Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 21


Recap: Swasan and Raglak get married.

Next morning, Ragini wakes up and blushes remembering last night and goes to get ready, she gets ready in a green anarkali net dress and she is drying her hair, when laksh wakes up and pulls her towards him and he starts getting romantic with her. He is about to kiss her when someone knocks, (laksh: kya timing hai bhai) Ragini opens it and it’s Priyanshi.
Priyanshi: Chachi, can you make me breakfast today. Please. Ragini leaves with her and smirks at laksh, while going and he goes to get ready.
While Ragini is making breakfast, Swara comes dressed in a grey and pink dress with her hair in a ponytail and starts helping Ragini. AP and Sujata come and are surprised to see Swarag making breakfast.
AP: Tum dono ko yeh sab banana aata hai?
Ragini: Ji, Ma. Actually, when we were in london, we had to learn, whenever our housekeeper was not there, we needed to make food ourselves.
Sujata: Waise, why did you guys make so much food.
Swara: For our first rasam as bahus. Maa told us how we are supposed to cook first day after marriage for ritual.
AP: Okay, let’s take set up the dining table, everyone will be coming down soon.
All praise Swaragini’s food and DP and Ram give swaragini their nake. After breakfast all the family members gather in the living room and DP gives Sanlak and Adarsh tickets and says you six leave tomorrow. Adarsh, you two haven’t been on a vacation after your twins, So go and enjoy as well.
San: Bade Papa, what was the need?
DP: Think of it as your wedding gift.
Swasan, Parash and Raglak go to their rooms to start packing.
Laksh: Baby, I’m soo exicted.
Rag: Why, where are we going anyways?
Laksh: Maldives. He hugs her from behind and says it’s one of the most romantic places in the world, you know.
Rag: Oh really, well if we want to leave, i’m going to have to finish packing, okay.
Laksh: I will help you, you pack my stuff and i’ll pack your suitcase. How’s that?
Ragini: No, you just give me whatever I ask for okay?
Laksh: Okay, Love. They start packing and they have a lot of masti moments because laksh won’t listen to her.

Swara is trying to get the suitcase down from the cupboard, but she’s a little short, so she get’s a stool and climbs it and she get’s one bag down and she’s about to get the other, when the stool loses balance and she’s about to fall, but Sanskaar catches her.
Sanskaar: Can’t you see the stool was broken. How can you not take care of yourself?
Swara: I’m fine, but what if you had gotten hurt because of me, what would have happen?
Sanskaar: Did you get hurt? Are you okay?
Swara: I’m fine, but are you okay.
Sanskaar: Yeah, I’m fine and he puts her down and gets the other bag and they both get packing.
Next afternoon, the three couples arrive at Maldives and go check into their rooms. They are staying at the beach house resorts. After unpacking all six meet at the front lobby, for lunch. While having lunch the six decided the schedule for the next five days. Today, they were going to go to the beach to relax, and tomorrow was private tours, then it was jetskiing and windsurfing, next day was scuba diving, and then last day they were going to go to the beach and then they were leaving.

After lunch, the guys went to arrange everything for their trip, while the girls all decided to go to the beach earlier, so they had left. When the guys came on the beach they were shocked to see their wives. Pari was wearing a yellow sundress, while Swara was wearing a mint blue sundress and Ragini was wearing a black and white summer dress. They were playing volleyball with a group of people. When they got closer they saw it was the elites and sahil and Uttra along with Veer. They were playing boys against girls, so the girls were winning because of inequality between each other, so after much begging from the other guys Sanlak and Adarsh finally joined them. After some time Swaragini left the game and on seeing them leave Sanlak left as well.

Swaragini were about to sit when Ragini got a message from an unknown number to meet her at a restaurant in 5 minutes. Ragini took Swara because she didn’t recognize the number, and when they got there the whole restaurant was empty, but it was decorated very romantically, and they noticed someone in the middle and it was ………..

Precap: Swasan finally confess.

Guys comment on who you think it is.

Credit to: Kasam

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