Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 24

Recap: RagLak have a small argument.

Rag: I need to tell you something.
Swa: I need to talk to you as well, but first tell me what you need to say.
Rag: No, you say what you want to say first.
Swa: What happened with you and Laksh. Why were you so rude to him during lunch? Are you okay, Rig.
Rag: Actually, yeah it’s just i was a little jealous of jiju, when he ordered for you. But laksh did not even think about me that’s why.
Swa: Oh ho, that small thing got you angry. Go and talk to him and maybe he thought you would want something new. You shouldn’t fight over tiny things like this. Now tell me what did you want to talk about.
Rag: About this only. I wanted to know how to talk to Laksh.
Swa: Okay, I’ll give you an idea, use that.
Swaragini talk about the plan and they both leave happily from the room. They reach the pool and see everyone is just sitting there bored because they have no idea what to do.
Swa: Guys, why are you all sitting so alone, let’s play something.
Pari: Like what.
Rag: Pool Volleyball.

Elites: Boys vs. Girls.
Swa: Yeah Boys vs. Girls. ( She looks at Sanskaar and see’s him with his face hanging and mouths sorry, he says no ways.)
They set up the pool and the game starts and the girls are winning, because Sanlak are not properly concentrating, they are both thinking about something.
Sahil splashes water on them and says jiju, we are losing, please pay attention.
Sanlak: Sorry.
They start playing a little nicely. But still the girls are leading. Sahil serves and the ball hits Ragini.
Sahil: Di, are you okay?
Rag: Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s continue.
They continue the game, while Ragini hears her phone ringing so she goes to see who it is and she sees the number and silently leaves to pick it up. Rohan sees her leaving and follows her. When he reaches to Ragini, she’s crying, so he goes to her and asks her if she’s okay and she hugs him.

Rohan: What happened?
Rag: Nothing Bhai, I umm had a fight with Laksh, so I was thinking about it and I got sad.
Rohan: Are you lying?
Rag: No bhai, let’s go, or else everyone will get worried.
They go back to the pool and Ragini notices Laksh missing and she signs Swara, who points towards the rooms. She goes to her room and sees it all decorated nicely. Laksh goes to her and says Jaan, can you please tell me what’s wrong. Please.
Rag: Nothing, I was just tired. I wanted to say sorry to you for my rude behavior this afternoon. She holds her ears and makes a cute puppy face and he smiles seeing her and hugs her and says it’s okay. She looks at him and says I Love You Very Much My Husband. I Love You Too Wifey. They kiss and the Laksh turns the lights off.

At the pool, everyone is really tired, so they all say goodnight and Adarsh tells them all to be ready by 8 am tomorrow for jet skiing.
Swasan’s room, Swara goes and changes and is taking out her clothes for tomorrow, when Sanskaar hugs her from behind and is about to kiss her when someone knocks on the door. Sanskaar gets upset and says why does everyone always have bad timing and Swara laughs hearing about that. She opens the door and it’s Bhavika.
Swa: What happened?
Bha: I came to tell you to sleep quickly, so that you can wake up earlier and I also came to say please wake us up early as well. You are the only one who can wake up the earliest.
Swa: Sure, okay. Cya. Bhavika leaves and Swara goes back to the room and sees Sanskaar sleeping she smiles and kisses his forehead and says love you. He smiles and says love you too. He pulls her to him and they both fall asleep hugging.

Next morning, Swara wakes up and smiles looking at Sanskaar, she calls everyone and wakes them up. She gets ready and wakes up Sanskaar.
Swara: Hubby, wakeup. You need to be ready in 10 minutes.
San: 2 more minutes please.
Swa: NO. Now. Please.
San: No. Okay, one condition.
Swa: What?
San: Daily morning kiss
Swa: Okay and she kisses his cheek and says now go and get ready.
Sanskaar smiles and goes to get ready. They walk hand in hand and meet everyone at the lobby and everyone says oh-ho looking at them.

The group reaches the beach and they all decide their partners, Swasan, Parish, Raglak, Rohan and Bhavika, Jai and Maira.
Sahil: Umm, Uttra do you want to come with me.
Uttra: (She looks at her brothers and they all are your choice) Umm, sure.
Sahil: Come. He took her hand, made her wear the safety jacket and helped her get on the ski.
They reached one of the many islands surrounding the Maldives, their entire day flies by sightseeing and jet skiing to nearby islands. They also had to make time to take a small lesson on scuba diving. When they get back to the hotel everyone is so tired they all decide to again go to the boy’s room and just order food in there. Parish leave after eating and cleaning up, while the others stay behind to chat about their day tomorrow which is scuba diving. Again, everyone ended up falling asleep in that room.

Precap: Scuba Diving and romantic moments between Raglak and Swasan.

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