Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 32

Recap: Swasan get home and everyone teases them. Laksh calls for Swasan.

Their is a huge table set up and everyone but the elders are there.

Sahil: Let’s play dumb charades?

Uttra: No it’s too boring.

Ragini: Ya, that’s right. Let’s play twist wala truth or dare.

All the MM members look confused and Ragini explains that each person will make up three truths and three dares. There will be two bowls one for truth and one for dare. When the bottle lands on you and If you say truth, you choose from truth and dare from dare. Everyone likes that and they all make their chits and put them in the bowl.

The game starts, first turn is Sahil. He chooses dare. His dare is to kiss the person on your left. Guess who’s left of them, it’s Uttra. He kisses her and the game continues.

Next turn is Jai’s. He picks truth. His truth is if any of the elite boys were girls, who would he marry? Everyone laughs at that and replies saying; neither one is self centered and other is a womaniser. Rohan and Tapan go and playfully beat him and the game continues for some time and then it’s Swara’s turn. She chooses truth. Her question is imagine there was someone you once loved deeply, but they left or something. And you moved on and are very happy with someone else. But your first love returns and they still love you. Who would you choose?

Hearing this question, everyone other than Uttrahil, and Parash change their expression, but Swara happily replies, if I was ever in a situation like that I would choose my current love, if it was meant to be, then god would not have sent someone else in my life. And if I am truly happy with my 2nd love then I will always choose him. She looks at Sanskaar and smiles and he does the same thing.

Next is Lax’s turn. He picks dare. His dare is to reveal the one bad thing about his partner. Everyone starts laughing and Lax looks at Ragini, scared and says there are no bad qualities in my partner.

Sahil: Jiju, don’t worry we are here for you know, please come on tell us.

Lax: Okay, the one quality in Ragini that I think doesn’t suit her is that she pretends to be brave, when she is not. And she doesn’t know that sometimes it’s okay to let go and cry.
Ragini smiles at him, while everyone says oh ho.

When Sanskaar turn comes he is asked how many partner’s he had in his life? He says 4.

Swara looks at him shocked and says really. San: Yeah, if you forgot I am Sanskaar Maheshwari. Swara laughs and says I meant only 4. This Sahil he has had around 6 gf’s so far. And all my elite bhai’s each have had more than 2 at least. Everyone laughs and they all have fun times with each other.

Again it’s Laksh’s turn and he picks truth. His question is where do you see yourself in 6 months.
Laksh gets confused and closes his eyes. He opens them and says, I see my self with Ragini and my entire family happily.

Rohan: Oh yeah, guys mom and dad fixed our wedding date.

Swaragini, Maira: Congrts bhavika, when is the date?

Bhavika: It’s in 8 months, and it’s in vadodara, and it is mandatory that you three are there atleast two weeks before the actual date.

Ragini: Are you kidding, that’s understood.

Swara: But why is it so late?

Rohan: Actually there are two dates. One was for one month and the other closest was 8 months, and neither of us was getting leave on that short notice. That’s why.

Swara: Oh ok bhai, but any way finally you two decided a date, otherwise. I thought you two would run away only.

They all enjoy their night chatting and enjoying.

6 months later…………

It’s night time, a guy sneakily enters the kitchen and mistakenly drops a spoon. A girl is seen getting up due to noise and she wakes her husband up, Jaan I think there’s a ghost in the kitchen go look nah. Please. He wakes up and looks at her angrily and they both go to the kitchen. The husband turns the thief around and is about to punch him, when the wife turns the lights on.

All three yell: TUM.
It’s Swasan and Laksh.

San: Lucky, what are you doing here? at this time. That to so quietly.

Swa: Yeah, Laksh I got so scared, I thought a thief came in .

Lak: Bhabhi, it’s not my fault, It’s your sister. She is driving me crazy, she wants Rasgulla right now, that too warm with vanilla ice cream, sprinkled and drizzle of chocolate and salted caramel. I mean seriously, where do I get that from.

Swasan laugh and Swara goes and starts making it and says we all will have a midnight snack. What do you want Rasgulla or ice cream or both?

Swara gets everything ready and they come to Ragini, who is sitting on the bed with a big belly.
She gets happy seeing the food and says I’m so glad you are here to her food and she starts eating leaving the others laughing. They all talk till late night and all fall asleep in
RagLak’s room.

Sujata: Jiji, come look, these kids. They must have stayed up till late. Looks it’s 8 am but none is waking up.

Ap: let them sleep, waise it’s Saturday today.

Sujata: But we have to go to mata di chowki in 20 minutes.

AP: It’s okay let them sleep and enjoy today.

Everyone leaves, leaving Swasan and Raglak sleeping. The four wake up at the same time and notice the time and call AP. She tells them to enjoy today. The chowki has started and by the time they get there it will be over. So they all decide to go shopping.

They get ready and reach the mall, Ragin straight goes to the baby shop and starts getting her needed things.
Swasan and Laksh are taking the bags for Ragini. She is standing outside and she hears something or rather someone.
She gets shocked and looks for the person and she sees them.
She is soo shocked, she gets a panic attack and is about to faint and fall, but thankfully, Laksh catches her on time and they take her to the hospital.

Precap: Ragini in hospital.

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