Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 29

Recap: Ragini saved and everyone is happy.

Ragini gets discharged that afternoon. Swasan and Laksh bring her home and AP does her aarti and welcomes her back. AP organized a small pooja in the afternoon for Ragini and Laksh’s child, Swasan and RagLak go and get ready for the puja.
RagLak’s room:
Laksh helps Ragini with everything, he helps her wear her green and red dress, and he helps make her wear jewelry and combs her hair, he is treating her like a delicate glass doll and Ragini is happy seeing his behavior. They get ready and come down.
Swasan’s room:
Swara comes out ready looking gorgeous in a grey and peach colored saree and Sanskaar keeps staring at her, while she’s wearing jewelry and she’s about to apply sindoor, when Sanskaar comes and takes the box and applies it for her.
San: You are looking very beautiful.
Swa: Thank You. 🙂
San: Waise I remembered a song right now.
Swa: which one.
San takes spins her around and sings mein jo jee raha ho wajah tum ho. She smiles and kisses his cheek and runs out of the room fast. And Sanskaar smiles and goes after her.
Swasan come downstairs and panditji starts the puja. After the puja, Laksh takes Ragini upstairs to rest, while Sanskaar takes Swara out.
They come out of the house and Sanskaar asks Swara to close her eyes and he blindfolds her. They leave, in the car.

Swa: Where are we going?
San: It’s a surprise.
Swa: Okay, but where and can I please take this blindfold off.
San: It’s a surprise and no, if I wanted you to take it off, I would not have told you to wear now, would I. Okay let’s talk about something else, because no matter how hard you try i am not giving away the surprise.
Swa: Fine, but how long will it take us to reach there?
San: Not telling.
Swa: Hump, fine. I guess I have no other option then.
San: Thank You. Okay, ummmm tell me how you elites meet, I really want to know how eight people stayed so close, when they each are so different.
Swa: Actually we all meet very funnily.
San: What do you mean?

9 year old Swaragini are being dropped of to Sophia High School by Dadi, Dadaji, Sumi and Shekar and Sahil and Dadi and Sumi and Swaragini crying. The warden took the two inside and said this is your room, you are going to share with two more girls okay. The room was big with a bathroom and a huge closet seperated into four parts for four people. Swaragini were unpacking their stuff, when another girl walked in followed by a lady and a guy carrying her suitcases, the lady starts cleaning up everything and organized everything properly for her. Swaragini are quietly noticing this and after the two older people leave, SR go up to the girl and forward their hand and say hi, I’m Swara, and I’m Ragini, but you can call us Swaragini for short. The girls starts laughing and says Hi, I’m Bhavika, we are going to be roommates till the time we leave this school, so let’s try to be best friends, okay. They say okay and they start getting to know each other. The warden (Ms. Leah) comes and calls them for lunch and they go to the lunch room, and it’s huge. They eat their food and go back to their room and they see that the fourth bed has suitcases on it and a girl is organizing her closet. They go in and the girl looks up and smiles and them and says Hi, I’m Maira. they introduce themselves and all the girls instantly hit it off.

That night, they are about to sleep when they are disturbed by loud music. Maira gets angry and says who are these dumb people to play music at night. She tells them to come with her to see where the noise is coming from. The four girls go outside and hear the noise right next to their room, Swara goes and knocks on the door, but no one opens it, so Maira bangs on the door. A boy opens the door and says Yes. Hi I’m Maira, this is Swaragini, and Bhavika, we stay right next to you. The boys introduces himself as Jai. Bhavika says We were wondering if you could please turn your volume down, we are trying to sleep.
Jai: Okay we will try our best and sorry for disturbing you.
The girls leave and they are about to fall asleep when the loud music again starts playing, Swara and Maira get so angry they go and knock and this time it’s a different boy.
Swara: Are you dumb, I mean we just told you, we want to go to sleep and you are playing music at this loud volume. Listen I’m warning you.

Jai comes from behind and says Shresth any problem. He sees Maira and says Yes?
Maira: We asked you to turn the music low, but you didn’t do that?
Shresth: Listen this is our room, we can do whatever we want in it, so the volume is going to stay this loud only.
Swara: What. Just because you guys got the corner room, doesn’t mean others can’t hear you. Listen last time, i’m saying nicely turn the music off, otherwise I will complain to Ms. Leah.
Shresth: I’m not scared of her, go and complain.
Just then Ms. Leah comes there and asks what’s going on to which Swara complains on the boys and Ms. Leah punishes them by taking away their video games for a week. The boys get really angry and they tell Swara and Maira to be careful.
Next day as the girls are about to leave, someone threw water on them. The saw the Shresth and Jai laughing at them, while two other boys were just staring at them. Bhavika and Ragini didn’t get wet a lot, but Swara and Maira were drenched and they were looking at Shresth and Jai with anger.

Classes were going to start next day, so the girls made plan to prank the boys. Swa and Mai went into the guys room and stole their toothpaste, soap and shampoo. The boys didn’t notice that until night. Someone knocked on the girls door, and to make sure no one fought Bhavika and Rag went to open the door. The two other boys were there and they introduced them as Rohan and Tapan and asked the girls to return their toothpaste and all. Ragini and Bhavika went and begged Swara and Maira to give it back, and they barely agreed. Their pranking went on till after their first break, the main pranksters were Swara, Shresth, Maira, and Jai and unnecessarily Ragini, Bhavika, Tapan and Rohan would get stuck because of the pranks.

Every year the boarders were taken on a picnic after their midterm exams. Everyone was happy and the pranksters planned something for the other group. They reached the picnic spot and it was a mountain park, with hills and a flat field it was huge. The girls started planning for revenge and the boys did the same thing. One of the teachers asked Swara to go somewhere and this gave the boys the perfect opportunity to prank her. Rohan and Tapan backed out at the last minute, because they were scared of the consequences of the plan. Swara was returning back to her group, when a boy told her all her friends went to climb the hill, Swara went there and she saw none, so she thought they were on top, so she started to climb the hill, she was a little above the ground and the rocks started getting slippery and her hands slipped and she fell down and hit her head on the rock.

Shresth, who was watching her, got shocked and rushed to her saw her bleeding, so he carried her to the warden and the nurse, bandaged her head and said she was fine, just a small wound. Shresth looks at Swara who has tears in her eyes and Ms. Leah asks what happened and Shresth is about to say everything, when Swara says she tried to climb the rock and she fell, and Shresth heard her scream, so he came to help me. The boys and girls are a little shocked at Swara, they all thought Swara would not leave the chance to insult the boys, but she saved him.
They all get back to playing and the girls are playing some game when, Shresth goes to Swara holding his ears and says Sorry. He then extends his hand says Friends?
Swara takes his hand and says friends. Over the years, the Swaragani, Bhavika, Maira, Rohan, Jai, Shresth and Tapan slowly start becoming their own group. They start hanging out together form the other students, they do their homework together and they almost separated themselves from other people. If anyone ever dared mess with any of the 8, they would be taught a good lesson. So, none ever dared to mess with them.
———————————–fb ends——————————————-

Swara: That’s how we became friends.
Sanskaar: But, how did you guys decide on the elites as your group name?
Swa remembers one day they were in 8th grade, they were all practicing in the music room, when a girl(Anna) came in with three other people.
Anna: Swara, empty the room, we want to practice.
Maira: Get out, don’t you see we were already here.
Shresth: We have this room for another 3 hours.
Swara: Get out and come back after 3 hours.
Anna’s friend is about to say something, but she says Stop. She goes to Swara and says Just because you behave like royalty doesn’t mean you are elites or anything, Understand.

Tapan: The door is over there, leave.
Rohan: Listen, we behave like royalty.
Bhavika: Because we are Elites. Understand.
Ragini: Next, think 100 times before even looking at us, and dare you come in front of me .

Sanskaar snaps his fingers and says what happened, where did you get lost. so she tells him the story and he laughs and says, the elites were bullies back in school.
Swa: No, she was just our enemy. We were only mean to her. Now leave this and tell me can I remove this blindfold.
San: No, just wait for some more time, and we will reach.

Precap: Swasan romantic moments……………………..

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