Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 30

Recap: Sanskaar blindfolds Swara is taking her somewhere.

Swara: Sanskaar, how much longer?
San: Just 20 more minutes.
Swara: Fine, wake me up when we get there.
San: Okay.

The car stops and Sanskaar wakes Swara up. She gets up and say why is it so dark here? I can’t see anything.
Sanskaar laughs and says Swara you are wearing a blindfold.
Swa: Oh yeah, I forgot. Can I remove it now?
San says no and gets out of the car and takes Swara out carefully, he makes her walk a little and removes the blindfold and says Surprise.
Swara opens her eyes and gets surprised.
It’s a beautifully decorated ground, there is a sign saying I Love You, there’s a white colored tent. The inside can’t be seen, but it looks like a small house from the outside. There are candles hanging inside glass jars and there’s a red carpet that leads into the tent.
Swara has tears in her eyes while, Sanskaar is smiling and looking at her.
San: Did you like it?
Swa: She turns around and hugs him and says it’s amazing I Love it & I Love You.
San: I Love You Too and he points at the sign.
She turns around and looks at the sign when she looks back he’s not there, but there’s a note on the floor.
It says:
Our night of romance has begun
It’s time now to have some fun
So, go to the place
That reflects your face
And there you’ll find clue number one.
She gets thinking and starts walking around till she finds a mirror, there’s a note and there’s a small gift there, she opens it and it’s a watch. She immediately wears it. The note says

Find me in the box,
that’s present everywhere,
don’t look too far because,
you see me everyday.

She gets thinking and then sees the car and goes to check it and inside there’s a note there and with it there’s another gift, she opens it and finds a teddy bear, holding a heart with I Love You and a bunch of her favorite chocolates, she puts the gift back in the car and reads the note;

I help you live, while you help me,
without the each other, we would not be here. .
So, think with your heart, not your head.

Swara think and thinks, till she finally realizes it and she starts searching for a tree, she looks and after almost 15 minutes she finds it and she realizes it’s a Willow tree. And she gets the clue and there’s a gift there as well, she opens the gift and it’s a beautiful pendant with a S and S connected through a heart, she wears it.
The clue reads.

Don’t lose hope, you’re finally there,
not to far, from the one you care,
Just follow your heart, before it reaches ten.
Realize it soon or all will be lost.

Swara gets thinking and thinking and then she looks at her watch to check the time and she notices a small heart drawn on the the hour hand. It’s almost 9:30 and she notices that there’s a arrow going through the heart and she decides to follow it and it leads her back to the camp and she finds Sanskaar standing there. She runs to him and hugs him.
Swara: I loved all the gifts thank you. She then shows him wearing the necklace and watch.
San: I thought you would like it. The last weeks have been a little sad. This will help make you more happier.
Swa: Nothing can make me happier than being a masi. But then that’s a different joy compared to the love of my cute and loveable husband. Sanskaar goes to the music system and presses play. The song starts and he gets on his knee and extends his hand and says dance. She happily takes his hand and the song Hua Hai Aaj Yeh Pehli Baar. They dance to it, and at
“Main tumse ishq karne ki ijazat rab se”
Sanskaar looks at her and she nods. He leans down and kisses her, the song ends and changes to Wajah tum ho. It suddenly starts raining, but they don’t notice it. After a while, they break the kiss and Sanskaar picks her up and carries her inside the tent. He goes and lays her down and the bed and they consummate their marriage.

Next Morning,
Swara wakes up on Sanskaar chest and smiles remembering last night. She notices a suitcase on the floor and opens it and sees her clothes. She goes to get ready. When she comes out she notices him sleeping. She climbs into the bed and hugs him and kisses him and says Sanskaar wake up.
San: No, Swara 10 more minutes please.
Swa remembers something and hurriedly gets up from the bed and says oh crap, Sanskaar wake up, we need to go home. We didn’t tell anyone we were going.
He gets up and smiles looking at her making cute expressions. She looks at him and notices him smiling and she makes a cute angry expression and goes to him and says go and get ready, i’ll call ragini till then.
She calls, when Sanskaar tells her, there’s no signal, because they are in the middle of the woods. She gets worried and says, everyone will be worried about us, what do we do now.
He holds her hand and pulls her on the bed and says first calm down. I told Bade Papa and Papa that I have a business meeting for two days and I’m taking you with me for company. They agreed.
Swara relaxes and says ok then it’s okay. Wait two days, we are staying here tonight as well.
San: Yes, wifey we are staying here tonight as well, she notices his expression and gets up and throws a pillow at him and says go and ready fast. I’ll make some breakfast, (she looks at her watch) I mean lunch. It’s 11:00 am.
Sanskaar gets ready and comes out and notices Swara cooking and listening to music. He goes and hugs her from behind and says what are you cooking.
She says I’m making pasta with marinara sauce. I was going to make garlic bread, but there’s no microwave or oven here. So you have to eat past alone.
San: I don’t care about the bread, I love pasta with marinara sauce.
Swa: I know, it was the only thing that you packed for food.
San smiles and says No, look I also bought maagi and bread and cheese and jam.
Swa smiles hearing him and says okay baba, sorry for asking. Now leave me and go and set the table.
He sets the table up and Swara brings the pasta in two bowls and Sanskaar gets pepsi from a small cooler.
Swara: Waise patidev, when and how did you do all this?
San: It’s a surprise, I’m not telling and it’s easier to show it to you then say it.
Swa: Huh.
San: Nothing, you like it right.
Swa: I loved it. But what are we going to do the rest of the day.
San: There’s another surprise for you.
Swa: Another one. Is it as good as this or not?
San: Madam, I plan the surprises, it’s your choice to decide if they are good or not.
They are done eating and swasan clean up after cleaning up. He gives Swara a box and says change into this. She gives him a why look and he smiles and says just do it nah. She smiles and changes and comes out in mint colored mini shorts and a pink sleeveless loose top. Sanskaar smiles looking at her and says here and gives her another gift. She opens it and they are a pair of dolce gabbana sunglasses. He takes out a similar pair of glasses and they both put them on. Sanskaar has worn navy blue denim pants and a white shirt. They both look absolutely stunning. Swasan start walking hand in hand and they cross the willow tree and swara smiles remembering the gift and touches her necklace. They walk for around twenty more minutes, when Swara notices a huge lake and on the shore is a small yacht. She looks and Sanskaar and says really. He says Yes.
They get on the boat and Sanskaar drives the yacht to the middle of the lake. Sanskaar shows her around and it can be a house for two people. there’s a bedroom, a really tiny living room, a small kitchen and a restroom. He takes her upstairs and they start talking. They sit in with Swara’s back against Sanskaar.
Swara: How come there’s no one here.
San: It’s closed for the public.
Swa: huh,
San: Nothing let’s talk about something different.
Swa: umm, like what.
San: umm, for example children.
Swa: What.
San: How many kids do you want.
Swa: (giggles) I want at least four kids.
San: (shocked) AT LEAST Four. So no less than four.
She looks at him and says yeah. He looks at her mischievously and says then let’s start from now only nah. She looks at him shocked and starts running. He goes to catch her and they run throughout the yacht, and sanskaar finally catches her in the bedroom. Swara tries to run away, but she miss steps and they both end up falling on the bed. Sanskaar leans down and kisses her. Sanskaar gets up and says look the sun is about to set. Let’s go back to the tent after seeing it. Swara nods okay. They go back to the top and after watching the sunset. They go back to the camp. Swara notices there’s already food there. It’s her favorite mexican food. She smiles looking at him and says how. Sanskaar just smiles.

After cleaning up, Swara says let’s dance.
San: Huh.
Swa: I can’t sleep right after eating.
San: Okay. They start dancing.
Sanskaar pickes her up and she leans down and kisses him. He puts her down and again carries her to the bed and they get intmate.

Swasan reach home next afternoon. They enter and takes the elders blessings. Swara goes and hugs AP, Sujata, Uttra, Ragini, and Pari. They all settle down in the living room.

Sujata: Beta, how was your meeting? Did it go well? Swara shies a little and looks at sanskaar, who looks at her and says it was perfect.
Everyone laughs hearing them and Swasan look at them in confusion.

Precap: 6 months leap.

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