Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 25

Thank You guys soo much loving my ff. I can’t believe I wrote till episode 25. I honestly also don’t believe i’m such a slow writer. I only got so far in my story. I hope you guys are liking my ff. I read all my comments and I want to thank everyone one of my readers. Thank you all my commenters and thank you to my silent readers as well.

Recap: Jet-skiing and RagLak “solve” their misunderstandings.

Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana (yeah)
Dheere dheere se mere dil ko churaana (wo..)
Tum se pyaar humein kitna
And it’s all way for me to show you
Tumse milkar.. tumse milkar (yeah)

Never been * fall in love
Everytime I see you I’m alive
Something between us tonight, tonight..
And I know you probably seeking for love
Everybody is wasting’ your time
So girl let me be your way out (tonight..)

Elites: Swara turn it off.
Swara: Guys wake up we need to be ready in 30 minutes. Hurry up let’s go. Sanskaar wake up fast.
San: No, first i want my condition.
Sha: What condition jij.
Swa: No condition.
San (He is still a little sleepy): Baby, I want my daily morning kiss right now.
Everyone: Oh-ho daily morning kiss. Wow.
Rag: Swara, tum dono to bade fast ho nah.
Swa: Stop it Rig. he’s joking. Guys stop joking and hurry up and wake up, you guys forgot we are going scuba diving today.

Everyone jaldi jaldi get ready and meet in the lobby. They reach the dock and all of them change and get on the boat and they reach the middle of the ocean. The guide informs them this is one of the best places for snorkeling and scuba diving. The boys jump in first, while the girls wait for sometime and then they all also go in. All the guys are already looking at the different animal lives and the girls find their partners. Sanskaar takes Swara away and shows her a clam and asks her to open it and inside it is a beautiful charms bracelet with charms of their memories so far. She hugs him and Sanskaar puts the bracelet on her and they go and explore. One by one everyone starts returning because they run out of oxygen. They decide to just stay at that spot to watch the sunset and then return. Sahil pushes Uttra in the ocean and slowly everyone starts pusing the other in the ocean and they all enjoy themselves a lot. Raglak swim to the other side of the boat and Laksh pulls Ragini close to him.
Lak: I love you.
Rag: Oh Really. I don’t believe you.

Lak: Huh, why, what happened.
Rag: Did you not see jij today. He gave Swara such a sweet gift today.
Lak: I got one for you too. And he kisses her.
Rag: It’s more a gift for you, than me.
Lak: I know. But just wait I got something really nice for you.
He’s about to kiss her, when someone clears their throat.
It’s Bhavika. What are you two doing here?
Rag: Can’t you see we were about to kiss. Why did you disturb us?
Laksh gets shocked and he looks at ragini with his mouth open. Rohan comes to him and says, that’s Ragini for you, she is very modern.
Rag: Bhai, What are telling him.
Rohan: Nothing, Sis. Just telling him to get back to the boat.
They all go back, and change and come back just in time to see the sunset. They have dinner on the way back and they all are talking, when Sahil gets a phone call and he comes back and asks the captain to hurry up and get the boat on shore as fast as they can. As he is coming back, Rohan gets a phone call and says Yes Sir, I will try my best to return tomorrow. He then calls someone.
Swa: Bhai, kya hua.
Rohan: Swaragini, You two are interning at the SRSG Industries right.
Swa: Yeah, Bhai.
Rohan: Quit.

Swa: Why Bhai.
Rohan: It seems the company is going to be facing bankruptcy. They lost one of their main company files. And my firm was hired to fight against them.
Rag: Bhai, you can’t take the case please.
Rohan: Why?
Swaragini, Sahil together: Because It’s our company.
Everyone is shocked hearing that.
Sahil: Di, mom called and I’m returning tomorrow morning. My flight leaves at 4am.
Rohan: I booked tickets for Bhavika and me for the same time tomorrow. I’m sorry, but I don’t make the decisions on what cases the firm takes. And the only way to win the case is to find the missing files.
Rag: I know where they are.
Everyone is shocked hearing that and say what.
The scene changes to a room, Ragini is sitting and crying while everyone is quietly waiting for her to say something.
FB. It’s at the time of the private tours and Ragini is shopping and thinking about going to go help Laksh, when she gets a call from an unknown number.

Rag: Hello.
Caller: Seems like you forgot about me, but I don’t forget. I’m the manager you fired.
Rag: Excuse me, listen threatening me won’t work.
Manager: I called to warn you but now I’m going to let you deal with the problem yourself.
The scene then changes to when Ragini gets a phone call at the pool and she goes to talk.
Manager: One last warning, Meet me at the park across the industries in two days. I know you are at your honeymoon, that’s why i’m giving you time. Understand.
Rag: Hello, he hung up. What the…..
Rohan: Ragini, kya hua.
FB ends.
Sumi: laado, you should have told us. (Swara called back home and the phone was on speaker.)
Ragini: I’m sorry, i did not think he was the one who stole our files.
Rohan: Wait, if you can get the files, or prove he stole them and is blackmailing you, then your company can be given some time to find the files and the police can also officially get a warrant.
Rag: But how do we prove it.
Swa: Stupid, we can record it on your phone.
Sahill: Wait, I have a better idea. He tells them the plan and all agree with it.

Precap: Will Swaragini be able to save their dad’s company or will they get caught?

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