Swaragini (Love Happens ) Episode 2


Recap- Swaragini enter.

Swaragini: Hide what from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swaragini come in the house and go and take everyone’s blessings and hug them afterwards and they are trying to get sahil to touch their feet as a joke but he doesn’t budge and just hugs them.

Sahil: Di when did you guys get here?
Swara: budho, look at the time.
Sahil: it’s 9 am, your flight was supposed to land at 8 pm, if you forgot.
Ragini: Stupid, I clearly said 8 in the morning, did you not hear clearly or what?
Sahil: Di, don’t lie right now please i’m sure i saw 8pm when i checked the flight times.
Swara: By the way papa what were you saying about hiding from us?
Ragini: Yeah papa, come on tell us na.

Shekar: Nothing beta I was just talking about how i talked to our human resources and they found jobs for both of you in our company, you can start tomorrow only if you wish. In this mind though he thinks, thank god I had this reason, otherwise both of them would run away in less than a week.
Ragini: What papa, no thank you we want to get a job on our degree not because our father is Shekar Gadodia.
Swara: haha papa ragini is absolutely right. We don’t want that job. And anyways be both got job interview’s for a company tomorrow.
Sumi: That’s like my daughters, you can be independent all on your own nah.
Dadi: Ok chalo now let’s eat, look how skinny you both have become now.

After Breakfast, Swaragini and Sahil go to their room to unpack and downstairs Shekar, Sumi and Dadi and Dada ji are sitting discussing something.

Swara: So Sahil tell us what were you guys talking about nah/
Sahil: Nothing Di, just the surprise party dad is having for you that’s all.
Ragini: Surprise party, stupid you already ruined the surprise now, dad is going to be angry at you.
Sahil: My sweetest sisters, i told you, but please at least pretend to be surprised at the party tomorrow for my sake or i’m gonna have to start going to office as punishment.
Swaragini: hump ok fine but only for you ha sahil.
the siblings have a fun moment.
Sumi: Shona, Lado wake up, already 10 don’t you guys have to go to the interview.
Sahil: Mom please don’t yell na it’s friday today, at least let me sleep a little.
Sumi: Beta, im trying to wake up your sisters not you.
Sahil: Ma they already left 30 minutes ago.
Sumi: What but they didn’t even have breakfast how can they leave like this, oh bhagwan kaun samjahe en ladkiyo ke. ( Oh god, you can make these girls understand).

At SRSG Industries ( Swaragini Sahil Gadodia)
@ Shekar’s office:
Manager: Sir, there are 12 more candidates left to interview, should i sent them in or do want to take a break.
Shekar: No it’s okay send the next one in for the position for site analyzer and architect.
Manager: Okay Sir. Next.
Shekar is shocked to see the next two candidates.

Precap: Entry of the heroes.

Comment on who you think are the potential employees.

Credit to: Kasam

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