Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 26

Recap: Swaragini’s company in trouble.

Sumi: Beta, You all go to sleep. Your flight is leaving very early. Please go to sleep fast.
Swaragini: Goodnight Maa.
They all go to their rooms.
Swasan’s room, Swara changes and takes out clothes for the next day, and starts packing their suitcase. Sanskaar comes and puts his hand on her shoulder and she turns around and hugs him. She starts crying and he cups her face and wipes her tears and says why are you crying.
Swa: What went wrong? Why did all this happen to us? I don’t even know what happened?
San: Shhh, stop crying, there’s no problem that can’t be solved. And I think Sahil’s plan will definitely work.
Swa: I hope so. Let’s go to sleep, we have to wake up early.
RagLak’s room,

Laksh is upset with Ragini and he doesn’t talk to her at all, he changes and is about to go to sleep. When Ragini asks him to say something. He ignores her and she gets angry and says say something. He ignores her and she says please. So, he gets up and goes towards her with anger and she keeps backing away, while he moves forward. While walking towards her he starts saying, why should i listen to you, who am i, who are you, you didn’t trust me at all, I was so clueless about why you were angry with me I thought it was because of me itself, but no it was something else. I know it was something that upset you, but you could have told me, I’m your husband, I’m supposed to know the things that are going on in my wife’s life, but here I’m completely clueless about what troubled you. You told me you were tired and I easily believed you. God what a fool I was. They have an intense eyelock and keep staring at each other, laksh with anger and Ragini with an apology in her eyes.
Ragini: Laksh, I’m very sorry. I didn’t know who to tell and what to tell. I was kind of confused and honestly I thought he was just blackmailing me without anything. I thought it was an empty threat. That’s why I didn’t tell you.

Laksh: Still, you should have told me, even if you thought it was an empty threat. I told you that I would never hide anything from you and I expected the same thing from you, but I guess I was wrong. He turns around and is about to go, but Ragini holds his hand and says I don’t wish to hide it from you, but I thought it was an empty threat. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but please don’t stay angry with me. Please. I really need you right now. Please. She goes and gives him a back hug and says Jaan please, I really need my Lucky charm with me. He removes her hand and says go to sleep, we need to wake up early tomorrow. Goodnight, go to sleep fast.

Next afternoon Swasan, Raglak and Parish and Uttra go home and after meeting everyone Swasan and Raglak and Uttara go to gadodia house. All the gadodia family and elites are waiting and when Swaragini and all come and they start discussing about the plan and Ragini calls the manager.
Manager: Arre wah, I never thought this day would come when you would call me.
Ragini: Let’s meet today. What do you have that will make me meet you first.
Manager: I don’t think your dear dad told you, but there are some files missing from the company, and they are important files, Well I may or may not have them, but I do so, if you want them come and meet me.
Ragini: I don’t trust you. How would you have the files?
Manager: Because I stole them. Don’t be shocked, I may not work there, but I still have a few trustworthy people working in that company.
Ragini: Where do you want to meet?
Manager: The park in front of the company, meet me in 2 hours. He hangs up.

Rohan: Guys I just got an email saying it’s going to take almost two to three weeks to verify the files. If in this two – three weeks, another files comes up then it can take more than a month to take back the case. So please be careful.

Two hours later, Ragini comes to the park and the manager is waiting for her.
Manager: Here is the cause of everyone’s problems. First mine, then your dad’s. Anyway, looking at your face it seems you found out about the “missing” files impact on the company.
Rag: What do you want?
Mnger: I want 50 lakh dollars. And since i’m nice i will give you two weeks to arrange it and if you want, I do take installments. 25 this week, 25 next week. However, you want.
Rag: I don’t have that much money.
Mnger: But your dad does. I know how much profit the company makes each day, so don’t even think about lying to me.

Rag: So, you stole the files, but how?
Mnger: I can’t tell you that, but just know, I have my ways.
He leaves from there saying, two weeks, 50 lakh.
In two weeks, things had changed a little between RagLak. Ragini keeps trying to say sorry, while Laksh refuses to listen to her. Laksh started sleeping in the guest room and Ragini started to get a little depressed, so Swara started staying with Ragini to help her. After almost two weeks, the manager called Ragini and asked to meet her at the same park.
Ragini went there and was waiting when the manager came and he was angry, he comes to her and slaps her and she falls down and her lip starts bleeding.
But instead of fear, Ragini was smiling looking at him.

Precap: Sahil’s plan and someone is being taken to the hospital.

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