Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 3


Sorry guys the previous ff’s have been intro and that’s all, but now i’ll try to make it more interesting.
And for Sahil’s role, think of him as Rohan Shah. I feel his carefree attitude from IKNMP suits the role of Sahil perfectly.

Recap: Swaragini are home and Shekar is shocked to see his potential employees.

Shekar: What are you both doing here?
Swara: Hello Sir, I’m Swara Gadodia, these are my qualifications. I’m here for the position of the architect.
Ragini: Good Morning Sir, I’m Ragini Gadodia, I’m here for the position as the site analyzer.
Shekar: WHAT is this nonsense, I thought you both didn’t want to get a job because of my name, then what is this drama.
Swara: Papa, please calm down, did you know it was us two when you approved us for the interview, did your hr know they set an interview with us.
Ragini: I don’t think na, so we are trying to get these jobs fair and square, without using your name. We don’t want people pointing fingers at us later so we did this.
Swara: Sorry papa, but only hire us if you feel we are more qualified than the others.
Shekar: Ok then let’s start the interview then.

All the 12 candidates are asked to wait outside for the results.

Shekar: Okay so we got a lot of good choices but only 6 of you made the cut. The ones who made the cut wil be given an internship here and the best two will be hired out of you 6 okay.
Manager: Swara Gadodia, Ragini Gadodia, Piyali Raichand, Advesh Gujral, Veer Patel, Vritin Malik, you guys have made the cut. Congrats on the internship, and the other six may leave. And you six need to be here at sharp 8 am on Tuesday morning understand, if you are one minute late, there will be strict punishment.

At Gadodia Mansion:
Swaragini arrive and share the news, they leave out the part about the job being at SRSG.
Swaragini take Dadi and Dada ji’s blessings.
Sumi: Okay now my princesses please have lunch, cause you missed out on breakfast, you know nothing good happens on an empty stomach right. And after lunch you guys are going to go with dadi to the temple okay.
Swaragini: Ok mom.

Evening time on the road.
Swara: Sorry dadi. We are late because of me. But what to do I needed to go shopping after that stupid guy ruined my dress. Like seriously Rig, he spilled chocolate milk shake all over my dress.
Ragini: It’s okay, and you also taught him a good lesson and luckily we were able to get ready nicely for the surprise party dad threw for us. Oops.
Dadi: What, you both knew, Sahil can’t hide anything from you guys nah. But it’s good you two got ready nicely before hand only. But at least pretend to act surprised for the sake of your dad, he has been planning for over a month now.
Swaragini: What dadi you don’t need to ask us anything, we know already.

At gadodia mansion:
Sahil: Mom, Dad, di’s are here.
All the guests get quiet and the lights are turned off.
However, at that time two guys enter, they think they came to the wrong place and are about to leave when they bang into swaragini who are coming inside the house. The two sisters are about to fall when the two guys catch them and as soon as they catch them, the lights turn on and all the guests are about to say welcome home, but they notice the scene and everyone is quiet.

DP: Sanskaar, Lakshya, what are you guys doing?
Laksh helps Ragini get up and keeps smiling looking at her, while sanskaar helps swara but they keep looking at each other with anger.

Precap: The party, Shekar’s secret is revealed.

Credit to: Kasam

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  10. Thanks everyone for the nice comments and you’re right it was sanskar who spoiled her dress.

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