Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 23


Recap: Swasan confess.

Next Morning,
The elites, Sanlak, Parah, Veer and Uahil, all ended up sleeping in Tapan, Jai and Rohan’s room. Everyone is woken up by Dheere Dheere by Zack Knight and the elites yell at Swara to turn her phone off and she yells and says guys it’s 7:20 am. We need to get ready the tour is scheduled for 7:45 am. Everyone quickly get up and go to their own rooms and get ready. All the girls wear different type of short length dress. The boys get ready in shorts and summer shirts with different designs on them. All are wearing sunglasses and hats and they all reach the lobby by 7:40am. The tour guide welcomes them and says first we will take you to one of the best cafe’s here, considering you may not have eaten breakfast. They come to small, cafe which is filled with a lot of people and the workers running around. They decide to leave, but one of the workers leads them outside and says we prepared this for you before hand and it’s three tables joined together, to seat 14 people. They all say thank you and sit down, while ordering Sanskaar orders for Swara and he orders all her liked food and everyone teases them for that, but when Laksh orders he only orders for himself, so Ragini gets a little upset, but doesn’t show it to him at all. After breakfast, they continue their tours and Ragini goes and starts hanging out with the girls and because of this all the boys get angry with Laksh, because they can’t spend time with their wives. The guys start signalling laksh to say sorry, but he doesn’t understand, so they go up to him and start scaring him. Ragini laughs seeing this, and Laksh signals her to help him, but she ignores him. And he still doesn’t understand his “mistake”. The guide takes them to the shopping center for the tourists with a shop for souvenirs and many restaurants and many other different types of shops. The ladies continue shopping and the guys are stuck carrying the bags. The guys all give their bags to Laksh and they all disappear leaving laksh alone to carry the bags. Finally after one hour, the girls decide to stop shopping and they decide to go have lunch.

They go to an Italian restaurant, they all order as soon as they sit down and they are waiting for their food.
Laksh: Ragini, I thought you don’t like shopping, then what’s all this. (pointing towards the bags.)
Rag: None of your business, I felt like it today, so deal with it.
Everyone is shocked to hear ragini. And they all don’t know what to talk about, the situation is really awkward.
Swa: Pari Bhabhi, what did you get for badi maa and bade papa.
Pari: Oh umm, I got a shawl for maa and i think watch for papa. What did you get for choti maa?
They all start talking random things, while Ragini and Laksh keep looking at each other angrily.
After the tour ends everyone returns to the hotel and they all decide to meet at the pool in around 30 minutes and everyone leaves.
RagLak’s room,

Ragini quietly goes to freshen up and Laksh calmly waits for her, but she doesn’t come out quickly, so he starts getting angry and goes to knock, but she comes out at that time.
Rag: Go freshen up, I’m going to go talk to Swara.
Lak: We need to talk.
Rag: ( uninterested tone) About what.
Lak: Are you angry with me? Did I do something wrong?
Rag: No, Nothing I’m fine, okay, bye. Hurry up and get ready and come to the lobby fast.
Swara is cleaning her suitcase, while Sanskaar comes from behind and hugs her.
Swa: What are you doing?
San: Spending quality time with my wife.
Swa: Oh really, leave me anyone can enter.
San: Stop, huh i closed the door, (he turns her around) so, wifey no one will come in okay.
He is about to kiss her when the door opens and Ragini walks in.
Rag: OOPS, Sorry jij.
Sanskaar: Kya timing hai salli ji. Swwaraaa, tum ne salli ji ko hamare room keys di, kyun? (He trying to sound sweet, but he’s a little angry.)
Swa: yeah, Pari Bhabhi, Ragini and me decided to give each other our keys for safekeeping.
San: whatever, you two talk, i’ll find the others, but hurry up and come ok.
Swa: What happened Ragini?
Ragini: I need to tell you something.

Precap: Pool masti and jet skiing.

Credit to: Kasam

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  2. superb yaar…raglak misunderstanding was something which I felt bad…:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. it will get solved soon, Don’t worry 🙂

  3. Good one

  4. Today I read all the episodes of yours.. All the episodes where very interesting and I loved raglak ?and swasan ?moments.. Keep updating.. Waiting eagerly for the next episode..

  5. Hi, nice épisode Kasam 🙂 waiting for the next !!

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  7. hahaha, laksh!!! poor boy, don’t know the reason behind ragini’s behavior. and, sanskar, shit, missed the kiss. hahaha!!! well going!! keep it up!!

  8. Awww amazing episode

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