Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 22


Hey guys, I think many people may be confused with my many many characters, so i’m going to give a brief of all the new characters that may confuse you.
The Elite Eight are Swaragini’s group from London. They are best friends and closer than glue. They can die for each other. The group consists of Swaragini, Maira, Jai, Rohan, Bhavika, Tapan, and Shresth.
Veer is Sanlak’s cousin, he and Sanlak are best friends, even though he is two years younger than them.

Recap: Swasan, Raglak and Parash reach Maldives and so do their friends. Unknown number calls Ragini to a place.

Swaragini reach the restaurant and see it all decorated romantically. In the middle there is a table with candlelight setting and a guy is standing there. When he turns around it’s none other than Sanskaar. He’s shocked to see Swaragini there.
Swasan (together): Tum Yaha.
Ragini: Yeah jij, actually someone called me here, so we came but why are you here?
San: Some unknown number called me here as well, that’s why.
Just then Laksh comes and says seriously. He looks at Ragini and says the message was for swara only, why did you also have to come. Swaragini and Sanskaar are shocked and ask what.
Laksh: This was all my plan to get my bhai and bhabhi to spent some time together. I messaged you two to come here and then i was going to lock the door from outside, so you two would have to stay inside. But my wifey ruined my plan.
Rag: Stupid, had you also told me about this I would have helped you and you made one more mistake, I was the one who got the message, not Swara. At least check the number before you sent a message.
Swasan: STOP.
San: Laksh, do you know how scared I was, this was really a bad plan, what did you expect of this plan? Huh, did you know Swara can’t stand being in a dim lights for long time, she gets a headache being stuck in a room with no windows for a long periods of time. She could have gotten hurt because of your plan. Laksh think before you make stupid plans.
All are shocked hearing Sanskaar.
Swara: Sanskaar calm down, it’s okay, but laksh he’s right, I’m claustrophobic. Thank you for thinking about us, but this time you and ragini enjoy, okay. Sanskaar let’s go.
Sanskaar takes her hand and after looking at Laksh angrily he walks out of there.
Rag: Idiot, had you told me, i would have helped you, but no always want to be great right.
Lak: Sorry, jaan, Next time I will definitely tell you, okay. Now let’s not waste such great decorations.

Swasan are still walking while holding hands, they are walking in a park.
Swa: Sanskaar, baas now, stop being angry, you know laksh didn’t have any bad intention, he was just trying to help in his own way.
San: I know, but had something happened to you then.
Swara starts walking backwards.
San: Walk properly, or else you will get hurt.
Swa: No, I won’t. Tum ho nah, muhje bachane wale.
San blushes hearing this and Swara starts talking about how when they came to Maldives three years ago and how little it changed. Swara is about to fall, when Sanskaar catches her and the two have an eyelock.
San: Why can’t you just walk properly, you could have gotten hurt.
Swa: But I didn’t nah, chill. I’m fine.
San: You worry me very much, i can’t even think about leaving you alone for one minute.
Swa: Your worried for me. Why.
San is about to say something when he gets a call from Adarsh to meet up for lunch.
After lunch, the group go to the beach, after some time with the others, and right before dinner Swasan leave the group and go to their room, but on the way Sanskaar blindfolds Swara and takes her to the hotel garden. He then removes the blindfolds and it’s decorated with grey and blue decorations. There’s a beautiful candle-light dinner set for two. Swasan have mexican for dinner and gola’s for dessert. There’s music playing in the background while dinner and they talk about how they really are looking forward to go scuba diving and jet skiing.
After dinner,
Swara: Thank you very much Sanskaar. This has to be one of the best dinner date ever. She hugs him and is about to leave the garden, when sanskaar says Wait, Swara, I need to say something. He says
Swara Maheswari, I know we both haven’t know each other for long, and I also know we both have a bad past, but can we move on and start our lives together. I don’t know when my feelings for you changed from friends to something more. But I know, that now I can’t live without you, and I know you may not feel the same way I do and it’s okay, but I promise my feelings will never change for you. So what I’m trying to say is I LOVE YOU Swara, (he points at her and says Swara.) I’m not asking you to love me back, but i hope soon you will though and I also don’t want you to feel awkward around me and this may be hard but i hope you can still consider me as your friend even though I LOVE YOU.
Hearing this Swara, runs to Sanskaar and hugs him tightly and says I LOVE YOU TOO, Sanskaar, and i don’t think I can live without you. Sanskaar breaks the hug and says Thank God, I was so scared you would say no. He then takes out a small box and says turn around. He then makes her wear a beautiful S&S necklace. Swara hugs him and says thank you and the song changes to Tujh me rab diktha hai and Sanskaar get on his knees and asks Swara for a dance and they both dance. They are about to kiss when Ragini calls Swara.
Sanskaar: kabab mein hadi.
Swara: Did you say something.
Sanskaar: Me, No, Nothing, Why, What is my salli saying.
Ragini: Swara, where are you?
Swara: I’m with Sanskaar, why? What happened?
Ragini: Nothing, just asking. You left an hour ago, we were done eating and you didn’t return so that’s why.
Swara: I’m fine and we eat.
Rag: Okay, come to room 115, we all are going there to hang out.
Swa: Ummm okay. She hangs up and looks at Sanskaar and says they need to go to room 511. They start walking and Sanskaar puts his hand in the air to show like it’s hurting and Swara holds it and starts laughing. They both walk hand in hand, inside the room and everyone is happy shocked to see them walking hand in hand. Raglak take them outside the room and talk to them.
Laksh: Finally, you two confessed right.
Rag: Laksh, sshhh. Really you confessed Swara. I knew it, you didn’t talk to me about it, but I knew your feelings changed.
Swa: You knew.
Rag: Obviously i know my swara, no matter how hard you try you can’t hide your feelings.
Sahil opens the room door and says even we knew.
Rohan: Swara, your face is very readable.
Bhavika: Yeah, actually we had made a plan to get you two to confess, but it’s nice that you do confessed, yourself.
Swara: Bhai, you all knew and you all are okay with it.
Jai: Of course, Swara we just want you to be happy.
Maira: Finally, you moved on, we are happy about that.
The elites have a group hug, while Parash look at them confused and ask What are they talking about.
So, Laksh suggests them to go inside the room and talk, otherwise other people will get disturbed.
They go inside, but Sanskaar and Parash stay outside, while inside the other start talking about the private tours, after Parash and San comes back in they start talking about random things, but the topic talks more about Rohan and Bhavika’s wedding and Jai and Maira’s engagement in a month. They all fall asleep in that room only.

Precap: Private tours and moments between the group.

Credit to: Kasam

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