Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 20

Hey guys my college got started so i may not have enough time to upload my ff, so please try to understand.

Recap: Swasan and Raglak marriage.

Swaragini and Sahil fell asleep in Ragini’s room after returning from the party. Sumi, Shekar, Dadi and Dadaji come to wake them up and they smile seeing the three siblings together.
Shekar: I shouldn’t have sent my swaragini so quickly from here, maybe we can still postpone the wedding.

Dadi: Pagal ho gaye ho kaya. tujhse 10 minute door ja rahe hai.
Sumi and dadi go to ragini and swara and wake them up. Swaragini say 5 more mintues and start making excuses, while sahil is not waking up at all and then shekar says wake up beta, today is your sister’s wedding. hearing this Sahil wakes up and screams YES. Finally, these two are leaving. And I can get your rooms today only. Swaragini wake up hearing this and ragini says how mean you idiot, we are going away, and you are happy.
Sahil: Of course.

They all laugh and share some light moments and then swaragini and sahil are asked to get ready for the rituals to began, and they have to be ready by 4pm, to go to the wedding venue.
After all the rituals, the elites and sahil are hanging out in swara’s room when swara’s alarm rings, for 3:00pm and she says guys let’s go it’s 3 we need to get there. Sahil says we need to be there at 4 we still have 1 hour. All laugh seeing swara restless to get there, when sumi calls swara and tells her that she and ragini need to be there in 10 minutes cause the parlor ladies are there to get them ready. So all the girls get their stuff and leave.

When they get there, Swaragini are mesmerized seeing all the decorations, it’s really beautiful. There is one huge mandap in the open field. The whole field is beautiful, with a small area for the children to play. There is a beautiful bridge for pictures. The whole thing looks elegant and classy with off-white and a watermelon theme. Swaragini get ready and they look beautiful. Swara has worn an off-white and red choli and ragini has worn a navy blue and orange satin choli. Swara’s has beautiful waves with a red veil covering her head and a beautiful maang tika and heavy jewelry. Ragini has a hair in a braided messy bun and she is also wearing a red veil with heavy jewelry. Their friends are dressed in a tea pink and grey choli with their hair down. The girls are asked to come out for the photos. The girls take many pictures and then the groom’s,sanskaar in a red sherwani and laksh in a navy blue sherwani, are asked to take pictures with their brides and they all take many pictures as well.

Sanlak then leave, while swaragini and their friends continue taking pictures. After pictures, they all hang out for some time. The baraat finally arrives and the brides come for the varmala ceremony. As ragini is about to make laksh wear the vermala, his friends lift him up, so rohan and tapan also lift ragini up and she makes him wear the vermala, when it’s lax’s turn, same thing happens. Swasan’s turn, sanskaar bends his head first without any drama, but swara’s friends don’t let swara bend her head and keep pulling her back, till she finally says stop. During the wedding, Sahil goes and hides Sanlak’s shoes along with the elites, while uttra and sanlak’s friends try to find it. Uttra finds 1 pair and gets it and sahil sees this and runs behind her and they both keep running until they reach the bridge and sahil holds uttra and cages her inside his hands.
Sahil: Give me the shoes, please.

Uttra: No ways.
Someone calls sahil and he is distracted and uttra is about to leave, but sahil holds her arm and pulls her back and says i’m asking nicely give it, otherwise.
Uttra: otherwise what, huh.
sahil then kisses uttra and she is shocked, so he takes the shoes and leaves uttra in that state. After the wedding is over sanlak look for their shoes and understand the situation.
Swaragini: SAHIL, give him his shoes back.
Sahil: OMG di’s chill. Jiju no 1 and jiju no 2, i want my “blessings” now.
Sanlak: how much?
the girls side discuss and say how much ever you have in your pocket. Laksh laughs and says thank god i’m saved.

Laksh: I forgot my wallet at home. Hearing this everyone laughs and sahil says it’s okay i’m pretty sure sanskaar jiju has his wallet. Come on now jiju we are waiting.
Sanskaar then takes out a wallet and says there you can have this wallet.
Lak: Bhai, that’s my wallet. How do you have it.
San: bhai, i saw you leaving your wallet purposely, so i took it with me.
Sahil: lak jiju, not fair, now we are giving you your shoes back till you leave. And Sanskaar jiju thank you, so from you we will only take half of what you have in your wallet, you can keep the rest.

Laksh: bhai, look where you got me stuck.
Uttra: NOT SO FAST. Sahil, I found the one pair of shoes.
Hearing this laksh starts to pray, that they are his and everyone laughs seeing that, but unfortunately they turn out to be Sanskaar.
Uttra: sorry laksh bhaiya, but now bhaiya i want all the money you brought with you today in exchange of your shoes.

After all the masti and all the photograph session, the time for bidaai comes and swaragini leave for Sanlak’s house AP and sujata do their grah pravesh. The gadodia come there and they start the ring finding ceremony. Swasan are both looking for the ring and they both find it at the same time and everyone smiles at that saying, neither of you are going to rule over the other, while ragini and laksh are still looking and laksh says yes i found it and when he shows it, it’s a small pebble, ragini finds it and everyone teases laksh saying ragini is going to rule over you for the rest of your life and he replies saying I don’t mind. Ragini blushes and everyone says aww so sweet.

Swaragini are taken to their respective rooms and are told to get comfy and they will send their husbands inside quickly. Outside Uttra, Pari and Sahil are trying to get more money out of Sanlak and so sanskaar says i have money in my room hold on one sec, he signals laksh something and when sanskaar turns to go to his room, laksh escapes and in trying to catch laksh, sanskaar also runs inside his room quickly and both sanlak lock their doors. Sanskaar notices swara is in the bathroom and so he starts to take out his night clothes, when swara comes outside in her night dress and says sanskaar to freshen up, so he leaves and when he comes back he notices her sleeping and the bed is divided by pillows, so he goes to sleep.

In Raglak’s room, Ragini is sitting on the wedding and laksh comes to her and lifts her veil and starts removing her jewelery. (imagine tum hi ho playing in the bg.) He kisses her forehead and her she gets shy and gets up from the bed and is about to run when laksh holds her pallu and pulls her towards him. They both fall on the bed and he kisses her. They consummate their marriage.

Precap: Swasan and Raglak honeymoon.

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