with Sanlak, Sahil, Uttra, Parash and the cousins of Rohan and Bhavika along with their siblings are sitting in a room and they are all debating from whose side the elite are going to be. Swara is trying to talk to sanskaar, but he doesn’t even look at her and the girls notice this and they decide to start their plan.
Bhavika: Guys, who all are from the boys side, except jai and Tapan, you two are from girls side okay.
Rohan: Are you serious, no ways. Tapu and Jai are with me.
Maira: Fine, you can keep Jai, but we want Tapan Bhai.
Jai: What, but why, huh.
Ragini: We all have a dance partner from the girls side, but we are missing one person for Swara.
Sanskaar look at Ragini shockingly, but he doesn’t say anything.
Rohan: What, Sanskaar is right there, her partner.
Uttra: Actually, Bhai is a horrible dancer.
Ragini: Yeah and we want someone good, like Tapan.
Sanksaar looks at Swara to see if she defends him and she is about to but Ragini asks her not to take his side and she keeps quiet. He look at her angrily, but she doesn’t look towards him at all. The group keeps fighting, till finally someone new makes a entry by opening the door and looking at him all the four elite girls get happy and they start smiling a million watt smile and they run up to him and hug him. Rohan is smiling, but Jai, and Sanlak have a sour face and Sahil asks Rohan why is he not upset.
Rohan: He’s is my salle sahab, I don’t need to be scared of him, but the other guys do.
The guys are not able to look at him properly, but after he comes in proper view, it is revealed to be a handsome, dashing guy with the cutest dimples, and Maira, Ragini and Swara are literally just staring at him and smiling. The guy walks over and hugs Rohan and Tapan and Jai angrily hugs him and the guy says “chill tapan, you stay with the guys and I will become Swara’s partner” and he winks at her and Swara blushes a cherry red blush and Sanskaar gets very much jealous and angry, but angrily goes to Swara and holds her hand and says Jaan won’t you introduce me to your bhai.
Swara gets angry and says, he’s not my bhai, he’s Bhavika’s brother.
San: Oh, Sorry I thought since you and Bhavika are like sisters, her brother would be like your brother.
Swa: Looks embarrassed at the guy and says NO, it’s not that case, we don’t’ make each other’s brother’s our bhai. (She removes her hand from Sanskaar and goes back with the guy)
Rag: Anyways, everyone who doesn’t know this is Viren (Karan Tacker), Bhavika’s older brother, he is three years older than us, that’s why he is not a part of the elites, and Viren this is my husband Laksh and one more surprise for you, she goes to Swayam and gives him to Viren and says My Swayam. He looks at her and says seriously, and she nods.
Sanskaar is fuming with jealousy and says Swara, won’t you introduce me.
Swara: Viren, this is Sanskaar and Sanskaar this is Viren, one of my bestest friends outside of elite. (and she hugs Viren.)
Viren: Liar. (Sanskaar starts laughing a little), I’m your best friend in front of everyone. (Sanskaar stops laughing and gets jealous.) But, you don’t consider me as your friend, had you thought of me as your BFF, then I would have been invited to your wedding at least, but nope. You know Sanskaar, she hasn’t talked to me at all after leaving London, she completely forgot about me, like even though we are supposed to be BFF’s.
Swara: Accha, so it’s only duty to maintain or friendship and what about you, you didn’t even text me or anything since I left London.
Viren: Because, you didn’t tell me about your wedding, I was really angry. And I was also angry that my swara left and she was moving to India. (Sanskaar gets really jealous hearing Viren say my swara.)
Sanskaar pulls Swara towards him angrily and puts his hand around her waist and says well sorry to disappoint, but she’s MY Swara now.
All the elites start laughing hearing Sanskaar along with Viren.
Viren: Sanskaar, she may be married to you and love you, but she’ll always be my swara, my best friend, my soulmate.
Swara: LOL, you are joking right ,soulmate, anything yaar. (She gets away from Sanskaar and goes to Viren)
Viren: Yes, I’m serious. (He and Swara have an eyelock and Sanskaar is about to say something, but he is interrupted
Rohavika: Guys, can we please start practice.

Maira: Since all the sides are fixed, the boys side get out.
Jai: WHY?
Maira: Jai, we need to start the practice please.
Jai: Then when will we practice, Rohan and Bhavika don’t have time.
Ragini: Umm, how about we practice now as elites and then boys and girls can practice at different times.
All agree and since there is one less boy in the group, Viren is chosen ,since he is the closest to the group, as Swara’s partner.
Sanskaar is jealous because Swara hasn’t even looked towards him after Viren came. He wants to leave, but he can’t because he wants to see Viren and Swara dance.
The elites start practicing and Sanlak both get a little jealous, seeing their wives dancing with someone else, so they both look at each other and decide to meet outside. Lak leaves and Ragini looks at him and gestures why, and he smiles and gives fake excuse of getting a phone call. When Sanskaar gets up and looks at Swara, she is not even looking at him and he tries hard to get her attention, but she mistakenly ignores him, and he loudly tells Uttra, he is getting a phone call so he is leaving, yet Swara is busy talking with Viren and doesn’t look at him, (even though almost everyone in the room look at him) and he leaves angrily.
San: What The H***, did you see laksh, she completely ignored me, like are you freaking kidding me, Is she so involved in talking to that stupid Viren, that she ignored me.
Laksh is about to say something, when Maira comes.
Maira: Hi, jijs. What are you talking about?
Laksh: Nothing, why are you outside, shouldn’t you guys be practicing.
Maira: We would practice, only if Swara and Viren stopped their chatting and masti, but whenever those to meet, it’s almost impossible to get anything done around them.
Sanskaar gets extra jealous and looks at away and Maira smiles looking at him and continues.
Mai: Actually, you know Swara was going to completely ignore Viren, since he didn’t keep contact with her after her return, but look at her now, she won’t even talk to us know.
Next Jai comes out and he hugs Maira from the back and keeps his chin on her shoulder and says what do we do? This Viren and Swara jodi is more dangerous than we are. Like, they are not able to practice without laughing and Swara is our main choreographer.
San: what do you mean dangerous.
Jai: OMG, swara never told you about Viren. Man, I remember when Shresth would complain every time Viren hung out with us.
San: Matlab?
Jai: When Swara meet Viren, she completely forgot everyone else, and sometimes, no not sometimes, most of the times she also forgot Shresth.
Tapan also comes out and he starts remembering past events and says remember the navratri after Swaresth second anniversary Viren came and Swara left Shresth and became Viren’s dandiya partner.
Jai: That was a bad navratri, because of Swara, I could not talk to that one gorgeous girl.
Maira: Jaian Khanna, What girl, sorry, gorgeous girl are you talking about?
Jai: Nothing, I was just kidding jaan.
Maira: You better be. Varna, I will beat you up so much, not even you will be able to recognize yourself till two months.
Laksh leaves to get a phone call.
San: Wait, so how close are Viren and Swara and why, I mean isn’t swara three years junior to him.
Maira: Actually, yeah she is, but you know how Swara is an architecture, well so is Viren and Swara would always ask him for help and they got close that way. It started I think our 8th year of school. Viren was in 11th at that time, but they became close and slowly besties, but Viren was only close to Swara, we all talked and hung out, but Viren was not interested in being in our group. Actually it’s really funny, because we all thought that Viren and Swara, would end up being the couple, that’s how close they were.
Tapan: I think Viren proposed to her as well, but Swara misunderstood it as a joke, and she just laughed it off.
Maira: She didn’t misunderstand, but she was in love with Shresth at that time, so she thought it was a joke.
Jai: Still, becharra Viren, he got friendzoned by his BFF.
Maira, Tapan and Jai keep talking and Sanskaar keeps getting more and more angry and sad at the same time. He’s angry because Swara is completely ignoring him and he also is angry (more like jealousy) at the bond shared between Viren and Swara and he was sad thinking about how he behaved with her. He makes his mind up and goes back inside the room to talk to Swara, but she’s not there and he looks for Ragini or anyone, but they are not there and neither is Viren.
San goes back outside to ask Maira and them, but they are also not there. He goes towards the girls suite and notices Viren talking to Tapan, Jai, Maira, Rohan, Bhavika and a few other people, he doesn’t see RagLak, swara or Sahil and Uttra and is about to leave when he is shocked to hear what Viren is saying.

Precap: Sanskaar is following a car and there is a big I LOVE YOU sign and he sees Viren getting on his knees.

Hey guys, sorry I tried to make it a little longer to try to make up for all the lost time. And to all my lady readers, HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY. Remember, even though people celebrate ladies day today, we still have to think of every day as women day’s. We are strong, we can be independent and we absolutely don’t need one day in a year to let us be that. Everyday in our life should be women’s day.

I hope you all like the story so far. I know I love you all. 😡

Credit to: Kasam

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