Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 19

Recap: Swaragini’s sangeet.

“Surprise” Swaragini are shocked to see Misha, Ruhi, Ishita, and a lot of their friends are also there.
Pari: Swaragini we threw you girls a small bachlorette party to enjoy your last night before marriage.

Swaragini are shocked and say thank you but do ma and papa know, just then sumi, sujhata and AP comes there and says of course we do, so see we also came here to enjoy with our girls. All the ladies decide to play a game of truth or dare. And they start setting up everything, while on the other hand Sahil is roaming around trying to find the restroom when he hears some noise from the guest house, so he goes to see what’s happening and he sees all the ladies, so he runs back to sanlak’s party and informs them about it, So sanlak, abhay, adarsh, jai, rohan, tapan and a few others run there and are shocked to see the ladies, so they decide to just watch on them. ( In reality, Sanlak, Abhay, Adarsh, rohan, Jai, Kabir and Angad were getting bored there, because they don’t drink, nor they do they have any interest in other girls, because they all love their wives and girlfriends.)

Inside the game starts and bottle lands on Ragini and Bhavika. Ragini chooses dare and she is dared to dance on Desi Look. Ragini dances very nicely, and laksh smiles looking at her, but then she is about to remove her pallu, so Laksh quickly stands up and blocks all the boys eyes, and when he looks back, ragini has not removed her pallu and her dance is over, so he sits back down and the game continues with Swara being asked by Maira, what does sanskaar do when he gets angry, to which swara replies he gives everyone the silent treatment. To which pari says that’s exactly true and all the boys pull sanskaar leg and he smiles looking at her. Next is Swaragini’s turn and swara picks truth and ragini asks her to forgive her please and swara forgives her. (It’s for the prank raglak played on swasan.) several turns go and then it’s ragini’s turn again. Pari asks ragini lax’s favorite color and she replies red, laksh is shocked because it’s wrong, so they give her another chance and ask her lax’s favorite ice cream flavor, to which she says chocolate, then noticing uttara’s face she says no, strawberry, butterscotch and lax looks more shocked and pari says wrong, one more chance what does laksh do, when he is stressed ragini says he goes to the gym, pari says wrong answer, you were almost close though, but now you have a punishment, you have to dance again, but this time we choose and it’s Aaja Nachle.

Ragini: Okay, but only if you all join me. The boys see this as a chance to go romance with their other half. So they all find dupattas and cover their heads and go to dance with the girls. The dance starts and Swaragini start and Sanlak are mesmerized looking at them dancing, So they both go to them and pick up their veil enough for swaragini to see and they are shocked and they look at each other and they both start laughing and ragini hugs laksh and starts dancing with him, while sanskaar asks swara permission to dance with her and they both also start dancing. All the guys slowly go and start dancing with their wives, while sahil goes and mistakenly crashes into Uttra, he shuts her mouth and they have an eyelock, Sumi notices how all the girls are shying and Ap notices Laksh’s watch and signals sumi and sujatha who slowly realizes the situation, so they stops the music and sumi says sahil beta, kahan ho tum, saahil who is still looking at uttra replies, yaha maa. And then understands his mistake. Sumi goes to sahil and pulls his duppata and then ap and sujata also start pulling all the boys dupatta down and says what are you guys doing here?

Sahil: Maa we were having our party in the house.
Sumi: Aacha then go to your party and enjoy why come here?
Sahil: mom, all these guys were getting bored, so we came here. Mom please let us stay.
After a lot of convincing by all the guys, sumi, ap and sujata agrees to let them stay.
All the guy get happy and slowly people change parties, and in all these raglak and swasan leave the party and go to the garden area, swasan again go to the pavilion while raglak go to the playground.

Lak: My favorite color is green, i love mint chocolate chip and I go on runs when I’m stressed.
Rag: Huh.
Lak: You missed these questions.
Rag: Sorry, I don’t know much about you.
Lak: It’s okay, slowly you find out yourself.
They hug and ragini goes to the swing and they both start talking.
Sanskaar: How did you known about my silent treatment?
Swa: You yourself told me remember.
San: Oh yeah. I forgot. (It gets kinda awkward, because they still haven’t talked about mehendi night)
Swa: Sanskaar, Let’s talk.
San: About what.

Swa: Mehendi night.
San: About what.
Swa: What were you thinking about. I mean who were you thinking about.
San: Why what happened exactly?
Swa: Can you tell me please?
San: Honestly, I think it was you.
Swa: Really, it was me. She’s really happy hearing that and she starts smiling like crazy.
She’s about to say something when her phone starts ringing, it’s Sumi, she tells swara to get ragini, they need to return home it’s three am, and they need to wake up in two hours for their wedding rituals. Swara is a little disappointed and tells sanskaar they need to leave they have to leave, and says this is going to be the last time as you being my friend, soon we’ll be married. He walks her to raglak and they four start walking towards the car and the four hug each other and go their different ways.

Precap: Swasan and Raglak marriage.

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