Swaragini (Love Happens) Episode 18


Recap: Ragini makes a plan to get swasan to reveal about their night to her.

Abhay and Piya’s wedding has been completed and after piya’s bidaai as Swaragini and Sanlak are about to leave, a girl runs up to sanskaar and hugs him and says baby, why did you leave suddenly last night, you should have stayed for more time. Swasan are shocked and raglak are smiling.
San: Excuse me ma’am what are you doing?
the girl: sweetheart, did you forget our amazing last night. You were not even drunk last night, how could you forget.
San: I was at a friends house, i don’t even know who you are.

girl: I have proof.
Swa: Impossible, you are lying. Guys let’s leave.
Rag: Wait, swara. What proof are you talking about.
girl: I have photos from last night.
Swa: Impossible, you are lying again. Sanskaar let’s go.
Rag: Stop, I believe her, how about you laksh, you yourself told me that jij didn’t come home last night, and this girl is saying she has proof. I trust her.
San: ragini, I promise i don’t know her at all.
Rag: But jij she has proof, i want to see them.
She sees some pictures and is shocked and says, how could you do this to my swara jij, we trusted you. She’s about to take swara, when sanskaar says stop.

rag: What now.
Swasan: She’s lying.
Rag: She has proof, what proof do you have jij and swara why are you taking his side.
Swa: Because last night, hewaswithme.
Rag: What, you mumbled, say it again.
San: She’s lying because last night i was with Swara. Happy.
Ragini acts shocked and say OMG really, how, I mean what happened.
Swa: Nothing like that, he was just tired, so he slept there only. Nothing happened. We promise and this girl is lying.

girl: Sorry Sanskaar, Swara. I was just asked to do this by them and she points at Raglak and leaves. Swasan are angry and are looking at them, when swasan get a call from their families and they are asking them to come back home to get ready for their sangeet.
They leave in a hurry, but both swasan don’t talk to raglak, because they are still upset with them.

At evening, the sangeet is starting, swara comes down looking gorgeous in a off white and coral blue lehenga with her hair loosely curled, while ragini dressed up in a beautiful Tea-Rose pink lehenga with mermaid waves hairstyle. Laksh and Sanskaar are mesmerized seeing their brides and Swaragini are also in awe seeing their grooms in suits with Sanskaar in a navy blue suit and Laksh in a khaki themed suit.

Sangeet starts with Sahil announcing himself as the host along with Uttra. And he asks everyone to sit down and get comfy and get ready to enjoy yourself.
Sahil: So, everybody, you all these swaragini, but they used to be very different back when they were in London. So here a small clip of my sisters, the video is a small gift from the elites. Sorry forgot the elite 8 is the name of the my di’s group. Here goes.

The video starts at a concert of some type with the song Tumhi ho bandu with Swara singing along with shresth, ragini at the keyboard, Maira as the other guitarist, Tapan with drums and Rohan is the bass player. Jai and Bhavika on the sides cheering for them. The competition ends with the elites winning first place, it then moves to a terrace where the elites are practicing new music and it then moves to a park, where they all are playing some game and everyone is smiling and enjoying and the video ends with a group photo. Everyone claps, while the elites have a group hug and everyone asks them to perform, but swara refuses and says she stopped signing two years ago and they let the matter go.

Sahil: Okay now we our first dance performance by the elites. di’s are not going to join them unfortunately.

the elites dance on Aahun Aahun and Sunny Sunny. Next performance is by all the Ap and Dp, Sumi and Shekar and Sujata and Ram, they dance a few old songs. Next is a performance by Adarsh and Pari, they dance on pyar hua ikrar hua. Priyanshi and Parash also dance on selfie le le re.
Next dance is by Raglak and Swasan who dance on tum hi ho. Swasan keep looking at each other and smiling and so do raglak.

(Swasan are starting to fall in love slowly, it’s just they don’t realize it themselves. And they are scared as they feel like the other still has not moved on completely.) The night continues with more fun and everyone leaves.

While leaving Adarsh give a chit to Sanlak with an address on it asking them to throw it away, while on the other hand Swaragini are blindfolded and taken somewhere by Maira, Bhavika, Uttra, Piya and Pari.

Swaragini try asking but Uttr says it’s a surprise and they reach somewhere at the same time Sanlak also reach somewhere and it looks like a farmhouse. There’s a board with Sanlak’s name on it saying it’s their bachelor party. Sanlak are shocked when they go inside and find Jai, Tapan, Sahil and Rohan, Veer, Vritin, Abhay, Advesh and many of their friends, along with a lot of alcohol and some girls dancing. Adarsh comes to them and says bhai enjoy fully before the torture of marriage begins and everyone goes to enjoy themselves, while Sanlak are shocked and they look at each other shocked.

On the other hand, Swaragini are still blindfolded and brought inside a room, when their blindfold are removed and they open their eyes, they are shocked with what they see.

Precap: Swasan and Raglak moments.

Credit to: Kasam

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