Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 34


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Recap: Birth of Swayam (Raglak’s child).

Raglak’s room:
Ragini is packing her stuff and laksh is sitting on the bed playing with Swayam.
Rag: Promise.
Lak: Of course, baba. I will come as soon as my meeting is over. If we get this contract, it will be really good for my company. So, I need to be here.
Rag: Fine, let’s go to sleep. We are leaving early.

Swara is also packing her stuff and Sanskaar comes and hugs her.
San: Can I please come with you?
Swa: No, you’re coming with Laksh.
San: Please.
Swa: I talked to your PA and he said you have to represent your company in 2 days. Don’t neglect your work.
San: It’s okay, one of the my colleagues can represent the case.
Swara turns around and gives him are you kidding me look and says Mr. Sanskaar, if Laksh can stay away from his son for 2 days, you can stay away from your wife.
San: Mrs. Sanskaar, Laksh needs to be here for his company, but I have other people to take care of my work.
Swa: NO. Good night. I’m very sleeping. and we are leaving much early.

Next morning, Swaragini take everyone’s blessings and leave. They are traveling on a bus and the elites and all are sleeping, because they had to leave at 5:30am. Swara’s phone starts ringing and it’s Sanskaar.
San: How can you leave like this, you didn’t even see me before leaving.
Swa: You were sleeping, I didn’t want to disturb you that’s why.
San: Still, you should have woken me up.
Swa: Are, why are you getting so irritated?
San: 1st you didn’t let me come early with you and 2nd you left without letting me see your face.
Swa: OMG, you are coming in two days nah.
San: Still.
Swa: If you continue this, im going to hang up. Okay bye, and you know what don’t come at all. I will see you two weeks later.
San is about to say something, but she hangs up and silents her phone and goes to sleep. There Sanskaar packs his bags and is trying to book tickets, when laksh comes.
Lak: Bhai, what are you doing, where are you going?
San: I’m going to Gujrat.
Lak: Bhai, we are going in two days nah.
San:I have to go manao Swara. I just fought with her.
Lak: So quickly, she left like 30 minutes ago and you two already started fighting so soon.
San: Her fault, she should have woken me up at least, but no she without meeting me.
Lak: Bhai, It’s not her fault honestly, you are like kumbhakarna when you sleep, I’m pretty sure bhabhi tried to wake you up, but you didn’t wake up. (He takes outside San’s clothes and puts everything back.) Now, stop doing this drama and wait for two days. I also talked to Vivek (San’s PA) and he told me you have a meeting set up today. So, get ready and go or I will tell ma and papa and I will also inform Swara Bhabhi.
San: (a little angry) Fine okay.

Two days later sometime in the morning,
Sanlak and rest of MM family along with Gadodia family reach Baroda Airport and they are picked up. It’s a hour ride, before they reach a huge house cum palace. It’s decorated very beautifully and everyone there is busy running around, trying to get everything right. However, Sanlak’s eyes are continuously searching for their breath of air, but they are nowhere to be seen. Uttra and Sahil who notice them start teasing them.
Sahil: Uttra, yaha peh koi khazana (treasure) hai kya?
Uttra: What?
Sahil: Arre, look nah both my jiju’s are continuously searching for some kohinoor ka heera or something.
Uttra: Arre no, not any kohinoor ka heera, but they are searching their kohinoor’s. Their Swaragini.
Everyone starts laughing and Sanlak look at Uttra and Sahil angrily. Just then, they hear someone call them. They look and find Rohan, Tapan and Jai coming towards them along with some other people. Rohan goes to them and introduces the family members and Sanlak are informed the ladies went shopping, Infact they left almost two minutes before they arrived.
Sanlak look a little sad, but they compose themselves and they are taken to their rooms. Sanlak are shocked when they get to their room, because they are going to have to share their room with the other boys. Uttra and Sahil again tease them, but this time Sanlak don’t respond at all.

After almost 4 hours, the girls are back from shopping and Sanlak hearing that run downstairs and are happy to see their wifes. They both look their life has returned and they run towards them, and they are about to pick them up, but compose themselves, since they are in front of elders. However, Laksh takes his Swayam hugs him and says Dad missed you a lot and kisses him and everyone smiles at that. Swaragini are taken away by Bhavika before Sanlak get to talk to them and the boys are given the task of taking care of Swayam. After lunch, finally Sanlak get the chance to spend time with their wives.
Raglak walk hand in hand, while Swasan don’t even look at each other, along with the rest of the elites and Sahil and Uttra and they all sit in a circle on the grass and they all start talking. The first topic is brought up by Sanskaar, he is grumpy because of the bedroom situation and everyone there laughs hearing him and laksh complain and they are explained that the four elite girls along with Uttra are sharing a suite and the elite boys and Sahil, and Sanlak are sharing a suite, because there was not enough rooms for each of them to get an individual room, so even though sanlak are still upset, they understand. After some time Raglak excuse themselves and they leave and soon all the couples and everyone leave Swasan alone.

Sanskaar is a little upset with Swara and is ignoring her, while Swara is also a little upset and she asks him, but he completely ignores her. Sanskaar gets up and starts leaving, Swara sees this and she gets up and runs and hugs him from back and says sorry and she’s crying.
Swa: Sanskaar, it’s been two days, are you not at least a little happy to see me.
San (angrily) why should I be happy, it’s not like you missed me or anything.
Swa: Sorry, I tried to call, but every time something would come up. Trust me, I have missed you so much.
San: Please stop making excuses. (he rudely takes his hands of her and pushes her a little and leaves her crying)

Ragini and Laksh are walking back, when Ragini notices Swara crying and decides to go talk to her but laksh (he didn’t see Swara, he was on the phone) at that time comes and hugs her and starts getting romantic with her. Ragini is about to say something, but she notices Swara gone and she decides to go look for her.
Rag: Laksh, I know it has been two days since we meet, but if you don’t mind, i need to go look for Swara.
Lak: gets a little upset and says sure, who am I.
Rag: Laksh
Lak: Ragini, please it’s been two days. Please Jaan.
Rag: Fine.
And Ragini decides to talk to Swara later.
After dinner, Swara is trying hard to talk to Sanskaar, but he keeps on ignoring her and she keeps getting sad. Ragini notices this and she keeps trying to talk to Swara, but some work or the other comes up. Finally before, sleeping Ragini is able to ask Swara and she starts crying.
All the girls wake up and seeing her crying ask her and she tells them what happened. They console her and tell her to let it go and now Sanskaar will himself come to you and say sorry. They all make a plan and laugh hearing it and go to sleep.

Hey guys sorry once again for such a late update. I hope you guys still like it.

Credit to: Kasam

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