Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 27

Recap: Manager blackmails Ragini, problems between raglak and manager comes to the park and slaps ragini.

Mnger: How dare you, you stole the files from my safe and kept fake files, what I don’t get is how. I made sure to get the best security system and guards, so how did you get through them.
Ragini stands up and say what only you can steal the files, even we know how to take back what’s our’s.
—————————-FB starts ———————————–
Sahil: Guys how about we take back our files without him knowing about it. I mean dad can get us his address. Then we can go to his house and just get the files.
Uttra: No offense, but that’s stupid. What if he has guards and what about his security system and what about his safe. He’s not dumb to leave important files in the open for anyone to come and steal them.
Sahil: Taking them, We are not stealing we are taking them back. They are SRSG’s files, he stole them. And if you guys forgot we have one of the best and smartest computer technician here.
Sanlak, Uttra and Parash are confused… while the others smile looking at Tapan.
Tapan: Wow, I’m not hacking into anyone’s security system. You guys are mad, trying to get me in trouble.
Jai: Relax buddy, you won’t get in trouble, because that manager won’t file a complain, because he stole files and it’s stupid to write a complain on stolen files, because then he will be in trouble.

Tapan: No, n if i agree, who will go inside, im going to need to be outside, we need our own guard, if he has guards we need our own distraction and then we need someone to hack into his safe, it’s impossible and the fake files you are going to need time for that.
Rohan: I can get the files done on the plane.
Maira: Sahil and Uttra can be distractions, Jai can hack into the safe and Swara and jij can find the file and replace them with fake ones and ummmm Bhavi and me can be guards. But Ragini you need to keep him busy as long as you can and Laksh jij can watch out for her.
Tapan: hump, I guess it sounds good, but I need the house plans and everything and we only have till tomorrow. I swear, if we pull this off……
Sahil: Of course we will, after all we are the Elites.
T,S,R,R,M,B,J: No, we are the Elites. They laugh and all leave for their own rooms.

Next Day, Rohan and Bhavika along with Sahil leave, while the others meet in one of the rooms and start discussing the plan with the R,B,S on facetime. They are all a little confident about getting this done.

Scene changes to the manager’s building. He stays in a really well guarded building, but Tapan is able to provide a way inside for the group. In front of the mnger’s house there are two build up men standing, So Sahil and Uttra start fighting to distract the guards, while Swasan and Jai sneak inside the house, It takes Jai 10 minutes to open the safe, and they are about to start looking for the file when Ragini messages Swara the mnger left the park, he will be there in about 25 minutes. Swasan hurry up and switch the files and again msg Shail and Uttra to start distraction, but it doesn’t work, so they do natak of the elevator being stuck and asking the guards to open the door, when the guards leave Swasan and Jai come out safely and lock the door and they start walking when the guards return and ? sahil and he does drama and they get saved. As the group is leaving the building the mnger enters, but he doesn’t notice them.

Scene changes to today morning, when the mnger’s spy called and told him about the missing files, being found and the company being saved from getting ruined.

———————————-fb ends————————————————

Ragini: We know how to take back our things. Anyways, the police should be here any minute now.
Mnger: And on what bases will they arrest me, I may have stole the files, but you guys also trespassed on my property, so I can complain against you as well.
Ragini (Her expression changes from smiling to scared): Oh my god, I did not know about that, now what. (Then she starts smiling) But wait, How could I steal the files, when I was here right in front of you? I’m the only one who knows you stole the files, but I was in front of you the whole time and I don’t think you left your house for the past two weeks right.
The police sirens are heard and the manager looks at ragini with soo much anger. (If looks could kill, she would be dead kinda look.)
Manager: How dare you do this to me. He takes out a gun and shoots at Ragini. Laksh arrives with the police and he goes to Ragini.

Laksh: Ragini please utto, Don’t leave me please. Please. I Love you very much, please don’t leave me.
Ragini smiles slowly and says I Love You Too and she falls unconscious.

At the hospital, everyone arrives and the doctor keeps asking for the anesthesiologist, but none of them are there, so Maira(anesthesiologist) keeps begging them to let her, even though she is “related” to Ragini, and because of Ragini’s condition they let her. The nurses keep coming and going out with pints of blood. Three hours later the doctor comes out and he says something that shocks everyone and Laksh is about to fall to the floor but Sanskaar catches him, and he starts crying.

Precap: Good news or Bad?

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