Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 31

Sorry guys, I am gonna to be having a leap, but not right now, it’s going to be in the next few episodes.

Recap: Swasan’s romantic getaway. Swasan reach MM house.

Everyone is laughing at Swasan, while they are looking at each other in confusion.
Swara: Maa. Why are you guys laughing?
Just then gadodia family and the elites walk in and they all hug and they sit.
Sujatha: Nothing, beta, but Sanskaar no problems in your meeting nah.
San: No, Ma, it was perfect.
Lak: Waise bhai, what hotel did you stay in?
San: We stayed at the Marriott, I think.
Uttra: Wait, bhai where was the meeting?
San: It was in Pune. (Sanskaar realizes his mistake, but doesn’t say anything.)
Adarsh: Sanskaar, if the meeting was in pune, what was the need to stay in a hotel.
San: Woh, bhai I forgot to ask the caretaker to clean up the farmhouse. That’s why.
Pari: Oh okay, well Swara how did you like Pune. Did you get to see the attractions. I don’t think you have been to Pune after coming back from London, right?
Swara is so confused, she says yeah it was really beautiful. We saw a lot of places.
Jai: Oh really sis, how was the Visapur Fort?
Swa: It was so pretty. Next time we will all go together. Okay. Sanskaar looks at her and says marwahe gi aaj yeh.
Maira: It was pretty Swara?

Everyone starts laughing more and more.
Sanskaar: Ma, Papa, badimaa, bade papa, bhai, bhabi, why are you guys laughing so much, Lonavala comes in way of pune, we saw it, while returning.
Sahil: Di, how was Lohagad?
Bhavika: And did you bring us prasad back from the ganpati mandir?
Swara: Woh actually in hurry we couldn’t go to the mandir. And yeah Lohagad was good.
Everyone keeps laughing and Swara get angry and says Ma, Papa, why are you all laughing so much.

Ragini and Rohan and Tapa: Guys enough, bechari ka chehra to dekho.
Lak: Bhai, What you thought, we would not find out about your romantic getaway.
Swasan look at each other, then the others, and Swara quickly says I didn’t even know about it till after we got there. And I thought he asked permission. I promise Maa, Papa, Badi Ma. yeh sab Sanskar ka kiya hua hai.
Sanskaar looks at her angrily and everyone look at Sanskaar with “anger”.
San: Swara, how could you blame me. I told you that I lied to them and you didn’t say anything.
Swa: Arre, what could I say at that time? You said there was no phone network and I couldn’t have said let’s go back.
San: Accha,so blame it all on me.
Swa: If it’s your mistake then, of course I will blame it all on you nah.
San: Had you said, we would have returned yesterday, but you didn’t say anything.

Elders: Chup, tum dono.
DP: Sanskaar, we decided to surprise you guys yesterday at pune. But when we went there, no one was there.
Ragini: Yeah, Swara, I was so worried, when you left right after the puja. I asked ma and she told me you went on a business trip with Jij, but you never told anything about a meeting.
Laksh: So, we called you guys, but both your phones were out of reach. So we had no option, we called your PA and he told us, you didn’t have any meeting scheduled at all, because you yourself cancelled all meetings for three days.
Sahil: So, di we put two and two together and got a romantic getaway.
Swasan look down embarrassed and Swara shies and runs away leaving Sanskaar alone in the hall and he funnily tries to go. Everyone starts laughing after they leave.

Swasan’s room
Swara enters and is shocked to see the room. The room has changed it lot. The walls are now mint-blue and grey, the bed now has curtains around it, there’s a picture from Swasan’s honeymoon above the bed. There are many pictures of Swasan and the elites, the place has transformed. She starts looking at the different pictures, when Sanskaar comes in and locks the door. Swara is too busy looking at the pictures, she doesn’t notice him at all. Hoe goes behind and hugs her and says Hi.
Swara: Hi, when did you do all this? I mean the paint and pictures.
San: As soon as you left the room. They were painting during the entire puja, the pictures I had them put up today.

Swara: I Love it. Finally it feels like Swara Gadodia i mean Maheshwari’s room. Otherwise, it used to be so boring. I mean no color, nothing.
San: Boring. Aacha. She starts running and he tries to catch her, she climbs on the bed and is about to get down when she slips and Sanskaar falls on her. They are about to kiss, when someone knocks on the door.
Laksh: Bhai, come out, I promise no one will laugh at you.
Sanskaar gets a little angry and Swara smiles at him, they get and Swara kisses his cheek and runs and opens the door fast. Laksh comes in and sees Sanskaar smiling and realizes the situation and asks them both to come downstairs to the garden. Swara smiles at Sanskaar and runs downstairs, while Sanlak come together.

Precap: None.oooo

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